Beautiful statuses and quotes about autumn


Good memory to my best friend
Natalia Vladimirovna Astasheva

In the park where Autumn is weird,
About the mountain ash we sang about thin.
There youth taught us to love,
Promising a long, resonant life.

In bright leaves our dresses,
Under the feet is a colorful carpet.
And where is the carriage going?
May I have a ball with you, my lord?

Ah, you are short-lived, golden-haired,
She amused the foliage with a whirlwind.
We will forgive you - we are wise.
There is no sadder rowan branch.

But suddenly a cold rushed in.
A card is a trump card, but not for luck.
Whoever left young will be young
Forever and ever! Well, how could it be otherwise?

Suddenly snowed up suddenly
Both the carriage and the ruby ​​beads.
Falling asleep in the snow is so nice
Remembering the fun of the innocent.

Beautiful and short quotes about autumn

In autumn, the air is special, it usually smells of unfulfilled dreams ...

I know that the time for vacations and warmth will return soon. A cool autumn came to the city, spruced by August ...

Tears of autumn on the eyelashes of September ...

In every moment of autumn there is a piece of something beautiful.

Autumn breaks dreams, mixing them with blood-red leaves drowning in the mud.

May the sky frown, all in vain, the noisy leaves of gold are wonderful!

I want beautiful Autumn so that the leaves are surrounded by a warm wind. And I also want to meet this love very much!

Autumn. Tea and chocolate in the evenings, and for dessert - memories of the summer.

At first glance, I fell in love with autumn ...

Autumn. It always has something from eternity, simple and incomprehensible.

Autumn is always easy to think about, and eternity, having forgotten time and space, loses the tension of thought, and something quiet and sad pours into the soul.

Fall has come! Let now all our tears shed it, and we will only smile.

Warm cozy plaid, hot tea and favorite music - all that is needed in the fall.

Everyone should find at least a couple of minutes to stop, sit, and see how autumn leaves fall ...

Autumn is the time of year when you start to feel sad, but with the first snow you realize again that life is beautiful.

You stand, you breathe in the frosty, refreshingly thorny air, and your soul is so quiet ... It's autumn.

Such sadness only at this time of the year ... Fate chooses for nothing in vain. So nature dies in the fall - but how beautifully it dies!

Autumn is the heyday of the beauty of nature in its wilting.

Autumn is the dreams of leaf fall.

I'm crazier than fall. Perhaps the first time in my life I do as I want, without thinking about the consequences.

It's easy to be happy in the fall. Warm plaid, hot green tea and favorite music.

Marathon of fallen leaves, rainy season, a cocktail of smoke and thoughts!

Autumn begins to decorate the earth with its fragile pieces of weakened gold.

Quotes about autumn and love

Autumn is the time of year when people should warm each other ... in their own words, with their feelings, with their lips ... and then no cold is terrible ...

I wander alone in October, timidly crush leaves, I lie to myself that I don't like, I lie to myself that I forget.

It’s damp on the street, the sky is crying, the sun is not warming: everything is so black and white. I wonder why? Maybe because autumn? No, it's just that you're not there.

Autumn makes words warmer, kisses stronger, and love. Love does not depend on the time of year.

In the spring, the heart makes a mistake, and in the autumn it sums up.

In the autumn, loneliness is especially felt.

You need to leave pleasantly and barely audible, like rustling leaves in October.

It's already autumn. And in the fall you should not be left alone. Surviving autumn is already quite difficult.

Autumn is similar to that moment in a relationship when the relationship is no longer there.

On a cloudy autumn morning, it would be better not to get out of bed longer, sleep and dream, and to sleep, to demand from a loved one a cup of hot coffee directly in bed.

Cold autumn time. But you are by my side, you come from summer. And I'm not afraid of the cold.

I hope that each of us will have one who will warm our hands this fall ...

I wish you an autumn full of love, warm colors, the smell of coffee and kisses.

Autumn. Kissing with the rain, hugging with the wind ...

I still live remembering our fall.

Autumn leaves gold leaves at us, and you and I will meet you like strangers.

Funny statuses and quotes about autumn

This fall, my mood is to make a nest from the blanket and never leave it.

Autumn is not a bad time, it is a good vice versa. And it’s cold specially, so that people hug more to keep warm.

No matter how cold the autumn is, you can still be someone's spring.

Autumn can become warmer than summer when the soul is dressed in love.

Most of all this fall I want to hear three main words: "They gave us heating."

Summer ends, autumn begins. Common thing, life goes on!

Summer has passed, so let it be, we will light it in the fall!

October. The Christmas tree in my living room is not so much surprising guests.

- I love you, autumn!
- And I fall-fall you !!

Stunned, mid-October, and I hadn’t lost weight by the summer.

To hell with autumn! Until the tan came off - I have summer.

A planned check of the pockets of warm clothes in the fall often leads to unplanned profits!

I’m somehow not ready for autumn damp. I didn’t cook mulled wine, I didn’t buy cats.

If you put together the first letters of the autumn months, it will come out exactly what will be lacking throughout them.

Cool mood - spring! I walk without smiling. Today is Sunday! So what, that autumn and Thursday.

Look for guys in the fall, so as not to freeze in the winter.

National sign. September came, wait for October ...

I'm taking a nap here. And when the fall is over, wake me up, ok?

Autumn is all the colors of a traffic light in one park.

Rainy, dirty, vile, the streets are empty. Aw, where are you those who love the rain that hides our tears? Why not walk?

Autumn coffee

Autumn coffee - sweet honey
with the subtle bitterness of wormwood,
So hot, lips burning.
Let nothing. Now it’s getting cold.

I wish you an autumn full of love, warm colors, the smell of coffee and kisses.

Autumn is the time to warm yourself with warm sweaters, hot coffee and kindness.

From maple leaf sank to coffee,
It’s like warm greetings from you.
Bad weather draws your profile
On the transparent rain palette ...

No coffee, no sweater, no blanket ... Summer is ending ... What, autumn, hello ?!

Leave me the smell of coffee and go, let's not get crumpled to dissemble, the tormented summer is behind us, a little more, and autumn will rule.

Coffee - a drink of autumn

Autumn is coffee with cinnamon, maple leaves, multi-colored as part of a children's drawing, warm, delicate buns with vanilla and a subtle smell of smoke ...

Autumn coffee loves candles, blues and one breath for two.

The time began for soft rugs, soft music and hot coffee ... Autumn ...

Sad quotes and statuses about autumn

Someone loves autumn and sees in it a riot of colors, for someone it is associated with cold rainy evenings. In fact, at this time of the year, nature does not die, it is just getting ready for bed, so that in a few months it will delight us again with bright colors and aromas.

Autumn is the time when lonely people warm frozen hearts with cigarette smoke.

And again autumn ... A leaf whirl ... A soul picks strings in the rain ... She still tries to burn ... And she breaks a bird ... At night - into the moonlight gleam ...

Autumn ... You are so beautiful, bright and memorable, but so lonely ... Yes, we have too much in common. Too.

Autumn, September. Quiet smile. A sad morning, a gray day, and in the evenings chocolate and tea, but the most delicious is not chocolate - this is dessert, but dessert has warm memories of the past summer ...

Autumn is the time of pessimists and melancholy people, the time of those who like to be sad and dream, idly by. Dead Forest Months With Remains Of Life

In the fall, along with yellow fallen leaves, we will certainly lose someone ...

Autumn is always easy to think about, but hard to dream, and eternity, having forgotten space and time, loses tension, and something soft and sad is poured into the soul ...

Your words wanted to make me cry, but the leaf fall stopped them and took them in the fall ...

Autumn depressively leaves leaves the city and us ...

There is nothing sadder and more silent than autumn twilight. (Emil Zola)

Even in the most dreary autumn rain, one should not forget that the sky is actually blue. You just have to wait a bit.

It was the most unforgettable summer, the saddest autumn, I hope it will be the happiest winter.

This year is notable for the fact that spring did not give up its rights for a long time and very smoothly disappeared in the autumn.

The mood is autumn, I close my eyes and turn up the volume, if anyone asks me, I will answer - I'm alive, autumn is in the mood.

When autumn cries, it always rains.

Thoughts of the great people about the golden period

Autumn is the time of year, immediately after which the expectation of spring begins.

By the way, the writer Gloria Mu believes that Russians owe the title of the most reading nation in the world to fall. What else to do in such weather? I want to curl up in an armchair under a warm blanket, to slip away from this dull autumn into alien, bright worlds. So say thank you for the opportunity to read a couple of good books.

And remember that even in the most mournful autumn rain, one should not forget that the sky is actually blue - you just have to wait a bit. It's up to you to decide what this fall will be for you - a dull sometimes or charm eyes!

Autumn is the second spring when each leaf is a flower.

Autumn is the last, most delightful smile of the year.

William Cullen Bryant

With the first autumn chill, life will begin again.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Autumn is the time of year, immediately after which the expectation of spring begins.

Autumn is the only time of the year that teaches.

And every autumn I bloom again.

By the way, flowers in autumn are more colorful and luminous than in summer, and they die earlier ...

It smells like autumn. And I love Russian autumn. Something unusually sad, welcoming and beautiful. I would take it and fly off somewhere along with the cranes.

Leaves fall when the sun ceases to warm, in autumn and the relationship between lovers ends when love ceases to warm.

Autumn is approaching, and spring is in my head.

In October, when the leaves have already yellowed, faded, wilted away, there are blue-eyed days, tossing one's head back on such a day so as not to see the earth - and one can believe: still joy, still summer ...

Winter is an engraving, spring is a watercolor, summer is an oil painting, and autumn is a mosaic of all three.

Autumn is the second spring when each leaf is a flower.

The first breath of autumn is simply happiness after a hot and sultry summer.

Autumn is the last, most delightful smile of the year.

I hate to miss something so beautiful as the autumn sunlight, staying in the house. So I spend almost all day on the street.

October is a symphony of constancy and change.

Well, there is autumn, it gently and accurately prepares us for the cold. Favorite fall. Time for reflection, hands in pockets, mulled wine in the evenings and pleasant melancholy ...


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