Smoking and girls: what do men think about this?


Smoking is not sexy. At all.

I love progress and hate old foundations. People usually like to embellish the past, giving it some special charm and romance. For pure love and a model of an ideal world, they accept their own memories of the times when the trees were big and the interest rates on loans were small when newspapers read from paper and not from a smartphone screen, when there was a fresh number in the mailbox, not a heap letters from banks. Then it was easy, simple and tasty, but now it’s difficult and nothing is impossible. No smoking on the plane, no smoking in the hospital, no smoking in the cafe.

I remember how I, a freshman, was struck by the order of the rector of the Rostov RSU "On the prohibition of smoking," hanging on the stairs. The document contained a reference to anonymous complaints that both teachers and students smoke everywhere and always: in corridors, in lectures, in close classrooms. I was horrified. And he went outside to smoke.

It just so happened that I grew up in the 90s, and then smoking was cool. The first time I lit in the summer between first and second grade. and then my parents “fired” me. Mom did not talk to me for a month, probably. Now it’s difficult, it’s just impossible to imagine an eight-year-old boy with a cigarette in his hands walking down the street, and then that was the norm.

If I saw this now, I would definitely give him an old boring lecture, you yourself know what, because with cigarettes, like with any drugs, the rule is simple: never start, otherwise you will never stop.

Then there was school, uniforms, fights. And I started smoking to be cooler, more mature, so that my voice would break faster. Of course, it didn’t break down faster, but all I got was fingers, teeth, yellowing from nicotine, shortness of breath and constant spending of money nowhere.

Unfortunately, Russia is still in the lead in smoking, in third place with 2786 cigarettes per year per adult. I think that this is the fault of the depressing 90s and the entire previous period, when smoking was possible everywhere. The same time when cigarette advertisements depicted stunning beauties releasing dense smoke from a beautiful mouth. When in every film a tough guy always smoked - and it’s not necessary to consider that it’s an invention of filmmakers, it’s always a marketing campaign of tobacco manufacturers, product placement in its purest form. By the way, do you know why solid packs were invented? It was more difficult to get a cigarette from your breast pocket and everyone saw which brand you were smoking.

Now you can’t smoke almost anywhere, and that's great.

Try to walk down the street and shoot a cigarette - most will look at you as an idiot. It is fashionable for sports, fashionable to be healthy, fashionable for jogging for tens of thousands of people, for the sake of which they block the center of Moscow. What is being done for smokers? Nothing, and thank God. I am for raising the price of tobacco once every two or three times, and if at least we don’t quit, our children will not start, will not see smokers anywhere, no one will tell them that it’s cool. And even more so - that it’s adult, sexy or attractive.

In addition, sex and smoking are incompatible, ask any smoker. This movie cigarette after sex is for those who need a couple of flaccid frictions and a minute-long act. If you want to give your best for a couple of crazy and tough hours, to make your loved one cry from happiness, then you have to quit. Such a choice: either great sex, or bad breath.

Here I go, smoke ... i

Despite the strict warnings of the Ministry of Health, the girls smoked, smoke and will smoke. Instead of sweets and cosmetics, some part of the money is spent on buying another pack of cigarettes and they drag out with pleasure. Let it be expensive and unhealthy, but nice. Each of the representatives of the weaker sex at one fine moment had the thought “try a cigarette” and “successful attempt” grew into dependence. In addition to the two common types, girls are divided into other subgroups that have their own reasons for bad habit.

Girl became an adult 2

This type of people comes from childhood. Being a girl, she lit a cigarette on a par with classmates, so as not to lag behind the growing youth and feel older. At first it was unpleasant and bitter, but the brand should be kept. Over time, she became very accustomed to a cigarette and stuck with long odes. Now they are "inseparable."

One among strangers 3

The next lady lit up while in a working or friendly team. All around puffed, and she took up a cigarette, sort of like a company. Gradually, a harmless habit firmly entrenched in everyday life. Joint breaks for lunch, gatherings with friends. A girl buys the same cigarettes as her "accomplices." The way to join the crowd, not remaining among the rest "black sheep" is valid among adults.

In the role of vent 4

Some women become addicted to nicotine for solace. Experienced stress, some sad events subjected the sad person to find solace in a steaming wand. The received dose of tobacco has a calming effect, helps for a short period of time to forget about mental suffering, to be alone, to reflect. No wonder it is sung in the famous song of the 90s: "If you have a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, then everything is not so bad today."

In the image of Rinata Litvinova 5

Female aesthetes find another pleasure in smoking. They choose more refined cigarettes. They like the process itself: bought a pack, printed it, took a cigarette, dragged on ... And a slow beautiful melody plays nearby, the sun is shining on the street or it is raining. Romance!

With an ashtray in a hug 6

Smoking girls cause a different attitude of guys. Many men disapprove of a bad habit. Smoking adversely affects the health and appearance of the weaker sex. Interested people know that addiction negatively affects the internal organs of a person: vision, lungs, stomach. From smoking there is a danger of cancer. A loving guy, worrying about the health of a girl dear to his heart, will forbid to get carried away with all sorts of "nasty things."

If a man is involved in sports or is seriously passionate about religion, the attitude towards smoking women is categorically negative. But a smoking guy doesn't always like the idea of ​​a relationship with a “smoking girlfriend.”

  • From the "nicotine lady" carries tobacco and kissing such a girl is like "licking an ashtray."
  • The appearance and voice of a woman deteriorate. Teeth and whites of the eyes turn yellow. The smoking girl has a dry "grandfather's cough."
  • A man wants to have healthy offspring. A girl with a cigarette is a threat to pregnancy and the health of the baby. Affects tobacco smoke on a small born child. It is not always easy for mothers to part with a cigarette, even after learning about pregnancy. They can smoke in an “interesting position” and while breastfeeding.
  • Buying cigarettes causes serious damage to the family budget. One or two smokers in the family spend a considerable amount on the purchase of “harmful tsatsk”.

Still, a woman is considered to be the fair sex, to be fresh, soft, fragrant. Cigarette auras greatly harm the charming image of a girl.

Girl hanging out 7

The psychological factor presents the strong sex of smoking girls in an unfavorable light. They believe that a lady with a cigarette is a more accessible and frivolous person than another woman, who is full of a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, it is easy to make acquaintance with such a young lady, communicate and have fun.

She is cheerful, liberated, sociable. But such a girl is ashamed to introduce her family. It is unlikely that conservative parents will like how a modest woman and a beautiful girl after a family tea party will open a pack of cigarettes, drop a cigarette with a lighter and go puff on the balcony, spitting him deliciously in an ashtray.

Men dream of marrying the perfect woman: kind, sensitive, tender. Soft, pleasant, well-groomed. The one that smells of vanilla and the fragrance of flowers, but not smoke and "parliament". Kissing her beloved at the meeting, the guy wants to plunge into the aroma of the female body, a light blow of perfume and mint shampoo. The smoky smell emanating from a woman, and resembling the late grandfather Kolya, will only scare away and push away the young man from her.

Some guys are acceptable to smoking girls, if addiction does not cross the line. A woman smokes rarely and beautifully, carefully monitors the hygiene of her mouth and hands, and does not bring any inconvenience with her addiction.

If she knows the measure, does not demonstrate bad habits to others, smokes in a strictly designated place and at a special time, then perhaps the man will be loyal to a “harmful hobby”. But in most cases, a young man asks to quit cigarettes once and for all. Not wanting to lose a loved one, many girls take the path of health and peace.

Smoking bonuses 8

In fairness, it is worth noting that smoking is not negative in everything. To modest and shy personalities, cigarettes help fit into the team. The “bad habit” has other advantages:

  • An easy way to talk with a guy is available to every smoking girl. She turns to the desired object with a request to “light”, the man takes out a lighter and a conversation begins.
  • Smoke breaks bring people together. At a party, in a cafe or in a club, young people reach for the exit to take a drag on a cigarette, start an informal conversation, and then meet each other as "old acquaintances."

Yes, sometimes smoking helps out in difficult or unpleasant circumstances. In addition to lunch, additional smoking breaks are organized at production facilities for smokers when there is the opportunity to “forget about official duties” for a few minutes. Smoking girls seductively bring a cigarette to their lips, laugh sweetly, languidly inhale and catch admiring men's glances. This is such a simple and clever technique to capture the attention of the stronger sex.

Useful tips for smokers 9

When a girl does not think even a day without her beloved “haze”, it is hard to transfer her to the true path of health. But following simple rules will help reduce the harmful effects of nicotine on a delicate organism.

  • Drinking plenty of water is useful not only for losing weight and firmness of the skin. Water quickly removes harmful toxins from the body, not allowing them to settle on the bladder, and normalizes kidney function.
  • The harm from a cigarette becomes half if the young lady does not smoke “poison” to the state of a bull. Toward the end of the cigar, the most harmful substances accumulate.
  • Charcoal filter cigarettes absorb nicotine and toxic resins.
  • Do not hold a cigarette in your mouth. Toxic gases rush to the skin of the face, tooth enamel and lips.
  • Cheap cigarettes carry more toxic substances than more expensive ones.
  • Intensified sports are very dangerous for smokers. It is necessary to approach physical activity moderately, otherwise the heart will not withstand such a load. Do not "puff" immediately after a run or other active action.
  • It is advisable to smoke the last cigarette four hours before bedtime.
  • Menthol cigarettes contain caustic substances that have a strong negative effect.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke on an empty stomach. So you can earn an ulcer and other serious stomach problems. Before you take a cigarette in your mouth, the girl should have a snack.
  • Smoking is necessary in the fresh air. Indoors increases the harm of cigarettes. On the street, the lungs are more quickly released from smoke, and skin and hair do not absorb the smell of smoke.
  • Hurry while smoking is triple harmful to the body! It is not necessary to “stock up” with nicotine, before entering the bus, taxi or house. Fast and deep puffs increase the negative impact. The minimum time for smoking one cigarette is at least 5-7 minutes
  • It is useful for smoking girls to walk a lot, to be in the fresh air, to take a contrast shower. So they improve blood circulation and cleanse the lungs.

Nutritional Corrections 10

Smokers should pay attention not only to lifestyle, but also to diet. In order to maintain good health and the body is in order, it is necessary to give preference to such products:

  • Green tea.
  • Fruit and vegetable salads.
  • Carrots, pumpkins, apricots, spinach, lettuce, sorrel, onions.
  • Fish oil, liver, cottage cheese, eggs.

To neutralize bad breath and yellow teeth, you often need to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. Instead of toothpaste, you can use crushed tablets of activated carbon. A simple folk remedy provides whiteness of the teeth and neutralizes the nicotine “perfume”.

If you quit hard ... 11

Not every madame decides to quit addiction in one minute. They say that you can’t quit sharply, and you don’t want to ... To systematically combine smoking with the voice of the mind, you need to follow some rules.

The following tips are useful for smoking girls, so as not to wallow in the addiction "head over heels".

  • It is better to buy cigarettes one pack a day. So there is an opportunity to save and stretch cigarettes for a couple of days.
  • Smoke no more than one cigarette per hour.
  • Hide cigarettes, a lighter away to avoid a sharp desire to "puff".
  • Introduce a strict rule: never smoke other people's cigarettes. Ended up, do not smoke.

It is useful to calculate the amount spent on the next pack. Perhaps next month, the young lady will prefer to buy some money from cosmetics or a wardrobe, and not spend money on useless and harmful tobacco.

And if you still quit? … 12

Smoking girls in the modern world are not uncommon. Girls from a young age, running after a school shed and boasting to classmates, are drawn in by a harmful cigarette. Many women, having taken up the mind, quit a bad habit and acquired bonuses only: feeling good, refreshed appearance, pride in the manifest willpower.

To help yourself in such a noble cause, you need to set a goal, a reward and pull yourself together. Men will take such a step with enthusiasm, regardless of whether they smoke or not. In order to attract male attention, there are many other interesting ways, in addition to smoking harmful cigarettes.

How do men relate to smoking girls?

Smoking: sexy or not?

Glossy magazines and television have long been trying to convince us that a smoker looks very sexy. And this despite the numerous studies that have proved the negative effects of smoking on sexuality, not to mention its health risks!

“Sexual” smoking contributes to the formation of wrinkles and the development of halitosis. It spoils the smile and indirectly leads to the development of impotence. According to studies, smokers not only deteriorate sperm production, but also sexual desire. As a result, the frequency of sexual intercourse is reduced. There is not a single person who does not know about the dangers of smoking. If this habit still seems sexual to you, remember these side effects:

  • premature skin aging
  • bad breath
  • yellow teeth and nails
  • gum disease
  • bad smell from clothes and hair

Some people think that smoking cigars is less dangerous. However, it is enough to recall that one cigar contains as much tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes.

Impotence Relationship

In the United States conducted such a study. Couples were asked to answer a number of questions regarding smoking, bad habits, relationships in marriage and sex. It was also necessary to indicate how often partners make love and how satisfied they are with such contacts.

None of the women were smokers. Men in 158 pairs had a smoker experience of at least 7 years and smoked at least 30 cigarettes per day.

The results showed that in pairs where the partner smokes, the average time to conception was 3.1 years, while in non-smoking couples it was 2.6 years.

It turned out that smokers have sex on average 5.7 times a month, and non-smokers - 11.6 times. Non-smoking couples rated satisfaction with their sexual lives on average by 8.7 points on a 10-point scale, where 10 corresponded to complete satisfaction. Smoking couples rated their pleasure on the same scale at 5.2 points.

Are non-smokers more attractive?

The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars annually on smoking advertising, trying to make it more attractive to people. In fact, many consumers do not find this bad habit so tempting. Women are often more susceptible to advertising. They believe that smoking adds sexuality, mystery, glamor and ... slimness.

To prove the opposite, the researchers conducted an experiment. They hired actors and actresses and asked each of them to star in two commercials: in one, the actors smoked, and in the other, no. The records showed several hundred men and women, both smokers and non-smokers.

Researchers then asked viewers which videos they liked best. Participants in the experiment responded to non-smoking actors better than to smokers. According to respondents, non-smoking women looked more attractive than smokers.


Like any other sexual fetish, a smoking fetish is formed in early childhood and adolescence. Most likely, the forming mechanism of a smoking fetish is the sexualization of the smoking process. Among the reasons that trigger this mechanism, there may be the following factors:

  • interaction with an attractive smoking person in early childhood,
  • the influence of the media and popular culture, which traditionally sexualized smoking until the beginning of the 2000s (films, including the noir era, advertising, fashion shows, music videos),
  • the femininity of the body language of most smokers,
  • the perception of smoking as a fact of violation of taboos, as a symbol of independence,
  • the perception of the image of a smoker as an image of a bold, impulsive, liberated person,
  • the connection of cigar smoking with the image of a rich enough
  • sadomasochism: the pleasure of realizing the deliberate harm of a smoker to his health,
  • psychosexual development factors linking smoking with the oral and phallic phases of personality development according to Freud.


The following symptoms may be criteria for a smoking fetish:

  • sexual interest in observing other people’s smoking,
  • repeated intense sexual fantasies involving smokers,
  • repeated intense sexual desires for smokers.

Smoking Fetish in USA and Western Europe

Wanting to increase profits, US tobacco companies, starting in the 20s of the XX century, are targeting their promotions to female audiences. Women everywhere begin to smoke in the movies. So, the images of such eminent movie stars as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone and many others, were certainly accompanied by a cigarette.

Female cigarettes are appearing, such as Virginia Slims en and Kool en with aggressive advertising slogans “You've come a long way, baby!” And “Lady, be cool,” respectively. Female smoking is sexually explicit in the fashion industry. So, the show of famous designers of Dolce & Gabbana collection “winter / summer 2005” was accompanied by smoking models directly on the catwalk, and smoking models were often found on the pages of the fashion magazine Vogue.

Since the early 2000s, an active anti-smoking campaign has begun in the United States and Western European countries, which quickly tabooed public tobacco consumption. This prompted Western photographers and producers to create special sites where, for a small fee, you can purchase videos and photos with smoking models. The most famous producer was the creator of the site RandomSnaps Australian photographer Tony Palliser. There are several forums with more than 50,000 members around the world where smoking fetishists communicate and share material. In Russia, smokers are Elizaveta Serebryakova, Semyon Teplov, and others.

Famous people about smoking fetish

The famous Russian artist Mikhail Boyarsky admitted in an interview that he was not indifferent to smoking girls: “Women are piquant and good when they hold a thin cigarette with a long mouthpiece. But if they do it rarely and on time. ”

Musician Peter Steele: “In terms of sexuality, I like to watch a woman smoke. This is a very sensual sight. If I am going to kiss a woman who smokes, firstly, probably because I like her, and the act of smoking just seduces me even more. Even though I don’t like the taste, I can endure it. ”

Purely physically

Resins and other substances that enter our body with tobacco smoke increase the levels of “bad” cholesterol and blood triglycerides, and make the liver difficult. This significantly increases the risk that plaques form on the inner walls of the vessels, that is, atherosclerosis will begin.

By the way
On closed sites on the Internet, representatives of the ancient profession share their secrets: the more cigarettes a client smokes before sexual intercourse, the less a prostitute will have to work.

Smoker's blood is thicker, poorly saturated with oxygen, so against the background of all of the above, it is significantly worse moving along the network of vessels and capillaries. As a result, its inflow to the genitals is reduced. That is, blood directly with difficulty fills that organ, which must be firm and resistant.

Alas, a cigarette is a direct enemy of an erection ... Statistics say: 12% of men aged 30-50 suffering from impotence are suffering from smoking.

Incidentally, it is not only a poor erection or its complete absence. The same causes that cause erectile dysfunction later lead to a stroke or heart attack. After all, the deterioration of blood flow affects not only the genitals.

Smoking also leads to diseases in which not only sex, but even normal life is difficult, - to prostate adenoma, genital carcinoma. The same goes for women. Smokers have an increased risk of cancerous changes in the cervix (all because the blood circulates poorly in it), mastopathy, breast fibroadenomas ...

Hormone measurement

Desire and passion are largely a product of hormones and nerves, a scientific neuroendocrine system. How does it change from smoking, studied by Australian doctors. It turned out that smokers have a higher degree of activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary system and a lower level of the hormone prolactin, which this system manages, among other things. It is prolactin that triggers the production of the female hormones estrogen and the male hormone testosterone. When they are few, there is no desire to have sex.

In addition, since smoke is a constant source of toxins, the body responds to them, enhancing the production of detoxifying enzymes. They destroy toxins, but it’s bad luck - these enzymes also destroy their own hormones, in particular, sex hormones. Therefore, levels of estrogen and testosterone in smokers are always reduced compared to non-smokers. Due to their lack, not only do not want sex, but also climax comes earlier!

And to kiss?

Canadian doctors investigated the lifestyle of identical twin sisters and looked into the most intimate areas. Of two absolutely identical sisters, one smoked, the second did not.

And it turned out that the second often lives sexually, has more powerful, frequent and diverse orgasms.

European statistics show: 80% of British smokers, 70% of their counterparts in the Netherlands, France and Germany, more than 55% in Belgium and Spain are more likely to refuse sex for a month than to smoke.

Non-smoking women are advised by doctors to stay away from the mustache-bearded smoking fans. The fact is that facial hair absorbs carcinogenic resins. With kisses and other caresses with such a partner, you will get an extra portion of these very unwholesome substances, which will then have to be neutralized by taking additional antioxidants. Is sex with such a partner worth the trouble?

Inveterate smokers often cough and expectorate sputum. Listening and observing this at night is especially unpleasant. That is why, according to Italian psychologists, the spouses of smokers move to separate bedrooms over the years and prefer to refrain from intimate relationships, which can be interrupted by coughing at any time.

What a bad manners!

No, your smoking companion is not a boor at all, just because of the lack of hormones, smokers become nervous and prone to depression, and this leaves an imprint on how they behave in society.

According to German scientists, nicotine causes both addiction and withdrawal. Therefore, a smoker can get out of bed during the prelude or immediately after orgasm and go on smoking. Or don’t go, but smoke right here, irritating the non-smokers half.

Unfortunately, even if both spouses are addicted to smoking, this does not improve mutual understanding in the family. According to the already mentioned Italian psychologists, sexual disharmony (frustration) occurs 43% more often where one of the spouses smokes, and 57% - in those families where both smoke. Probably, the fact is that smokers are more prone to irritability and anxiety in the intervals between smokers, so they often come into conflict more easily.

What's next?

Moms who dream of grandchildren, do not give daughters to marry smokers! Not only that, as we have already found out, their sexual impulses fade faster, they also have poor quality sperm: less dense and with an increased number of inferior sperm! This was discovered by French scientists and even named the reason: the same deterioration in blood supply and narrowing of blood vessels.

However, smoking daughters and daughter-in-law also usually do not shine with an abundance of healthy children. They produce fewer full-fledged eggs. Plus, a woman who even quit smoking at the beginning of pregnancy has a higher risk of miscarriage, sudden death of the baby and the birth of a child with birth defects.

So quit smoking at least a year or two before the alleged pregnancy. During this time, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, move a lot, and blood supply will be restored, and hormones will return to normal.

A non-smoking woman over the age of forty may well still rely on the attention of men. It is after this age that smoking begins to strongly affect the appearance, so smokers can not compete with non-smokers by their complexion and tenderness of skin.

However, there is a solution - to part with cigarettes on time. Avoiding tobacco smoke will help to avoid early wrinkles, yellowness of the teeth and the hoarse voice of a marketer. And to remain a beautiful lady, not only for her husband, but also for other men!

Depravity is not in fashion

Adults underestimate their influence on adolescent sexuality, American researchers say.

We think that adolescents are ashamed to admit virginity, although in reality only 26% of modern adolescents think so. We think that adolescents easily enter into casual relationships, although in fact 85% of the students surveyed believe that sex should be the result of a long relationship. We think that on the questions of sex of children their friends form, although in fact 45% of schoolchildren listen to the opinion of their parents, and only 31% - to the opinion of friends.

“The thing is,” the researchers say, “that adults were growing up when no one heard about AIDS and when so much attention was paid to teenage pregnancy problems. For today's children, sexually-licent doesn’t mean “cool” at all! ”


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