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Perfumes with aphrodisiacs: aphrodisiac fragrances for women and men


The selective perfumery industry today is a symbiosis of aromatherapy and psychology, fragrant beauty and pleasure, a secret that has been going through centuries from our royal ancestors and the most brilliant rulers of the ancient world.

Every year, new research more and more opens the curtain into the magical world of aromas, allowing us to control molecules that change the inner and surrounding atmosphere. Not all sacred subtleties of perfume are known to us. Especially when it comes to pheromones or aphrodisiacs.

The elusive aroma of passion

For many centuries, this topic excites the inquisitive minds of scientists and stirs up public interest in attracting the opposite sex, but remains open to the end. Modern researchers agree that human pheromones still exist and are fragments of sex hormone molecules, and possibly other molecules secreted by the sweat glands of a person 1.

Greek word pheromone translates as “carrying excitement”. And its main function among representatives of the animal world, and among humans, is considered to be attracting individuals of its species to reproduction. More recently, it was proved that the same well-known vomeronasal organ (Vomer or Jacobson's organ) is responsible for sexual sense of smell 2, captures partner pheromones and significantly changes human behavior. Historically, the receptors of this organ have been tuned to the most important odors associated with orientation to the area and the search for food, with the definition of danger and survival. Evolution put everything in its place, and the role of additional sense of smell began to lie in the regulation of sexual and social behavior. Scientists believe that pathogen hormones are odorless and the aroma of passion is read by Womer receptors connected by nerve endings to the area of ​​the brain that controls sexual arousal. Hormones responsible for attachment and addiction are also produced here, as well as endorphins 3 are secreted.

The secret of magic perfume

As for the ubiquitous boom of spirits with pheromones, this began with the discovery of attractant substances in the female macaque and some mammals that attract the male at a distance. They turned out to be similar to those contained in the vaginal secret of women. At one time, it turned the knowledge of mankind and prompted perfumers to synthesize such compounds for the human love spell. Despite the forbiddenness of extraction, natural animal pheromones are also extracted and seasoned with the strongest opium, floral additives to create a love perfume, but like any organics, such perfumes quickly deteriorate in a room environment, exuding a frightening odor. Screaming advertising to this day attracts buyers who do not own reliable information. Artificially synthesized pheromones are dangerous for human health and psycho-emotional state. In addition, extracts of animal origin attract only an individual of an identical species, and their direct effect on humans has not been proven. Selected perfumes use natural permitted ingredients, they enhance the secret effect of their own pheromones, creating an unrivaled seduction effect.

Aphrodisiacs: male and female

In contrast to the beautiful marketing presentation of perfumes with pheromones and a dubious effect, aromas with aphrodisiacs are considered to be a really effective means of attracting the attention of the opposite sex - these are anciently known substances that stimulate or enhance the partner's attraction or sexual activity, named after the goddess of love, beauty, marriage, fertility and the lives of Aphrodite. Indeed, a correctly selected and applied aroma with “magical” substances affects our sensual sphere and causes a special reaction.

Perfume for men contains other essential oils and acts accordingly: cedar liberates, enhances activity and gives a noble confidence and determination, sandalwood is a well-known secret oil from time immemorial to increase potency and male attractiveness, ginger increases confidence, gives incredible excitement, juniper increases male strength and endurance By allowing a man to be more active and sensual in terms of sex, rosemary helps the man reveal his self.

Universal miracle compositions for seducers of both sexes are created with the addition of ylang-ylang, bergamot, patchouli and neroli oils that enhance desire and prolong love feelings.

Tricks of using aphrodisiacs

The main secret of attracting the opposite sex for women is the use of male aphrodisiacs, and vice versa: this allows everyone to feel something familiar in the smell of a partner. The rules for applying magic drops are easy to remember along the trajectory - the temples, then - on the area behind the ears, a little on the neck and on both wrists, on the elbow bends and knee cavities.

The scope of aphrodisiacs is much deeper than it seems at first glance. Knowing the therapeutic secrets of plant assistants, you can improve health and mood, increase the general tone of the body, normalize metabolism and the nervous system. Drops of a perfume with lavender essential oil will help you relax after a busy day in the evening, as well as lighted aroma candles and a bathtub filled with foam with the addition of lavender oil. An aroma with lemongrass oil will help you cheer up in sleepy weather and cheer you up.

With such knowledge, it is much easier to control your emotions and condition. Often, studies are conducted in such a way that participants are given the usual perfume, and presented as if they were perfumes with pheromones. The result is a changed behavior of a person who realizes that he is now attractive to the opposite sex. The whole secret is that any fragrance can make us more confident and enhance our own charm. You can talk about the placebo effect. While scientists are trying to officially prove the existence of human pheromones, the influence of smell on our behavioral response is not a secret. And this becomes a guide to action - you can pick up a perfume with natural ingredients that our brain perceives as a magical means of attractiveness and charm, and we will like it ourselves, in combination with our smell, it will turn the head of any partner.

Perhaps the influence of perfume aphrodisiacs on a person can be compared to an alcoholic drink: a spicy natural aroma cocktail that fascinates the subconscious and changes our behavioral factors, or with a weapon - being confident, exuding a favorite aroma and simultaneously releasing chemicals that attract a partner, we are able to kill on the spot. Secret perfumes will become an invaluable gift-dope, emphasizing the natural talents of the person whom you want to make happy by observing the disclosure of his best qualities, the appearance of comfort and confidence, you will feel that you have made a gift to yourself. Arm yourself with aphrodisiac spirits that reveal all your secret abilities and desires, you will not go unnoticed.

To create magical aromas, natural gifts are mainly used - substances of plant origin, most often these are essential oils, herbs, spices. Enchanting perfumes based on natural oils affect different sexes in different ways.

Features of the influence of female aphrodisiacs:

It makes one tremble, experiencing a slight pleasant excitement and the most tender feelings, comparable to the state of first falling in love.

Gives inspiration and easy pride, awakens tenderness and openness to mutual understanding, emphasizes femininity.

It gives birth to a feeling of female fullness when an irresistible love arises for everything around, that same unconditional love.

Universal miracle compositions for seducers of both sexes are created with the addition of oils
ylang-ylang, bergamot, patchouli and neroli, enhancing desire and prolonging love feelings.

We explain the terms in simple words

When you inhale a person, the most sensitive receptors, the olfactory, are activated. They instantly give an impulse to the brain. Some may be unpleasant or warning (burns, toxins), the second - neutral, but the third group seems pleasant to us.

With aromatic stimulation, brain activity begins. Scientists have long established that people, like animals, emit their natural smell, which is called pheromone. It is reproduced due to the action of hormones that regulate the sweat glands. With sexual arousal, one of the strongest feelings, the hormonal background begins to rage, and the body begins to emit signals for the opposite sex. Often they are captured on a subconscious level.

Aphrodisiacs act similarly. They contain substances that irritate receptors and send impulses similar to real pheromones. Therefore, in the brain, neural connections that are activated during sexual arousal begin to actively recover.

For the first time, the natural effect of spices on human nature was established in the East. They actively use aromatherapy as a way to relieve fatigue and relaxation, immersion in a meditative state. And eastern girls rub themselves with oils and smoke incense before the wedding night.

Properties of pheromones in female and male perfumes with aphrodisiacs

The main objective of the perfumery collection with the addition of “pathogens” of plant or animal origin is to increase sexual desire. But depending on what components are laid in the basis, the effects will vary:

  • Relaxation. For example, bergamot oil - suitable for those who come tired after a working day. A spouse can take advantage of such a trick to drive away thoughts about work at a olfactory level and attract them to household joys. It goes well with massage or bath. Please note - it is better to apply perfume after taking a shower.
  • Amplification of tactile sensations. If the composition includes notes of cloves, you can especially enjoy the touch. All receptors are sharpened, every touch brings pleasure.
  • Feeling attractive. It can cause gentle jasmine, which is on the list of aphrodisiacs for girls - they become more relaxed because they recognize their own sensuality and beauty.
  • Beneficial effect on potency. These substances include ylang-ylang. Almost every exciting female perfume has a fragrance in its composition, because it guarantees a long night full of love.

In addition, they all work as stimulants of general arousal and tone. Oils have an effect on the nervous system and normalize the general condition. After excessive psycho-emotional shaking, you can return to a measured state, and if lethargy and fatigue appear, then aromas will help to forget about it for a while and cheer up.

How aphrodisiacs work in perfumery

It is worth distinguishing two large groups - pathogens of animal and plant origin.

We will deal with the first. Ambergris, cibetin or castoreum are added to the perfume. They not only possess the most stable properties (therefore, these are the basic notes that leave a sweet fleur for a long time), but they are also the products of the vital activity of animals - sperm whale, beaver, wyverra. In fact, these are pheromones that are similar in effect to the human glands.

If we talk about a person, then these substances do not have a pronounced smell. Caution - not to be confused with sweat. Although, yes, the sebaceous glands located on the nasolabial fold, in the groin and in the armpits are also responsible for their production.

An interesting fact: the presence of hair in these areas is intended not only to protect from the sun and pollution, but also to spread the natural aroma. That is why men with a beard seem to girls to be very attractive and courageous.

For this reason, there is a perfume with aphrodisiacs, almost odorless and tasteless for women - it means natural pheromones have been added to it. Kopulin attracts guys and Androsterone attracts ladies.

Plant components are not so straightforward. They do not replace the natural attraction, but set in the right way - relax, give a signal of pleasure, have. It should be understood that there is no universal perfume - each person selects his own fragrance according to the compatibility with the body, as well as for the right moment. Some smells (for example, harsh and seductive) are suitable for a stormy romance, while the second, gentle and sensual, will help create a romantic connection.

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We can distinguish a third, less common group. It includes eau de toilette with aphrodisiacs for women and men, which are synthesized artificially. An example is the Escentric Molecules collection by eminent perfumer Geza Schoen. The composition includes one molecule, which has the ability to affect areas of the brain and stimulate sex drive. At the same time, perfumes are considered unisex, that is, they are suitable for both sexes. Their feature can be called the fact that they are revealed on each person in different ways. It depends on the hormonal background and the natural pheromones that people secrete. According to user reviews, if the Eccentric Molecule is suitable for both lovers, then they are a good couple at the biological level.

Names of aphrodisiacs that increase libido

This word was first used by Freud. The father of psychoanalysis argued that this is a complex state of mind and body, which is responsible for desire, sex drive, and temperament. It is inherent in both sexes. And if it is a variable, then it can be increased depending on the components. Let's see what should be in the perfume so that Freud himself envies the level of sexuality of partners:

Basically they act as follows:

  • relieve fatigue
  • accelerate blood circulation,
  • improve blood flow to the pelvic organs,
  • enhance sweating and the production of natural enzymes.

Women's aphrodisiac fragrances to attract men - what the stronger sex likes

Pay attention to the following notes, many of them are classified as oriental:

  • Cinnamon. Stimulates an erection due to active blood circulation, and also stimulates appetite. Receptors responsible for hunger and sex drive are nearby. It is for this reason that you should not plan making love after a hearty dinner, it is better to get enough of your soulmate.
  • Vanilla. An expensive and rare spice has the property of stimulating the production of endorphins - hormones of joy. Next to you, a man will feel calm, pleasure and satisfaction, so he will instinctively reach for you. Interestingly, the word vainilla itself has a Latin root from vaina (or vagina), that is, “scabbard”. It is difficult to call the etymology random.
  • Lavender. The plant was used in medicine to combat impotence, and charming Cleopatra won the heart of Julius Caesar precisely with the help of these incense.
  • Jasmine. Although this is considered a female flower, and it primarily affects girls, they add it to perfume to seduce men.Let’s explain why. After all, the woman’s own feeling and willingness is of no small importance. And with the help of jasmine notes, she becomes more self-confident, gets rid of tightness, complexes and frigidity.
  • Ylang Ylang. It has a sweet aroma and a long history. In many eastern cultures, tree flowers symbolize marriage, conception, and love, as the effects of their essential oils help to relax and tune in to the love wave.

Sandalwood, orange blossom and musk can also be attributed to aphrodisiac odors that attract men. They, in comparison with the list above, are sharper. Therefore, they speak more likely not about sensuality, but about passion, perseverance.

Of the flower natural male pathogens, rose and tuberose, frankincense and gardenia should be distinguished. All have sweet notes. When combined with oriental spices, languid and attractive compositions are obtained.

It is recommended to apply perfume on the skin in places where it is the most tender - the elbow, the wrist, the neck, the earlobes, and the temples. Here the pulse is better traced, which means that the fragrance will come stronger.

Women's perfume with an aphrodisiac

Girls can recommend a perfume product of any concentration that contains either the listed natural ingredients or a synthesized substance of a similar nature. In the collections of famous brands you can find:

  • Youth-Dew by Estee Lauder. This popular composition is over 50 years old, but still it is one of the most bought. The point is high durability and a combination of decency and passion. The notes are intertwined so neatly that at first glance you can only feel the solidity, the classic aroma of oriental spices. But by listening, you can make out the subtlest overflows. This perfume is suitable for a business woman, belongs to the evening, goes well with the dress. It should be applied to business dinners and dates, when seductiveness should not be evident, but shine through in every movement. The base note is incense, the heart note is spices and spices.

  • Christian Dior Poison. Very persistent, heavy, thick. Among the sweet notes there are those that add bitterness. They will be attracted by imperious women who are ready to dominate and seduce all worthy on the spot. Add shade of wood shades, sandalwood.

  • 212 Sexy Carolina Herrera. The name speaks for itself. Good for everyone and always. A very cheerful core is combined with a languid and long train. There is no tender sensuality, but a lot of emotions, games and excitement.

  • Miu Miu - floral, with a powdery sound. Suitable for girls and ladies up to 40, because it rather runs into love, romance than passion. The composition is very gentle tones.

What fragrances in perfumery are aphrodisiacs for women

Men also try to look more attractive to the fair sex. Ladies want to see more masculinity, strength - these are normal physiological reactions to the self-confident representative of Mars. The basis of any exciting toilet water will be created - tobacco, leather, wood, spices. Fruits and flowers - in a minimal amount. Fresh, invigorating compositions are suitable for sports events, but not for an intimate night. So girls like:

  • Liquorice. Here you need to maintain balance, a note should be barely audible. In small quantities it is an excellent stimulant of arousal, but in large quantities it is an association with a medicine.
  • Cedar, cypress. Woody sounds are mesmerizing and soothing; they help build trust. Encourage hugs.
  • Ambergris - a strong natural pheromone that works in tandem with a natural male odor, enhances it. Emphasizes masculinity and attractiveness.
  • Skin and tobacco remind of the animal origin, passion. They inspire sensual awe and set you on a sexual wave.

Aphrodisiac perfumes for men: the best fragrances according to customer reviews

We advise you to try:

  • Bruno Banani Absolute Man is his feature in the presence of bitter citrus fruits. Grapefruit is so combined with a tree and spicy ylang-ylang that they shimmer at the same time with enchanting sweetness, exciting sourness and kindling passion with bitterness.

  • Gentlemen Only Intense Givenchy - more suitable not for regular relationships and casual relationships, but for constant search. Girls are caught in a whirlpool of smell like a trap. Notes of wood resin will make it possible to make a comparison with an insect, which is completely immersed in the viscous and alluring juice of the tree.

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Cheap and treacherous "pheromones"

The speculation of dishonest businessmen continues to this day: they offer miraculous spirits for mere pennies and even spills, breathing in which supposedly crowds of women who have lost their heads will rush to the “call of nature” awakened in them. Of course, the placebo effect can work: confident in its irresistibility and ready for feats, the subject will really easily attract attention. But a marketing ploy can be fraught with health: under the guise of coveted pheromones, cheap chemicals of dubious origin are added to perfumes. The minimum price is unlikely to guarantee clinical testing. Therefore, in case of skin contact, rejection by the body is not excluded: the appearance of irritation, allergies, up to edema and profuse flow from the eyes and nose. Agree, not the most suitable condition for love joys.

Natural pheromones or aphrodisiacs

Pheromones often mean aphrodisiacs - components of plant origin that are familiar to us: rose oil, jasmine, myrrh, lotus, strawberries, cocoa fruits in perfumes act through the sense of smell on the centers in the brain that are responsible for excitement and pleasure.

Ever thought: where is the tradition of giving flowers, growing them at home or near your home? Why is it so nice to wander through a flowering garden or meadow, in general - get out into the countryside? It tunes in a lyrical way, inspires a romantic mood ... Inhalation of the aroma of a rose causes a heartbeat, tenderness, as in the first love.

Jasmine evokes femininity, openness to communication. Mirra gives a feeling of emotional fullness, unconditional love for the world and people.

That is why men who neglect the opportunity to give flowers (and usually do not bother with choosing the right perfume) often doom themselves to a notorious failure. Only "breathing in spirits and fogs", flowers and dreams, the girl is able to get excited and give, and get an unforgettable love story. A commonplace two-minute physiological action, as a rule, does not bring much joy and is more characteristic of animals. If simple: aphrodisiacs by inhalation stimulate the production of pheromones. Human, and not monkey, perfumes with which you were going to buy.

The Legacy of the Polygamists

As part of perfumes for two, patchouli, neroli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and vanilla are certainly found. Their influence was discovered in ancient times, having tabooed for too young. It is the aroma of plants that arouse passion, laid the foundation for Arabian oil perfumes. Famous for their harems, the eastern lords needed nobody else inexhaustible excitement. Remember the "Great Age"! It’s a pity that the aroma from the screen is not transmitted. Filled with vivid colorful views of nature and the environment, images of heroes, richly costume, this series is full for connoisseurs of perfumery associations associated with perfumes, which, for example, concubines torture themselves. And in the dance in front of the Sultan, it is precisely the aphrodisiacs, reinforced by the natural vibrations of the girls moving to the music, achieve its sense of smell and arouse a passionate desire for possession.

Perfume with pheromones - a bearded anecdote that exploits low-lying passions and discredited itself in the last century.

For you - oriental oil perfumes with aphrodisiacs! Released from the sacred caches of the harems and made available to anyone who is ready to create their happy love story.

What are pheromones and aphrodisiacs

First of all, you need to identify the difference: aphrodisiacs - These are various substances of plant and chemical origin that can enhance sexual desire. Their effect is individual, and therefore it is impossible to give a complete list of aphrodisiac products. Usually they include caviar, oysters, asparagus, celery, ginseng, many aromatic oils (for example, patchouli, ylang-ylang), cinnamon, ginger, etc.

Pheromones These are volatile substances released by the body into the environment. A number of scientists are still disputing the existence of pheromones in humans, while others consider them to be part of the mysterious "body chemistry" that attracts people to each other. For example, according to some studies, pheromones affect the perception of women by men: they assess the aroma of a woman in the ovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle as the most attractive.

And how does female sexual desire depend on hormones? The formation of desire is influenced not only by psychological factors, but also by many physiological indicators, including the hormonal level. For example, female hormones - estrogens (from Greek oistros - violent desire and genes - generative) - are produced in the greatest amount before ovulation and contribute to an increase in desire. It seems that nature itself made sure that the woman experienced the peak of desire just at the moment when her body is ready for conception. A certain effect on increasing desire has testosterone.

How are pheromones different from aphrodisiacs?

In fact, three different things should be said.

At first, about pheromone in the true sense of the word. This is a special mixture of aromas that are produced by special glands located in the armpits, around the nipples, on the head, around the eyes and in “intimate” places. These smells are individual.

Second- These are artificially synthesized “pheromones”. Compared to natural pheromones they are much more primitive and simpler. So it’s more correct to call them "pseudo-pheromones." They are offered to us through advertising.

Third - this is aphrodisiacs, that is, special natural aromatic oilsacting on the sexual sphere.

But pheromones are responsible not only for the sexual side of life. For example, scientists have identified pheromone, by which a newborn determines where milk is and whether it is its mother-nurse. Pheromones have also been isolated, soothing people, reducing the heart rate. Pheromones are practically odorless. But their strength is so great that acting in small, even scanty amounts on special olfactory receptors, they prompt and help us choose a partner for intimate relationships.

There is a “pheromone theory of sexuality”, according to which each person has his own aroma - a mixture of odors determined by genes, skin type, hair color, temperament, etc. It is this “cocktail” that plays a special role in the choice, including the sexual partner. According to this theory, women like the smell of those men whose DNA is as different as possible from their genetic set, and vice versa. This mixture of aromas is produced by special glands located in the armpits, around the nipples, on the head, around the eyes and in “intimate” places. Female endocrine glands secrete special hormones - exaltides, which have a stimulating effect on men. It is proved that every woman and every man smells differently, has an individual smell, most strongly expressed in a state of sexual arousal.

Love cooking

· Almost all spices, seafood, including caviar and kelp, eggs, mushrooms (especially morels), bananas, dates, avocados, mangoes, artichokes, asparagus (asparagus), sesame seeds, honey - all these are wonderful aphrodisiacs.

· And honey is not just a gift from the gods, but also the natural AlcoZeltser. A few teaspoons of honey before a date - and no hangover can ruin it.

· If you dream about children, treat your husband for a month with dates and perhaps you will become happy parents. Dates increase the number of sperm, you see, one of them will “take root”.

· A very strong and most affordable aphrodisiac is onion. Its stimulating effect is strong and quick, so the use of onions is prohibited in many monasteries.

There are proven classic recipes to help seduction.

Champagne combined with strawberries. This is a constant attribute of a romantic dinner. “Magic bubbles” of champagne break down strawberry fructose, which leads to an increase in the level of female hormones.

Freshly brewed coffee with cinnamon and cognacoh, meat cooked in wine and with spices, mulled wine with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger will never spoil a romantic dinner. with continuation.

Article prepared by Olga Grigorenko

based on open sources

What are pheromones

Pheromones - these are substances that are secreted by living organisms (substances of animal origin, hormones, secrets), the purpose of which is to attract individuals of the opposite sex. Due to the socialization of man, the release of pheromones by humans during evolution gradually decreased, since special substances were no longer required to find a pair - people can communicate using speech and conquer their soul mates not only with physical strength, as is customary in the animal kingdom, but also other qualities - intelligence, social status, etc. However, the human body nevertheless emits a certain level of pheromones. These substances are perceived by specific receptors. vomeronasal organwhich are located in the nasal cavity.

However, the natural level pheromones different people may be different. Presumably, this is one of the reasons why some people are more popular among the opposite sex than others. It often happens that, for example, a man does not seem to be anything special, but women are crazy about him. And vice versa. It's all about pheromones.

The modern perfume industry has long adopted pheromone effects and their synthetic counterparts. Now everyone can easily buy perfume with pheromones or perfume mixtures based on pheromones, and increase your natural level of pheromones, becoming more noticeable in the eyes of representatives of the opposite sex. This really works, and many already use pheromones almost daily, without revealing to anyone their secret of popularity.

How pheromones act

Principle pheromone action - call sexual arousal and sex drive representatives of the opposite sex. Pheromones enter the body through the organs of smell. Pheromones do not have their own smell (with the exception of concentrates, which have a characteristic aroma, often hidden by perfumes). When applied to the body, they are not felt. Pheromones are best stored in oil, but there are also alcohol-based perfumes (they usually have fewer pheromones, but more perfume). Exist as female pheromones (used by women to sexually “attract” men) and pheromones for men. In our online store Ferolove presented best pheromones from existing in the market. You can choose and order for yourself a suitable product with delivery.

What is aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are special substances vegetable or synthetic origin (essential oils, extracts from flowers and plant roots, etc.).Unlike pheromones that act on your potential sexual partners, aphrodisiacs also act on yourself, enhancing intimate desires, increasing sexual activity, raising overall tone and mood.

Aphrodisiacs are also found in many foods that a person eats, for example, ginger, celery, almonds, and some seafood (oysters, mussels). All these products contain substances that positively affect a person’s sexuality, increase libido, give strength to prolong sexual intercourse, and enhance the sensation of making love, etc. There are many drugs based on aphrodisiacs. Perfumes did not stand aside. From ancient times, special oriental spices were appreciated, which were used to create perfumes with a “special effect”. Previously, they were very expensive, but now, thanks to the achievements of the chemical industry and pharmaceuticals, they are available to everyone. True, not everyone knows about this.

How do perfumes with aphrodisiacs work

Basic principle of action perfume with aphrodisiacs consists in the general stimulation of the sexual activity of both partners, and not only in physical attraction, as in pheromones. In some cases, the effect of pheromones and aphrodisiacs may be similar, but it is worth remembering that these substances have different natural purposes. The difference between pheromones from aphrodisiacs that the purpose of pheromones is to attract and arouse, and aphrodisiacs to stimulate sexual activity and give strength. Mixtures of pheromones and aphrodisiacs, such as Pheromone-69 for men and Pheromone-69 for women, are also on sale. These drugs have a positive effect, tested in practice and recommended by many sexologists around the world. It is worth a try!

We hope that this information will be useful to you and will help you choose and buy exactly the product that you need.


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