What is the benefit of testicular massage? Instructions for use


Elena Malysheva:
You: instructions for use - this is the name of the special project of our program.
Today's issue is addressed to mothers, although it will be about one of the main male organs - the testicles.

Everything male in itself, men owe testicles.

These are paired sex glands that are in the scrotum, it is in them that the main male hormone, testosterone, is produced. Thanks to testosterone, muscles are developed in men, a beard and mustache grow.
In addition, every day, the male sexual testes produce up to 10,000,000 (up to ten million) sperm. This is enough to double the number of people on earth in just six months!

I want to introduce our expert to you - professor, doctor of medical sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, a very famous urologist Andrei Dmitrievich Kaprin.

What is the peculiarity of the anatomical position and arrangement of the testicles, and why are they needed?

Kaprin A.D .:
This is a very important organ that performs both intracretory and exocrine functions. Of course, they take part in the reproductive process by performing the function of spermotoginesis, i.e. the gradual formation of a mature sperm, which subsequently fertilizes the female egg.

Elena Malysheva:
So, the male testicles have two main functions:

  • They produce testosterone - the main male sex hormone,
  • Sperm are produced in the testes.

This is what is called the most male organ of all.

In the female body there are practically no organs brought out, everything is hidden inside, the male testicles are outside. Therefore, the temperature of the testicles is lower than the temperature inside our body.
- Why is that?

Kaprin A.D .:
The temperature of the testicles should not exceed 35 degrees, the temperature inside our body is higher than this mark, and this is detrimental to the sperm during their maturation.

Elena Malysheva:
The higher the temperature, the less likely the sperm to mature!

- What is harmful to testicular health?

  • As we said earlier, one of the main enemies of testicular health is high fever.
  • Due to the fact that this organ is taken out, a frequent lesion is - trauma.
  • Mumps virus, i.e. mumps or infectious mononucleosis.

If the child is ill with this disease, the mother should contact a urologist to examine her child. After treatment, stimulation may be necessary in order to normal spermatogenesis in the child in the future.

Elena Malysheva:
If in the inguinal region, the location of the testicles was a blow to your son, husband, friend - you should definitely consult a doctor!

The easiest way to protect this important organ from viral infections is to get a mumps vaccine!
After vaccination, the child will not have a mumps, no risk of getting sick.

- How to care for the testicles?

Kaprin A.D .:
It is necessary to palpate the testicles regularly during hygiene procedures (washing) to make sure that not a single testicle has enlarged pathologically.
At the very beginning, this examination is done by the mother while she is bathing the child, and then the boy should explain the importance of this procedure so that he himself subsequently monitors all changes.
Examination frequency - 1 time per month.

Elena Malysheva:
Such a simple examination allows you to identify any pathology in the early stages.

If your child is involved in sports or is going to play a game where he may be injured in the testicles - protect this organ!
There are special protective “shells”, there is also special underwear with foam protection. Such protection will prevent injuries to both the testicles and the scrotum and penis.

  • MD, professor, corresponding member of RAMS, head doctor of the city clinical hospital No. 20 (Moscow), head of the department of urology with a course of oncourology FPK MR RUDN University Kaprin A. D.

For more information, please call:
8 (495) 471-12-55

Why do we need testicular massage?

Age, sedentary or sedentary lifestyle slow down blood flow. It is he who provides the testes with oxygen and nutrients. The lack of these elements leads to malfunctions in the functionality of the testicles, and this is not a joke. These failures can adversely affect:

  • testosterone production
  • sperm production
  • erection
  • attraction.

If you regularly massage the testicles, then these problems can be avoided. By the way, massage of this area is also a very effective prophylaxis to enhance your lover's sexual abilities.

Massage preparation

  • Do not mix two pleasant things - massage and food. No full stomach massage is done. Otherwise, the man may feel discomfort in the abdomen. Therefore, begin to do the massage no earlier than an hour after the man has eaten.

  • Before massage, the scrotum and testicles need to be heated. For this, a man can take a warm shower. Another option: put something warm on the testicle area, such as a towel. It does not take much time to warm up - just five minutes is enough. If you did everything correctly, then after warming up the scrotum will slightly sag, but stronger than usual.

  • Before massage, warm up your hands. Because to massage the testicles with cold hands is equivalent to torture, because the inguinal region is very sensitive. And another important rule: if you love your man, then do not do dry massage - it is painful and unpleasant. No manual techniques should be performed without a lubricant. Use silicone grease. It is silicone grease that is long-lasting and ideal for manual techniques. Of course, the grease must also be warm. Before applying, simply hold it in your hands.

  • The man lies on his back. Usually a massage lasts no more than ten minutes. At the same time, about a couple of minutes is allocated for each equipment. Here’s your life hack: you can turn a medical procedure into a hot sex game - both pleasant and useful! Start with caressing the prostate and penis, and then go on to massage the testicles. We have a whole training devoted to manual and oral caresses - “Bright male orgasm”. On it, we talk about techniques for caressing the testicles. For example, the “Double Sensation” technique: with the back of your hand swipe upwards from the testicles, then grab the movement with your other hand. It turns out that your hands will continue to move each other. So you will not only prevent the sexual health of a loved one, but also bring him to a bright male orgasm. Massage can be repeated up to 3 times a week. Although there is a high probability that after the first procedure a man will ask you about this more often.

Massage results

If you put both your strength and your hands in the male health of your lover, and you will do it regularly, then positive results will not be long in coming. And you yourself will feel these changes, because your sex life will become much more saturated:

  • an erection will improve
  • the duration of sexual intercourse will increase,
  • the likelihood of premature ejaculation will decrease,
  • sex drive will increase
  • orgasm will become more vivid.

What you need to know about the structure and role of the testicles

Before starting the massage, we will study the theory.

The testicles are paired glands of an oval shape on average. What’s the Average Testicle Size? 4 cm long, 3 cm wide and weighing about 20 g each. One testicle is usually larger than the other and lowered a little lower.

The second name of the organ, testicles, comes from the Latin testis - witness. There is a version that in ancient Rome a man, taking an oath to tell the truth, put his hand to his testicles - a proof of his masculinity.

And in fact, it is the testicles, not the penis, that are the source of male energy and the center of the entire reproductive system. Inside them are narrow tubules - tubules, in which sperm cells are continuously produced. And between the tubules are scattered Leydig cells responsible for the supply of the male hormone testosterone.

Usually, the most important organs are securely hidden inside the body, under armor made of bones or at least soft tissues. But this test did not succeed with the testes: at a normal temperature of the human body (about 37 ° C), spermatozoa lose the mobility and vitality of the effect of temperature on the motility and viability of sperm. As a result, nature had to bring the testicles out, placing them in a skin sac under the penis - the scrotum.

What serves as testicles protection

Several external lines of defense protect the testicles from external influences. Firstly, it is a dense shell of connective tissue around the testicles themselves. Therefore, they are firm and smooth to the touch.

The second line is the scrotum. Inside it, the testes are separated by a leather partition, and when one becomes inflamed, the infection does not spread to the second. And bunches of muscle fibers are hidden under the skin of the scrotum. If an emergency occurs - the man is frozen, overworked, very scared - the muscles pull the testicles up, closer to the body.

Hypersensitivity of the organ is also dictated by safety considerations. The body reacts with sharp pain to the slightest threat of injury - and thereby insures the human race from extinction.

What happens to the testicles during sex

During the period of excitement, the testicles are pulled into the abdominal cavity and increased. What happens to your body when you make love in size. Moreover, the closer the orgasm, the higher the testicles. If you pull them down before the climax, then you can extend the sexual intercourse. This technique is used by lovers of tantric sex.

When orgasm occurs, the testes expel sperm into the urethra near the prostate, where they mix with seminal fluid to form sperm. Further travel takes place without the participation of testicles.

Why do testicular massage?

There are several good reasons to massage the testicles on a regular basis, not from case to case.

  • Blood circulation improves. This is good for the health of the testicles themselves, but as a side effect you will get 9 Ball ‑ Busting Things You Should Know About Testicles, a more stable erection and a longer sexual intercourse.
  • Improves sperm quality. This is especially true if you plan to become a father.
  • Testosterone production is stimulated. Consequently, male libido will not fall, and sexual life will be in full swing.
  • The man enjoys. In the testicles themselves, and especially in the scrotum, there are a lot of nerve endings, which turns them into an additional erogenous zone.
  • You will be able to respond to problems in time. With regular palpation of the testicles, you will not escape alarm signals such as swelling, an abnormal increase in size, or unusual soreness. All this is an occasion to contact a urologist.

Experiment with different techniques

During the massage, the testicles can:

  • gently pull down, clutching the scrotum at the base,
  • gently squeeze
  • gently knead
  • lightly tap with your fingers
  • “Draw” all kinds of figures on them with fingers.

The main thing is that all movements are soft, without sharp jerks or tweaks. Closely monitor the reaction of the partner and stop at the slightest hint of pain.

If everything is done efficiently and with love, after a five-minute massage, the scrotum will slightly stretch, and the testicles will hang lower than usual, will become heavier and increase in size due to blood flow.

What it is?

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The creator of the masturbator is the Japanese company Tenga, which specializes in the development and production of products designed to stimulate pleasure. The corporation also received an award for the design of its brainchild, therefore, when purchasing quality issues do not arise. And if we add to this an acceptable price, which is not typical for the sex industry market, then positive reviews of Tenga Egg are provided.


The device is made of superelastic material, pleasant and silky to the touch. Its initial size is 6.5 cm by 4.5 cm, but during operation the egg can be stretched to 30 cm.

The masturbator is packed in light plastic of neutral colors, on which there are no provocative inscriptions, so the appearance of the product does not raise any suspicions about its connection with the world of sex toys, which undoubtedly captivates. In the kit, you also immediately receive a bag of lubricant. This shows that the manufacturer took maximum care of his buyer, and this approach guarantees the company loyal reviews about Tenga Egg.

A distinctive feature is the inner surface of the egg - it is not smooth, but is represented by different textures. That is, you can choose for yourself ribbed, wavy, sharp, tender or any other shape.

Product varieties

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  3. The Cool Edition - contains a lubricant with menthol filler, which guarantees a feeling of icy coolness.
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  5. Crater - gear parts play a major role, providing excellent grip and new emotions.
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  16. Thinder - guarantees sharp and strong impressions due to solid and vertical ribs, which manifest themselves differently depending on the strength of the impact.
  17. Twister - creates the effect of a corkscrew, which is provided by swirl patterns.

How to use?

At first glance, if you believe the reviews about Tenga Eggs, the question arises of how to use it, because the toy looks as unusual as possible and is completely unlike similar products.

To begin with, the device needs to be unpacked like a boiled egg, because, as already noted, it is in a plastic shell that looks like a shell. Then fill in the lubricant that comes with the kit to facilitate sliding and proper grip, as well as to avoid discomfort. Consumers should not be confused by the small size of the toy. Thanks to the superelasticity of the material, it stretches to 30 cm.

According to reviews of Tenga Egg, which one is better, consumers could not establish, because each type of masturbator has its own, unique surface structure, and anyone can find something new for themselves. You can experiment with the strength and brightness of sensations, which directly depend on how you twist, stroke or pull the egg.

Thus, a straightforward device can open up a world of non-standard emotions to partners, open previously hidden edges of pleasure and ecstasy.

Men reviews about Tenga Egg

The use of this device takes sensuality to a higher level and guarantees only favorable responses from those who ventured to give themselves tsunamis of delight and pleasure. So, for example, most users agree that initially the toy was in doubt due to its small size, but later this property was turned into a dignity, because the egg is placed in your pocket, and you can even take it with you on trips or trips and enjoy yourself everywhere.

The market for male sex devices is not very diverse, and toys lack grace and attractiveness, while female ones, on the contrary, are cute, sexy, exciting and sometimes similar to works of modern art, this is another common opinion that unites all reviews of the masturbator Tenga Egg.

The product has fans of all ages, because it helps to reveal new facets of sexuality, to know your body and your desires.


Yes, among all the above positive qualities, an egg has some disadvantages that you should be prepared for.

Firstly, the toy is intended for single use. But even the manufacturer himself gives recommendations on observing the rules of hygiene and careful operation, which will extend the life of the masturbator for several more sessions.

Secondly, a sound pricing policy. If you purchase only one unit of production, then it will cost inexpensively. But if a person wants to discover new levels of sensations and experiment with different types, then as a result he will spend a very significant amount. Kits are available on the market that include 6 different eggs. However, in Tenga Egg reviews, consumers often point out that the cost of this toy is nothing compared to how enthusiastic it can give you.


If you follow all the instructions for use, allow yourself to relax and give your imagination the opportunity to open as much as possible, then you will easily open the door to the country of sensuality and unexplored emotions.

Do not be shy of your nature, afraid to expand not only your own boundaries of sexuality, but also your partner. Speaking openly about your desires and preferences, you guarantee yourself a healthy and relaxed relationship, and yours will be added to the positive reviews about Tenga Egg.


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