5 exercises for men to improve the quality of sex


Side lunges

This exercise will help increase your flexibility, strengthen the internal muscles of the thigh and legs.

Squats will deliver your blood to the lower body, and increased circulation around the legs and in the middle will increase blood circulation in the genitals. Improving blood circulation leads to increased arousal, so spend more time doing squats to increase your libido!

This position will help you develop greater back and pelvic strength, giving you greater impact power. If you have lower back pain in certain sexual positions, this exercise should help cure it.

Weight lifting pelvis

Another exercise that focuses on the thigh / pelvis muscles, giving you stronger shocks. This exercise can work wonders.

Happy baby pose

This yoga pose is great to help open your pelvis, making it easier for you to enjoy sex. You will loosen all the important muscles around your hips, back and pelvis, which will allow you to have better sex without pain in tight muscles.

Use TRX loops to stretch

These movements will give you a good stretch, and you will learn how to flex your body properly.

Of course, Kegel will be on this list. Kegel exercises provide training for the muscles of the pelvic region, increasing the strength of the PF muscles - those that contract with orgasm. The stronger the contractions, the better the orgasm.

To increase the strength of the chest, there is nothing better than holding the bar. This is a good exercise for men who want to improve their sex life, as keeping yourself in this position will give them more strength for a missionary position. However, it is also an excellent workout for women, as building up the lower back, buttocks and strength in the core will help them better control their movements.

This classic ballet exercise may seem silly, but it helps to strengthen the muscles of the inner thighs. This is a very simple exercise that can greatly affect quality.

General strength training

Weight lifting can help increase testosterone in a woman's body, thereby increasing her libido. Testosterone plays an important role in female sexual desire, as well as in male, therefore more strength training.

Do these exercises and you will give your sex life a tremendous boost!

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Exercise: push-ups + "cobra"

BJ Gaddour, CEO of Men’s Health StreamFIT, says this position needs strong hands to hold himself up for quite some time. A tired upper body gives an additional load on the lower back, which definitely does not add a pleasant feeling. Push-ups and “cobra” help strengthen the necessary muscles.

Performance. Stand on the bar. Do push-ups, go down as low as possible and stay literally 5 cm from the floor for a few seconds. Squeeze your buttocks, lower your hips to the floor, straighten your arms and stretch your upper body up as if you were doing a cobra pose or emerge from the water. Reach the top of your head. Freeze for a few seconds and return to the lower push-up position (hands are bent at the elbows, the body is straightened and is 5 cm from the floor). This is one repetition. Without bringing the body back up to the bar position, repeat such “dives” 10 times.

This video shows similar push ups. You will not need to sharply raise your hips and pelvis up. It is only necessary to repeat the first part with access to push-ups and diving.

Exercise: Straight Leg Bridge

In the position of a rider, the girl is on top, but this does not mean at all that you just have to lie and enjoy the view. Britton advises helping her partner make this simple pose truly unforgettable.

So that the rider could ride in plenty, you must provide her with a solid foundation, and for this you will need strong buttocks and strong hips. In order to adequately fulfill the role of a mustang, you will have to work hard on certain muscles. BJ advises adding a bridge to the workout. He connects the press, hips and buttocks to work.

Usually during the execution of the standard bridge, we bend our knees and push our hips up, squeezing our buttocks and resting our hands on the floor. In our case, we need to perform a slightly modified version of this exercise.

Performance. Lie on your back, legs are straightened, arms are extended on each side at an angle of 45 degrees to the body, palms are pressed to the floor. Lift your hips, resting your heels and palms on the floor and tightly squeezing the buttocks. Hold for 30 seconds and return to the starting position. With each new workout, increase the time by 15 seconds and gradually bring it to 2 minutes.

Exercise: Sandbag Squats

In this position, the girl is sitting on the table facing you, clutching your hips with your feet. You, accordingly, must not only hold her, but also have time to move her pelvis and hips. The fact that the partner has a support at the same time does not mean at all that she can simply be put on the table and relax. A table (window sill, railing - whatever) in this case is more likely to be safe.

To get maximum pleasure from this pose, you need a very strong upper and lower body (to hold and squat). In this case, squats with a sandbag will help you. This exercise not only makes you stronger, but also develops stability, and the sandbag includes pectoral extensor muscles, which are responsible for pulling the shoulders back and expanding the chest. This allows you to reduce the load on the spine.

Performance. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, grab a sandbag, grab your arms and hold it upright, clutching it to your chest. Slowly lower yourself into a deep squat, linger for a few seconds below and return to the starting position. Perform 5 to 10 repetitions. Static delay in the lower position: start from 10 seconds and gradually increase to 30 seconds.

If you don’t have a sandbag, you can use pancake or dumbbells. In this case, the elbows should be directed strictly down, and the additional weight is pressed to the chest.

Exercise: Corner

In this position you find yourself from below, the main initiative belongs to the partner, but here you will not be able to relax. This position gives a very close contact of the bodies, but many men complain of back pain due to the fact that the partner is sitting on their lap.

Why it happens? When making forward movements in a sitting position, the main load is on the hip flexors and core muscles. Strengthen them will help you exercise "corner". The higher you can raise your legs and the longer you linger in this position, the less inconvenience you will experience when practicing a face-to-face pose.

Performance. Sit on the floor. Lean back and tear off your legs from the floor so that between them and the body an angle of 45 degrees is formed. Hold this position for a minute. A simplified version: the legs are bent, the body rests on the hands.

Exercise: bringing the hips forward from a kneeling position using an expander

It's no secret that this pose is one of the favorite for many thanks to the opening mind and the opportunities that it gives. You can expand the range of sensations by strengthening the muscles of the hips and buttocks and increasing flexibility in the hip joints. For this, an exercise using an expander is great - bringing the hips forward with emphasis on the knees.

Performance. Hook the expander into two supports (for example, a horizontal bar). Kneel between the supports and place the expander at the level of the pelvis. Lower your pelvis onto your heels.

From this position, squeezing the gluteal muscles with force, push the hips and pelvis forward. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Perform 10 such repetitions.

If there are no two supports, the expander can be hooked to one, making a loop out of it.

1. Stamina

If you are not in shape, then the first thing you notice during intercourse is that after a while you begin to breathe heavily. This means that you will often have to change poses and limit their number to feel comfortable, or significantly slow down the pace.
Cardio exercises: running, jumping rope, swimming and cycling will increase your stamina. Accordingly, thanks to this, you can do much more during sex before getting tired.
Running (10-20 minutes per day)
Jumping rope (5-20 minutes per day),
Swimming (30 minutes per day)
Cycling (30 minutes a day).

Perform these exercises every day or every other day. But it’s not necessary, for example, to run while running at a snail's pace, only to come home and tick off. If you want some sex, you'll have to sweat a little.

2. Lower body exercises

The next thing you should do is focus on improving muscle endurance and flexibility of the hips, abdomen and spine.
Squats. Make sure that you use the correct weight when lifting, you must lift the bar 3-8 times,

Zercher Squats. Use light weight and squat 10-12 times

Buttock bridge. 10-15 times

Hyperextension. Great for strengthening and straightening the back. 10-12 times

Ab wheel. The number of times as much as enough strength. Make three approaches.

Perform all these exercises 2-3 times a week.

5. legs and hips

If during sex you are often convulsed, then it's time to solve this problem once and for all. To do this, you need to develop the flexibility of your body:
1. Slopes. With a delay of 10-20 seconds

2. Stretching. 10-20 seconds, each foot

3.Bottom press and stretching the back muscles

Spend a few minutes warming up before training. Perform each of these exercises for at least 10 minutes, no matter the day, evening or before sex.

Why is it important to do these exercises?

If we consider the physical aspect of sexual endurance, then, as everyone knows, over time, the muscles weaken and can atrophy if you do not give them any load. This also applies to certain sexual muscles. And from a psychological point of view, sexual self-confidence, which is born from sexual competence and certain experience, is very important for a man. Having accumulated your skill set and increased sexual stamina, you will enter the bedroom with an amazing sense of pride and confidence in your abilities.

Just try some of the proposed 7 exercises, and then you (and your partner, of course) will immediately notice their effect as soon as possible.

1. Language

Strengthen the muscles of the jaw and tongue, making a kind of "push-ups." Press the bottom of the tip of the tongue onto the front of the palate (this is the place on top of the mouth, right behind your front teeth). Try to make strong presses. Do this exercise a sufficient number of times with sufficient strength, and after a while it will become easier for you to give pleasure to your girlfriend, because you will gain more sexual stamina for oral sex.

In order to take this exercise to the next level, you can begin to squeeze hard chocolates between the tongue and the sky and try to crush them with the strength of your tongue (or you can use grapes, which will become a healthier alternative).

4. Watch your breath

You do not need to be distracted! Do you want to feel all levels of sexual arousal? You want to direct all your attention to the pleasure you receive?

An easy way to control your ejaculation is to focus on relaxation and on your breathing. Breathe deeply and let your muscles relax. You ejaculate prematurely when you are worried and too stressed. “Fight or run” - this reaction of your body is caused by muscle tension. This can be avoided by relaxing, stretching the prelude and making sure that the breath is deeper and calmer.

5. Sleep

Try to avoid sources of very bright light two hours before bedtime. Go to bed in a dark room, where light or noise will not disturb your sleep, and strive for at least 8 hours of rest per day. Testosterone production in your body will skyrocket as your sleep improves. Extra testosterone will give a stimulating boost to your sexual stamina.

6. Pelvic muscle training

In many people, these muscles are largely ignored, and over time they begin to weaken, and weak PC muscles lead to weak erections, impotence, and premature ejaculation. So, a strong pelvic floor increases the strength of an erection, allows you to control ejaculation and the strength of your orgasms.

To feel and develop your PC muscles better, contract and relax them alternately. As with any strengthening exercises, you will feel that doing this becomes easier and easier every day. Start with quick contractions and move on to keep your muscles tensed ten times in two seconds. And then, after a few days, see if you can do it ten times, but for five seconds already, without particularly long breaks between them.

7. Love muscle training: Advanced

Muscles can only grow reasonably; they themselves never build up. So, how to train the pubic-coccygeal muscle?

You will need to bring yourself to the stage of intense arousal and put a dry hand towel on the penis. Now you can do push-ups by contracting your PC muscle and lifting a towel.

To make this exercise more difficult, and therefore more effective, use a damp hand towel when you start to do it easily with a dry towel. After that, you can switch to a small dry beach towel. These exercises, of course, are not for the faint of heart, but even after practicing five minutes a day several times a week, you will notice a noticeable difference in the strength of erection and the control of ejaculation. Try to do this and see what results you achieve.


Your goal for cardio workouts is to sweat at least three times a week outside the bedroom. How you decide to engage in (running, walking, climbing, or anything else that you find most interesting) is up to you.

In terms of flexibility, men tend to have muscle tension in their hips and lower back. Look at the different styles of yoga to find something that could help your body relax for more enjoyable sex. If you don’t know where to start, check out online lessons that are now available in huge numbers on the Internet.

Remember that women on average need more time to reach peak levels of sexual arousal during foreplay and sexual intercourse. They also need much more time to reach orgasm.

Therefore, strive to increase your sexual stamina. Since this will give your partner space and freedom for a leisurely enjoyment, she can be completely open for you so that together you can lead a rich sex life that both deeply crave.

1. Exercise to contract intimate muscles

Yes, yes, you read it right. This is an ideal exercise for both women and men.It makes you more resilient, it also strengthens and gives you the ability to control your pubic-coccygeal muscles (these muscles help you restrain yourself while you are looking for a restroom) and the perineum muscles (these are the muscles that allow your erection to please your partner firmness and “steadfastness”). Also, the contraction of these muscles allows the man to restrain himself longer before orgasm. All this positively affects your pleasure, its quality and the duration of the entire process of receiving pleasure.

Execution Method: You can start with the elementary: with the process of interrupting urination. After "acquaintance" with these muscles, the duration and intensity of their compression and expansion should be gradually increased. The main thing is to ensure that you do not catch your breath during the exercise. Tighten the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and hips. Intensity of performance up to 5 minutes. Tighten your muscles, then relax them. And so from 10 to 20 approaches.

2. Plank exercise

This exercise develops stamina, both in the gym and in bed with a partner. You can be on top in a missionary position and in other poses, where your position will be “on top”. In addition, you train the following muscle groups: arms, shoulders, buttocks, internal and external muscles of the thigh and calves of the legs. You will feel the strength and power of each muscle after just a few workouts.

Execution Method: Remember the push-up pose. Imagine that you have become a direct board. Palms on the floor, body weight rests on them, all muscles in tension. Keep your knees straight. Tighten the press and control your buttocks so that they do not “stick out” and not “sag”. Fix the body in this position for 20 seconds, but you should constantly increase the presence in this position to 2 minutes. Every day try to be in this position up to 10 times at a time convenient for you. You can also modify the exercise. Performing it, kneeling, but fully straightening his arms. Or you can complicate the plank position if you place one foot on the other. The duration should also be 10 seconds or more.

3. Balancing on the gym ball

This exercise will help you to show yourself better and more hardy in various poses. And most importantly, it will save you from the possibility of any injuries. Gymnastic ball and exercises on it will allow you to simulate the position in which you are "below".

Execution Method: Sit in a “reclining” position on a gymnastic ball, legs are on the floor at the width of the hips. Hands behind your head. Try to sit so that the buttocks do not touch the ball, and the back to the level of the shoulder blades is on its surface. During exhalation, it is necessary to raise the head and shoulders to the chest, at this time your abdominal muscles are in good shape. Then slowly return to starting position. Up to 30 repetitions should be done in one approach.

4. Raising the legs lying on the floor

All uncomfortable situations in bed arise if the partners in the abdominal muscles are not particularly inflated. Indeed, during intimacy, the main emphasis is on their activity. This exercise will help strengthen this particular muscle group and prolong your love joys for as long as possible.

Execution Method: Lie on the floor. If you have problems with your back, you should put a small roll of towel just above the hips. Hands are along the torso. Do not make any sudden movements or jerks in this exercise, everything should go smoothly. Gradually raise your legs to a perpendicular state. Then lower them, but not to the floor. You should constantly keep the abdominal muscles in good shape. If exercise seems too easy for you, try lowering your legs as slowly as possible. After doing 5 times, allow yourself to rest for 30 seconds.

5. Push-ups

This exercise strengthens the upper part of your body, increases stamina and makes you “God” in positions where you should be on top. If you perform them regularly, then very soon you will notice improvements on all fronts.

Execution Method: Start the exercises in the “plank” position, arms shoulder-width apart, legs hip-width apart. Make sure that your pelvis is one solid line with your torso, and do not let it sag or rise too high. Lower the body down and then lift it up. The more push ups you do, the better. You should do push-ups at least 2 times a week. To complicate the usual push-ups, you can use cotton in the interval between lowering and lifting the body, or push-ups on one hand.

6. Balancing on a gym ball with weight

This exercise perfectly strengthens the shoulders, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles and chest. It is recommended even for older people to train muscles and develop stamina. After passing a series of trainings, you will reduce the amount of fat mass, increase the amount of muscle mass, but also to the fact that you will look better and begin to feel more comfortable.

Execution Method:Sit on the gymnastic ball, remove the buttocks from its surface, your back to the level of the shoulder blades is comfortably on the ball. Feet shoulder width apart. Lift the dumbbells up from the chest until your arms are fully extended. Do 3 sets of 25 reps. You can change the width and position of the hands for triceps training. And your balancing on the ball can help you in your intimate victories.

7. Squats

It’s no secret to anyone that squats increase testosterone levels and increase blood flow in the pelvic area, while giving orgasms a brighter feeling. This is one of the best exercises for training before having sex. Squats also train the lower body to improve the so-called “jerks” while staying both above and below.

Execution Method:The main feature of performing such squats is a flat back. Arms extended with dumbbells forward. Sit as low as possible. The legs should be flat, and the pelvis goes back. With a vertical position, the arms fall down, while squatting straighten forward. You need to do at least 15 repetitions.

8. Lunges

This exercise trains your strength, makes you more resilient and has a positive effect on your balance. It helps the blood flow to the pelvic area, which will be great helpers for you in bed. In the joys of love, you will be more mobile in the hips, and you will not have problems with balance in difficult poses.

Execution Method: Stand straight, you should have dumbbells in your hands. Take a step forward and sit deep in this step. Both knees should be bent to 90 degrees. The knee should not touch the ground. Do 15 lunges on each leg.

9. Interval training

This approach to exercise will make you super-hardy. You can perform these exercises while walking in a park, stadium, treadmill, bicycle, pool or anywhere else.

Execution Method:After warming up, you can start doing the exercise at maximum speed for up to 30 seconds. Put all your strength and preparation in these half minutes. Then rest for a minute or two while continuing to do the exercises more slowly and calmly. Then again 30 seconds of active training. Such exercises should be done at least 2 times a week. You can use running, walking, or swimming for interval training.

10. Pose "Dog" up

This is a famous yoga pose. It allows energy and blood to come to your pelvic area. Also, while performing this exercise, the lower back is strengthened, which will help you avoid injuries in bed and in the gym.

Execution Method: Lie on your stomach, feet shoulder width apart. Hands in focus lying. The palms are clearly below the chest. Leaning on your hands, while inhaling you should smoothly raise your head and body up, then you should bend in the back and take your shoulders as far back as possible. Breathe deeply. Fix the body in this position for 15 seconds or more. In a more sophisticated design, the hips come off the ground.

11. Half-twine sitting

If you have a sedentary job, then this negatively affects your sex life. The muscles of the lower part gradually atrophy, which worsens sensations with orgasms. Performing this exercise, you improve the outflow and blood flow in the organs of the abdominal cavity and pelvis, than respectively help yourself, because it will make your orgasms brighter and stronger. The inner thigh muscles are also trained, which obviously will not be superfluous in some poses.

Execution Method: Sit on the floor with legs wide apart. Tilt your chest forward slightly so that your arms encircle your fingertips. The back should be as straight as possible. Tilt as low and deep as possible. Duration of 10 breaths.

12. The pose of the "butterfly" reclining

This pose helps the thigh muscles relax. Both internal and external. It is these muscles that are actively involved in the process of intimacy. This exercise will make you "always ready for battle."

Execution Method: Lie on your back, fold your feet to one another. Pull them well to the chest area. Be careful. Make sure that the neck does not come off the floor. The spine and neck should be as relaxed as possible. In this exercise, pain should not occur. Fix this pose for 15-20 seconds.

13. Twisted forward bend

This is an excellent exercise to stretch all the muscles you need (inner thigh muscles, hamstrings, abdominal muscles, pectoral muscles and triceps). You will immediately feel the difference in your powers in bed, if only you decide to try.

Execution Method:Sit on the floor. Put your left foot forward. Take your right leg to your right thigh. Tilt your rib cage to your right bent leg. Place your right hand behind your back, covering her left thigh. Try to cover your left foot with your left hand without bending it. Then move your right shoulder back as far as possible. Try to breathe deeply and fix this pose for up to 1 minute. Then relax your right hand and try to grasp the fingers of your left foot, only do this girth, raising your hand over your head. Then do the same exercise in a mirror, that is, straighten the right leg and try to grab the right leg with your right hand.

What do you think about these exercises? Have you performed them before? We will be grateful if you share your experience with us in the comments.


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