Royal jelly


Royal jelly is one of the most valuable beekeeping products. It is also called Royal Jelly. Today it’s hard to figure out where such a big name came from, but it is believed that the high cost of a fresh product is to blame. The high cost of royal jelly allowed only royalties and people close to them to buy it. Another theory of origin, no less close to the truth, claims that the name comes from the fact that royal jelly is the main food for the queen bee - the queen of the bee family.

From time immemorial, royal jelly has been used in folk medicine and skin care products. He is credited with many healing, and sometimes almost magical, properties. Let's see what truly tested and confirmed qualities this apiproduct has.

The composition and value of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a substance secreted by bees for feeding young individuals and queens of a swarm. The consistency resembles jelly or pasta. Color varies from yellow white to white. Fresh product has a pearly shade. The bee secret sour taste. Loses healing properties at high temperature and in direct sunlight.

Studies have shown that Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains about two dozen amino acids. Among them are all indispensable ones - those that the human body is not able to synthesize on its own. Royal jelly contains carbohydrates, lipids, sterols and a wide range of fatty acids. The proteins that are found in it are close in structure to human serum proteins. Bee secretion contains enzymes and three hormones: testosterone, progesterone and estradiol.

According to scientists, not all microelements that make up bee jelly are studied at the current level of development of science to the end. Moreover, today only 110 chemical compounds and 22 types of amino acids are reliably known. At the same time, it was proved that the protein that forms the basis of bee milk has a structure very similar to the plasma proteins of human blood. it is this quality that ensures the excellent digestibility of the product by the human body.

In cosmetology, it is used both fresh and frozen. It acts as the main active ingredient in ointments, creams, lotions and masks for the face and body. It is used in the form of subcutaneous injections and oral solutions.

Useful properties of milk

Royal jelly contains many chemical compounds that can theoretically eliminate all dermatological deficiencies. But in most cases, a sufficient concentration of active ingredients is not enough to provide a real effect. In practice, the following effects characteristic of this apiproduct have been proven: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, regenerating and emollient.

  • The anti-inflammatory effect of Royal jelly is due to the presence of B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, potassium and calcium. But the main effect is decen fatty acids, which are found only in the vital products of bees.
  • The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects of royal jelly are mainly explained by the presence of gamma globulins and germicidins. Gamma globulins are a class of proteins that bind foreign microorganisms (in this case, pathogenic bacteria and viruses) and prevent their reproduction. Germicidins are a group of natural substances that block the growth and reproduction of certain types of bacterial and fungal microorganisms.
  • This apiproduct improves the regeneration of the skin. The amino acid lysine, vitamins of group B and vitamin C increase the efficiency of restoration of damaged tissues, and strengthen the walls of adjacent blood vessels.
  • The emollient property is achieved due to the presence of fats and fat-like substances.

Getting a quality product

Obtaining royal jelly is a complex and very expensive process. Certain conditions are required:

  1. An apiary should be placed in an ecologically clean place, away from enterprises, factories, roads.
  2. The area around the apiary must be provided with high-quality honey plants.
  3. Providing the apiary with modern equipment for receiving and collecting milk.
  4. The presence of a refrigeration unit for storing the resulting and packaged product.
  5. Full and unconditional compliance with sanitary rules.

Video: Collecting royal jelly

  • Beekeepers collect royal jelly with special spatulas, reminiscent of a small scapula with a convenient handle. After collection, royal jelly is placed in sealed cans. Jars and containers are preferably used in opaque brown glass. With a small apiary in 20-30 bee families, subject to the technology for obtaining royal jelly, you can get 3-4 kg of milk per season.

    Milk rejuvenation effect - myth or reality?

    Royal jelly is credited with anti-aging action. It is achieved by stimulating metabolic processes in all layers of the skin and improving their blood supply. This helps to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, reduce the stratum corneum, normalize the water - electrolyte balance and increase the elasticity of the skin. As a result, the absence of peeling and oily sheen, the elimination of fine wrinkles and the improvement of complexion.

    Application in cosmetology

    Royal jelly is used in anti-aging masks and creams, in products for problematic skin, in anti-cellulite products, shampoos for strengthening hair. It is added to body skin milk and aftershave. It is used to care for the coarsened skin of the hands and feet and for skin affected by psoriasis and seborrhea.

    Negative properties

    All beekeeping products are strong allergens. They contain a large number of active compounds that can cause an allergic reaction on their own. And their compounds increase the possibility of negative effects several times. Depending on the degree of reaction of the body to the allergen, manifestations in the form of itching, redness and / or small rashes are possible.

    Side effects

    Royal jelly, as in other natural products, has side effects. But they arise when using oral and injectable forms. Skin care products contain a relatively small amount of active substance that does not have a systemic effect on the human body.

    Features of storage of royal jelly

    Royal jelly loses its properties when heated. All products based on it are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator.

    At room temperature, products containing preservatives can be stored. Special substances prevent the decomposition of chemical compounds that make up royal jelly. On the packaging of cosmetics where similar preservatives are used, there are notes on storage under normal temperature conditions.

    Interesting Facts

    • Royal jelly at normal room temperature at 21-24C loses its properties after 2 hours. When mixed with honey in a proportion of 1 to 50, it retains its natural qualities for several years at normal temperature.
    • The larvae of working bees feed on royal jelly for the first 3-5 days. Adults are infertile and live 30 days. Queen bees consume royal jelly throughout life. Result: life expectancy is from 5 to 8 years, the body is one and a half times longer than in a working bee, lays up to 3500 eggs per day.

    How to buy royal jelly?

    You can choose, buy and be sure of the quality of royal jelly in specialized stores. Of course, check all incoming documents for the product. Be sure to check the shelf life and most importantly, ask the seller to take out a jar of milk in your hands. If the can is cold - the milk was stored correctly and you can safely buy it. If, however, do not buy a can of room temperature, from this storage all the useful qualities of the milk are gone, and it can bring not so much benefit, how much harm to the body.

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    What is royal jelly

    Bee milk is a unique substance used by bees to feed the uterus and offspring. It is liquid - for larvae or thick - for the uterus. It is secreted by the secret of young bees, 1-2 weeks old. Royal jelly is equated with breast milk. It is very nutritious, healing. It is they who feed the larvae in the first time after birth. The beneficial substances that the larvae get from it last for 1.5-2 months, and then they switch to the food of adult bees.

    Royal jelly is used by bees to feed the uterus and offspring

    The queen uterus eats only thick royal milk. Partly because of it, it grows 2 times more than simple bees in the hive, and lives about 6 years, regularly giving healthy offspring. For the uterus, bees store this liquid in wax cones, from which the female eats.

    The composition of the milk

    Royal jelly is a white or creamy mass with a pungent odor and sour taste. The acidity of the product is 3.5-4.5 pH. In room conditions, it quickly oxidizes and deteriorates. This can be traced to a change in color that turns yellow. As soon as this happened, the medicinal qualities of the milk are lost. So it’s important to be able to store it.

    This substance consists of more than 400 biologically active components. Thanks to this, it is considered so useful. As part of this product:

    Calorie content on average - 139 kcal / 100 g.

    Partly due to feeding with royal jelly, the uterus grows 2 times more than simple bees, and lives about 6 years

    The composition of bee milk depends on various factors. It takes into account the weather, the condition of the bees in the hive, the method of harvesting and more. The main components are:

    • micro and macro elements (about 100),
    • vitamins
    • amino acids
    • enzymes
    • volatile,
    • immunoglobulins
    • hormones
    • carbohydrates.

    Benefits of Royal Jelly

    Royal jelly has a lot of useful properties. It is in demand in medicine, sports and wellness nutrition, cosmetology and many other industries. Like other products obtained from beekeeping, it strengthens the immune system, improves gastric motility and metabolic processes, and lowers cholesterol.

    For athletes, this is an indispensable product that allows you to quickly build muscle, increase stamina. When sports nutrition is based on the consumption of exclusively natural products, royal jelly becomes a natural substitute for medical and nutritional supplements.

    Women and men often use it for cosmetic purposes. Royal jelly allows you to nourish tissue at the cellular level. It is especially appreciated in cosmetology. Creams, masks, balms and similar products are made from it, which contribute to the regeneration of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, and rejuvenation. Also this product strengthens nails, hair.

    The healing properties of royal jelly

    Most often, traditional medicine appeals to bee’s milk, but in traditional medicine this drug is in demand. On the basis of milk created a lot of medications. Although in its pure form it can be taken from many diseases. So, in what cases is it recommended to use royal jelly?

    • With ailments like SARS, colds, flu and similar viral infections.
    • With problems and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • To normalize glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus.
    • To restore the functioning of joints and muscles.
    • In the postoperative period, for tissue regeneration, wound healing.
    • In the treatment of the cardiovascular system.
    • With hormonal disruptions, menopause and infertility of women.

    The healing properties of royal jelly

    • For men, this is an indispensable tool in increasing libido, infertility.
    • With problems of the nervous system, depression, psyche, memory failure, concentration.
    • In case of visual impairment.
    • Obesity, skin problems, vitamin deficiency.
    • For any diseases of the respiratory system.

    Royal jelly is also often prescribed to pregnant women so that the fetus develops properly. And after the birth of the baby, women take it to improve the lactation of the normal functioning of the mammary glands.

    Harm and contraindications

    Photo of queen cells with larvae

    The benefits of royal jelly are huge, but in some cases it can not be taken.

    • People who are allergic to any beekeeping product cannot consume it.
    • People with severe renal insufficiency can use this substance only with the permission of the attending physician.
    • For children, pregnant and lactating women, bee milk is given after consultation with a doctor.
    • With individual intolerance, this product is better not to use.

    It is important to consider that milk gives a positive effect, only with a low concentration. It is eaten in tiny doses! If you eat it in large quantities, then it can cause harm, namely:

    • cause tachycardia
    • provoke nervous exhaustion,
    • lead to sleep disturbances.

    How to take royal jelly

    Royal jelly can be bought at the simplest pharmacy or in the apiary at the beekeeper, it is often sold in rural markets and on the Internet. It is sold in different forms. Instructions are attached to each remedy, however, before using the remedy, it is better to consult a doctor and clarify the dosage of the drug for one or another purpose.

    Capsules and tablets - the most practical type of royal jelly release

    • Capsules and tablets are the most practical type of release. They are easy to store and easy to use. They are used by resorption, swallowing them immediately is not recommended. The average norm is 2-3 tablets per day.
    • Granules contain an adsorbed component. Externally, the product is similar to crystals. They are diluted in liquids or dissolve. The number of doses per day 1-3 times for 5-10 crystals.
    • Fresh milk is the most expensive product option. It is the hardest to find. To get a quality product, it is best to purchase it in an apiary. Use fresh milk of bees at dawn, before eating. 1 g of the drug is diluted with water or tea and drunk.
    • Alcohol tincture is done at home, although you can buy it. For one spoon of milk, 20 tablespoons of alcohol are taken. The dosage is set by the attending physician.
    • Often royal jelly interfere with honey. 100-300 tablespoons of honey are taken on a spoonful of milk. Such a tool is used 2-3 times a day for a teaspoon at a time.
    • For cosmetic purposes, it is best to purchase special creams, masks, gels, shampoos with bee milk. Use them, as well as simple cosmetics.

    Royal jelly reviews

    Royal jelly milk helped many people to treat and recover from illnesses.

    • Marina Veselova: “I always buy royal jelly at a honey fair. Pleasure is not cheap, but effective. It looks creamy, consistency like condensed milk, sour. Eat a day at the tip of a teaspoon, on an empty stomach, in the morning. Immunity significantly increased, I stopped getting sick in the fall, although before a year had passed without it, my working capacity had improved, and I became much more cheerful. The main problem of the natural remedy is difficult to store. ”
    • Diana Subbotina: “A few years ago, when hepatitis C was detected, the tablets did not help much. The problem was that the disease completely crippled morale and desire to at least do something. But then I found out about royal jelly. At my own risk and risk after purchasing this product, I refused medication and started taking milk. The dosage was agreed in advance with one local healer, who is known in traditional medicine. Within a week, I had strength, problems with the liver began to decline, and my stool returned to normal. ”
    • Dmitry Karpov: “I learned about this tool from friends. The child had weak immunity, often was ill. I decided to consult a doctor. He allowed the use of royal jelly in low concentration for prevention. The course lasted about a month. Together with the child, my wife and I also improved my health. The child was given tiny doses, but almost a year has passed and no diseases! So I recommend it to everyone, although the tool is expensive, but worth it. ”

    Royal jelly has amazing healing properties. If used correctly, it can heal a wide variety of ailments, improve the condition of the skin, nails, hair, and restore the nervous system. The type and dosage of royal jelly is chosen based on the problem, the recommendations of doctors and personal preferences.

    Bees Royal Jelly - beekeeping product

    In a bee colony, each group of bees performs certain functions: working bees bring nectar, rebuild honeycombs, guard the hive, and breed offspring. The youngest bees feed larvae and feed the uterus. In the first three days, the larvae feed is exclusively royal jelly, but for the uterus this bee product is the basis of the diet, providing it with high productivity and a longer life span. If working individuals that feed on nectar live for at most 50-60 days, then the uterus, with constant feeding with royal jelly, can survive up to 7 years.

    Externally, the product is a jelly-like mass of pleasant sour-burning taste and resembles milk only in white. Since the production of royal jelly is a labor-intensive process, and it can be obtained in a year only for a short period (several weeks), the cost of royal jelly is quite high. Until recently, royal jelly was available only to high-ranking individuals, which is why this beekeeping product was called “royal jelly”.

    Bee milk: composition

    Young individuals (age 5-15 days) are able to produce two glands, pharyngeal and submandibular, a nutritious product, which is royal jelly. Its chemical composition is unique in its biological activity, and the main components are:

    • 57-70% of water,
    • 17-45% protein
    • 18-52% sugars,
    • 3.5-19% lipids,
    • 2-3% of ash substances.

    Almost all B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, D, up to 16 essential micronutrients, easily digestible sugars are present in royal jelly.

    Royal jelly contains up to 400 components, but up to 16% of them remain unknown to this day. Its high biological activity is explained by a harmonious combination of the main nutrient components and biogenic regulators: neurohormones, vitamins, macroergic compounds, hormone-active substances, etc.

    Important! The high content of free fatty acids in royal jelly determines its high biological activity and at the same time causes the chemical instability of the bee product. A special place belongs to 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid, which occupies up to 90% of the total fatty acid content and can be used as a quality marker when checking royal jelly. The same substance gives the product one of the most valuable properties - the ability to destroy the membranes of cancer cells.

    Useful properties of royal jelly

    The action of royal jelly is classified mainly as general strengthening. However, a unique bee product also has other beneficial properties:

    • Strengthening the nervous system. Use in the treatment and prevention of royal jelly contributes to: increasing the functionality of the central nervous system (including the optic nerve), resistance to various kinds of stresses (fighting depressive states, normalizing sleep, concentrating memory),
    • Normalization of the functioning of blood vessels and heart. Royal jelly contains many biologically active substances, which in small quantities are able to lower blood pressure, and in large quantities to increase it. In addition, bee milk contains components that improve blood composition and strengthen the walls of blood vessels,
    • Stimulation of the digestive tract. Under the action of the substances that make up the royal jelly, appetite appears, stimulation of the secretion of gastric juice, as well as enzymes that accelerate the absorption of food, occurs. Uterine feed is especially recommended for athletes and premature babies,
    • Normalization of the functioning of the endocrine system. The presence of the most important hormones in the royal jelly helps regulate the functions of the endocrine glands,
    • Activation of the functioning of the sexual sphere. Since the sex glands are part of the endocrine system, the effect of royal jelly extends to them: the presence of hormones, zinc, vitamin E, selenium stimulates sexual desire, positively affects the quality of sperm, reduces pain during menstruation,
    • The acceleration of metabolism. In royal jelly there are amino acids, microelements, vitamins, which contribute to cell renewal and the removal of toxins, as a result of which endurance increases, aging slows down, and quick recovery occurs.
    • Strengthening immunity. The presence in the composition of royal jelly many components with antioxidant properties (vitamins, zinc, selenium, copper, organic acids, phospholipids, etc.) allows even microscopic doses of bee milk to successfully deal with pathogenic microflora.

    Important! Royal jelly has an exceptionally beneficial effect on every organ and system of the human body. The uniqueness of the product lies in the maximum balance of all active components, which ensures their high digestibility by the body.

    The use of a bee product

    Royal jelly has an extensive scope for healing and even creating cosmetics:

    • Cardiovascular pathology. Royal jelly is an indispensable tool for the prevention and treatment of angina pectoris and ischemia, destabilization of blood pressure, various forms of atherosclerosis,
    • With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Royal jelly has the strongest regenerating properties, which makes it effective in treating various types of damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa and other internal organs,
    • With colds, SARS, ARI. Any beekeeping product has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, but in bee milk these qualities are enhanced many times,
    • To activate metabolism. Royal jelly is used in the treatment of children with atrophy and hypertrophy, adults with weight loss, prescribed to nursing mothers to stimulate lactation, pregnant women to eliminate swelling and the effects of intoxication,
    • With dermatological diseases. Royal jelly is widely used in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases, is used to remove warts, eliminate ulcers and other lesions,
    • In cosmetology. The properties of royal jelly that regenerate and enhance metabolism allow its effective use as a part of masks and creams for rejuvenation and restoration of skin integuments.

    Important! The unique bee product is widely used for purely preventive purposes - to increase the body's resistance to destruction by both internal and external factors. Royal jelly is used to eliminate problems of infertility (both sexes), impotence, prostatitis, cirrhosis, pathological conditions in childhood. For prophylactic purposes, in microscopic quantities, the milk is even included in the bait for bees.

    With exhaustion

    Milk treatment must begin with a thorough and comprehensive examination, the elimination of the root cause should be put at the forefront. It is necessary to combine the intake of medicines and folk remedies with spa treatment, creating the most comfortable conditions for the patient.

    Reception of royal jelly milk begins with a daily dose of 200 mg in combination with 40 g of pollen - until the first signs of improvement. Then, taking the drug is halved.

    In depressive conditions

    The effect of royal jelly has a positive effect on the central nervous system in depressive states of varying intensity. The daily dose of milk is 100-150 mg (at the same time - taking Hypericum dragee and 20 g of pollen). The visible effect of consumption appears after 10-12 days. However, the initial stage of acute conditions should take place with the use of drugs in the hospital.

    With autonomic dystonia

    The initial symptoms of a common pathology almost always go unnoticed or cannot be eliminated by traditional medication methods. When taking uterine feed (bee milk) and pollen, the autonomic nervous system stabilizes. The initial daily dose is 200 mg of fresh royal jelly and 40 g of pollen, subsequently (for 2 months) take a half dose.

    Honey with royal jelly for cardiovascular diseases

    The most effective in case of problems with blood vessels or the heart, as practice has shown, is the combination of honey with royal jelly. Moreover, with different types of pathological conditions, the proportion can be different:

    • With angina pectoris: 20 g of honey - 150 mg of royal jelly (daily dose),
    • To prevent a heart attack: 30 g and 200 mg, respectively, with the addition of 500 mg of magnesium,
    • With vascular pathologies: honey with royal jelly in a ratio of 2-3 tsp. and 100-150 mg.

    For skin diseases

    Bactericidal and regenerative properties of royal jelly are in demand both for internal use and for the creation of ointments:

    • Inside: 20 g of pollen in combination with 150 mg of royal jelly daily,
    • Outwardly: honey with royal jelly (100 g per 3 g).

    Important! Reception of a unique product should begin only after finding out the cause of the pathological condition and without fail - consultation with the attending physician. Even in the absence of a tendency to allergies, the initial dose should be minimal.

    Collection and storage

    During the season, with one bee family with medium strength, you can collect up to 150 mg of royal jelly. To implement this procedure, beekeepers almost always use the family orphanage method:

    • Divide the hive into 2 parts, leaving a few frames with bees without a uterus,
    • In the orphaned part there are several frames with printed brood and feed, as well as one frame with one-day sowing,
    • Nursing bees will emerge from the printed brood, and queen cells will be built from the one-day brood.

    After about a week, the queen cells contain the optimal amount of bee milk, and then they select. The mother liquors are removed from the hive and stored in the refrigerator with royal jelly in an airtight bag. Another way is to extract the product and its hermetic packaging or processing, however, the implementation of this process requires special sterile conditions and is limited in time: milk literally for 15 minutes. after extraction, it loses part of its healing properties.

    Trade forms of royal jelly

    The best way to consume royal jelly is fresh. However, to preserve all the healing properties, it is necessary to protect it from exposure to light, air, and high t. Therefore, fresh application is almost unrealistic (unless you are a beekeeper). For treatment and prevention, royal jelly is treated in a certain way, and there are several ways:

    • Drying (adsorption). All moisture is evaporated from the “royal jelly”, leaving only a concentrated useful extract. In this form, the product is stored for up to 2 years. The daily dose of such a product is from 5 to 30 granules (depending on the severity of the condition), divided into several equal doses. The course of treatment is up to 30 days,
    • Freezing At home, in sealed containers, royal jelly retains its beneficial properties for up to 14 days. Deep dry freezing allows you to extend this period up to 1.5 years. Such a product is taken after a preliminary gradual thawing of 0.5 tsp. within 1-2 months. ,
    • Honey with royal jelly. Such a mixture is the most preferred use, since it increases the shelf life of the beekeeping product. As a rule, a 2% concentration of royal jelly is used for prevention. When acquiring funds, it is best to use the services of a well-known beekeeper or a company with a proven reputation,
    • Encapsulation. In online stores, the consumer is offered a product of Asian manufacturers, 100 capsules (10 to 20 mg) per pack. The recommended course of administration is three times a year, 1 capsule per day for 4-6 weeks.

    Important! For each type of uterine feed (bee milk), it is necessary to obtain the recommendation of an apitherapist, since the product has several contraindications:

    • Various neoplasms,
    • Pathological conditions of the adrenal glands,
    • Addison's Disease
    • Infectious diseases in acute form,
    • Individual intolerance to bee products.

    It must be remembered that royal jelly is the strongest biogenic stimulant, therefore, the doses should be carefully calibrated, and the reception at the initial stages should occur at the minimum recommended dosages and after consulting a doctor.

    How to take

    The most effective way to take royal jelly is by resorption (put under the tongue, then wait for complete dissolution). Thus, the product is absorbed directly into the blood without being exposed to the aggressive environment of the stomach. The method is suitable for tablets, and for capsules, and for mixtures with honey. Even an alcohol emulsion should be kept in the mouth for a longer effect.

    The time of taking uterine feed (bee milk) for single use is morning, because the product is a powerful stimulant and has an exciting effect on the nervous system. If necessary, multiple use of the drug is consumed in 30 minutes. before eating, and the last time - at least 3 hours before bedtime.

    In some cases, royal jelly is truly a panacea, and in the sense of prevention it is considered an indispensable product, 100% justifying the ancient name “royal jelly”.

    Royal jelly: medicinal properties and how to take

    Before you understand why a person needs “royal jelly” and in what recipes of traditional medicine it is used, it is necessary to understand what this unique liquid is.

    Royal jelly has nothing to do with the usual dairy products obtained from animals. This sticky substance is produced by the pharyngeal glands of young bees from 5 to 15 days old - subsequently they lose this ability and turn into full-fledged “working” insects. Similarly to a nursing mother, who gives the baby front and back breast milk, the bees, when they chew the beef and honey, produce two types of milk - thinner and denser. It’s just that these compounds are intended not for one, but for different larvae: ordinary bees receive a more liquid composition, and a nutritious thick cocktail is the future royal.The liquid milk is located in the combs, where the feeding of ordinary insect babies takes place, and the thick sticky liquid is stored in special tanks - wax flasks in which the bee uterus larva lives.

    Due to such a difference in diet, ordinary insects and the royal individual grow completely different. If the former are of normal size and do not live very long (on average 1.5–2 months), the latter is 2–2.5 times larger than the others and lives about 6 years. In addition, it acquires the ability to reproduce, because the thick royal jelly contains a high concentration of special hormones. Obviously, it is the second, thick royal jelly that is used for medical purposes, the composition of which is considered the elixir of life not only for bees, but also for humans.

    Royal jelly - how to take?

    Of course, fresh “royal jelly”, obtained directly from the apiary, has the greatest benefit, but far from all and not always have such an opportunity. Therefore, many people buy royal jelly in specialized stores - with certain processing, it can be stored for quite some time. Which of the proposed tools to choose?

    There are a lot of options:

    1. Frozen In this case, fresh royal jelly freshly obtained from the hive is exposed to low temperatures. Moreover, the lower the temperature, the longer the substance will be stored. In an ordinary refrigerator, the properties of royal jelly are preserved for about one and a half to two weeks, and if you put it in the freezer, the shelf life is extended several times. The best option for maintaining healing properties is considered to be deep dry freezing in an industrial environment. If you decide to freeze the milk yourself, pack it in small bags to subsequently defrost portioned in the refrigerator.
    2. With honey. To extend the royal jelly, many connoisseurs of natural products mix it with honey. This not only prolongs its shelf life, but also improves taste. You can buy a ready-made mixture from beekeepers, or you can cook it yourself. Moreover, the concentration can be almost any - the amount of milk in different recipes varies from 2% to 50%. Also, pollen, propolis and various plant extracts are added to some mixtures to improve taste, aroma and medicinal properties.
    3. In special pharmacy forms. Everyone knows how to take pharmacological additives and dietary supplements containing royal jelly, most often they are presented in granules or capsules. The granular substance is a kind of dry concentrate, completely devoid of water, but containing all the nutritional and vitamin supplements inherent in “royal jelly”. Moreover, this form is considered the most popular - it is easy to dose it both for external and internal use, and the granules themselves quickly disintegrate, taking the physical form of a solvent (for example, cream or liquid). In addition, they can also be taken dry, simply absorbable under the tongue.

    The capsules are added mainly not dried, but lyophilized royal jelly. In this case, the substance is subjected to soft drying in vacuum conditions, so its healing properties are fully preserved, as is the case with granules.

    Royal jelly: application

    There is nothing better for the body than fresh royal jelly of bees, which is taken orally. Absorbing a small ball of substance under the tongue (about half the nail), you can make up for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, increase immunity, improve digestion, cleanse blood vessels and normalize blood pressure. Through the thin mucous membrane located in the oral cavity, the healing components enter directly into the blood, bypassing the digestive tract, which means that the maximum concentration of “natural medicine” will be in the body.

    use of royal jelly

    However, in the absence of fresh milk, you can resort to using tablet, granular or capsule forms. They are also resorbed under the tongue, but the granule solution can be injected (mainly as part of a comprehensive treatment in especially severe cases).

    If you prefer to store "royal jelly" with honey, in no case do not make hot tea or a drink from it - under the influence of high temperatures, many vitamins break down and the milk loses its properties. The therapeutic effect retains only that royal jelly, application which is carried out according to the rules, and in this case it is no different from ordinary forms - it is best to dissolve the mixture under the tongue.

    In cases where the external effect of the drug is considered optimal (for example, with skin diseases, dermatitis, irritation, infant sweating and other problems), you can apply milk directly to the skin both fresh and in the form of granules (after diluting them to normal condition) ) Homemade creams and masks with the addition of a small amount of this elixir will be of particular value - they will not only relieve all skin problems, but also restore the tone of the dermis, smooth out wrinkles and significantly rejuvenate the skin.

    Royal jelly: beneficial properties

    Since ancient times, “royal jelly” was used to strengthen the body, improve immune responses and increase vitality. However, this is not the only use of bee elixir - this substance is used in the treatment of many diseases:

    • Disorders of the nervous system. Special substances contained in royal jelly help strengthen nerve cells, help the body cope with depression and stress disorder faster, fight insomnia, and improve memory and attention.
    • Gastrointestinal pathology. Regular intake of bee milk improves appetite, normalizes metabolism and activates the production of digestive enzymes necessary for the complete breakdown of nutrients. Its effect will be especially valuable with tangible physical exertion, when the body does not cope with the new regime.
    • Joint pain. Ointments based on bee’s milk are considered one of the best remedies for the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism and other joint pathologies.
    • Genitourinary disorders. Royal jelly, the healing properties of which are equally useful for men and women, is actively used in the treatment of reproductive problems.
    • Cardiovascular abnormalities. The resorption of bee milk balls suppresses abnormal jumps in blood pressure, cleans blood vessels of cholesterol plaques, strengthens blood vessels and makes them more flexible and elastic.
    • Endocrine disorders. The composition of royal jelly is rich in hormones that ensure active growth of insects. With their use, existing abnormalities in the work of the endocrine glands are restored, and the hormonal background returns to normal.
    • Deviations in metabolism. The bee elixir improves metabolism, normalizes the absorption and breakdown of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Due to this effect, many women are actively using the substance, hoping for a weight loss effect.
    • Respiratory system diseases. Since respiratory diseases are most often viral or bacterial in nature, enhancing immunity after taking royal jelly during an illness will be very helpful. In addition, it contains disinfecting components that can be used as a natural antibiotic.

    Royal jelly properties in folk recipes

    The traditional medicine piggy bank is full of unique recipes based on royal jelly. This is not surprising: the use of this substance as a medicine is recognized not only by alternative, but also by academic medicine. Royal jelly, beneficial properties which is applicable for the treatment of many ailments, has become the basis of many recipes:

    1. Honey and apple drink. In a glass of room temperature water, mix 1 tablespoon of honey with bee milk and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. In addition to a pleasant refreshing taste, the drink has pronounced general strengthening properties, and also helps relieve toxicosis during pregnancy.
    2. Royal Jelly Green Tea. The recipe is slightly different from the previous one: it is based on green tea with medicinal herbs chilled to a pleasantly warm temperature, to which is subsequently added a spoonful of honey with milk. A unique remedy for colds will help relieve symptoms after just a few uses.
    3. Mask with royal jelly. Favorite recipe for modern women! It is enough to mix 1 tbsp. milk, 1 tsp honey and a few drops of bee milk, apply this composition to the skin and wait 10-15 minutes - and the face will become pleasantly soft, smooth and velvety.

    Royal jelly: benefit or harm?

    With this composition, it is difficult to say that royal jelly can harm anyone, but this is so. Bee products are considered to be one of the most powerful allergens, so before you start treatment with royal jelly, make sure that you do not have hypersensitivity to it. Also, do not overuse the composition too much - everything should be in moderation, otherwise symptoms of an overdose (nausea, insomnia, vomiting) may appear. Approach treatment wisely and your health will say “Thank you!”.

    How to get it?

    Obtaining high-quality royal jelly milk is possible under the following conditions:

    • The location of the apiary away from industrial buildings and freeways, in a place favorable for bees to collect nectar.
    • The presence of a specially equipped place in the apiary for the collection of concentrate, as well as refrigeration equipment with a temperature below 6 degrees Celsius.
    • Compliance with sanitary standards.

    Beekeepers collect royal jelly milk with a special stick made of glass or plastic, after removing all the larvae. Then it is placed in a hermetically sealed glass container of brown opaque glass.

    With twenty families, if the collection technology is correctly followed, you can get about 3 kg of milk per year.

    Benefits for men

    Stress and the wrong lifestyle weaken the body of a strong half of humanity, which is not the best way to affect their health, causing various disorders, including the genitourinary system. Royal jelly for men is a powerful biostimulator. In its action, it is more effective than pollen or pollen and solves the following problems:

    • adenoma
    • prostatitis,
    • normalizes spermatogenesis,
    • beneficial effect on the male body, normalizing sex life.

    Many facts are known when the 70-year-old venerable gentlemen fully restored their sexual functions.

    Also, many men are intensely involved in sports, overloading themselves with physical activity. The miracle product will help to restore the spent energy and prepare the body for a further increase in power loads.

    For some families, male infertility is a big problem. Even expensive procedures do not always solve this problem. Common causes of infertility are sperm production problems:

    • asthenospermia (insufficient number of motile sperm),
    • azoospermia (lack of active sperm),
    • oligospermia (small volume of ejaculate).

    Drinking royal jelly solves the conception problem by stimulating testosterone production and regulating spermatogenesis. Scientists conducted an experiment on rats, giving them this beekeeping product. According to the results, the number of germ cells increased by 5 times.

    Taking 25 mg of this bee elixir increases blood testosterone levels by 20%. According to scientists, the reason for such a product’s effectiveness is a balanced combination of its biological components.

    Benefits for women

    Royal Jelly is an indispensable tool for preserving the youth and health of women. It is a wonderful tonic, prepares the female body for pregnancy, and then for childbirth, serves as a protective talisman of nascent life.

    Royal jelly during pregnancy is used:

    • to normalize the hormonal and endocrine system,
    • to eliminate toxicosis,
    • in order to increase the immunity of the mother,
    • as a pain reliever during childbirth,
    • to normalize the digestive system of mom and baby,
    • for proper intrauterine development of the fetus.

    In most cases, eliminates the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy, including those who have such a predisposition or have previously had a miscarriage. After the end of childbirth, milk allows you to quickly restore lost blood and avoid problems associated with lactation.

    When this substance is used by women who are breastfeeding, there is an increase in the amount of milk, as well as an improvement in its quality characteristics.

    Royal jelly for infertility helps to solve problems with conception, the cause of which is most often caused by an imbalance in the hormonal system. It restores the functions of the ovaries, which affect not only childbirth, but also the aging process, which significantly rejuvenates the woman's body. The composition of royal jelly contains hormones that act as a temporary stimulator of the ovaries.

    It is important to remember that when you stop taking this beekeeping product, ovarian function decreases. Therefore, it is desirable to take the "elixir" throughout the entire period of activity. Pregnancy usually occurs after 2-3 months of treatment.

    Royal jelly is also indispensable in cosmetology:

    • fights wrinkles
    • smoothes, tightens and smoothes the skin,
    • helps to improve complexion.

    Collagen, which is produced at the cellular level, helps reduce wrinkles. Cream with royal jelly has a rejuvenating effect, helps to prolong beauty and youth due to trace elements and vitamins that it contains. The skin is nourished, the epidermis is moisturized, the facial contour becomes more clear and even, the sebaceous glands normalize.

    Vitamins B5 and B7 contribute to the improvement of hair structure and the strengthening of nail plates. This elixir is added not only to creams, but also to other cosmetics: serums, tonics, masks, massage products, etc. A very good lifting lifting effect is achieved when using masks. Such funds are recommended for use after 30 years.

    Also, this bee product will help to solve the problem of acne, to get rid of excessive shine of the skin or its excessive dryness.

    Benefits for children

    Royal jelly is very beneficial for children. It helps them develop fully (unless the child has an allergy to honey). The fact that this product is completely natural also speaks in its favor. This unique tool helps the child:

    • get rid of diaper rash on the skin, as well as itching associated with skin inflammation,
    • improve sleep
    • normalize metabolism
    • to gain weight,
    • strengthen the nervous system
    • boost immunity.

    Spanish manufacturers of baby food include components of royal jelly in the composition of mixtures intended for feeding newborns struggling with dystrophy, thereby saving the baby from bloating and colic.

    How to use?

    It is necessary to use “royal jelly” in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of specialists, since taking a large dose can cause side effects, such as shortness of breath, strong heartbeat, and allergic reactions.

    Currently, there are various forms of taking this tool. In general, an adult is recommended to use 1 mg of the substance per day per kilogram of weight.

    Royal jelly in granules is taken by putting under the tongue. It is necessary to dissolve until completely dissolved.

    Granules are not recommended to be swallowed, since substances containing proteins tend to coagulate in the stomach. And when absorbed, the necessary components are gradually absorbed through the blood vessels, getting into the blood, which spread useful trace elements throughout the body.

    Before going to bed, it is not advisable to use this beekeeping product. It can cause restless sleep and nervous irritability.

    How to take royal jelly so that it only benefits? Children are recommended to take in granules in the morning 30 minutes before meals, two granules. The admission period is 20 days, after which you must definitely take a break, and then resume the reception. If the child cannot absorb the granules for a long time, you can dissolve them in a liquid, for example, in tea or milk, but only so that they are not hot.

    Men, with sexual diseases, can also use granules. For example, "Apilak", which is prescribed for 1-2 pieces 3 times a day for 2 weeks. For the treatment of prostatitis, suppositories for administration into the rectum are effective. One candle contains 1 mg. facilities. The procedure is carried out 3 times a day for 1 month.

    For women, in order to improve their well-being, it is recommended to use the product in granules in the same dosage as men. And in the treatment of infertility, it is necessary to dissolve 20 ml per day.

    How to store?

    After extracting the raw materials from the mother liquor, the qualitative characteristics of the substance begin to deteriorate sharply. At room temperature, it retains the beneficial properties of only about 2 hours. At a constant temperature of 6 degrees Celsius, royal jelly is stored for two days, and at minus 6 degrees - six months.

    When dry, the shelf life is extended to 3 years. Concentrate must be transported in a cooler bag at 0 degrees Celsius. A sign of a spoiled beekeeping product is yellowness.

    To increase the shelf life, this therapeutic agent can be preserved with honey in a ratio of, for example, 1:50. Alcohol is also suitable for these purposes. The optimal concentration in this case is 1:10. Storage utensils must be sealed and made of dark glass.


    Royal jelly will be beneficial if you follow the rules of admission. When using, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of your body and the presence of an allergy to honey. It is not recommended to take it at bedtime, since the components that enter the substance have an exciting and tonic effect.

    Exceeding the dosage can cause various disorders, including nervous ones. Improper use in some cases provokes side effects, expressed by abdominal pain and diarrhea.

    When treating with royal jelly, the main contraindications should be considered for:

    • allergies
    • oncology
    • Addison's disease
    • with infections, especially during exacerbation,
    • problems with the kidneys and adrenal glands.

    Since the product is the strongest biostimulant, which contains a large number of various elements, it is better to consult a doctor before use, in order to avoid side effects. The doctor will prescribe an individual dosage and method of application.

    What is royal jelly?

    What is honey, everyone knows. And what is royal jelly? It is unlikely that everyone can accurately answer this question. But many probably heard something about the beneficial properties of this phenomenal beekeeping product.

    Nutritious “royal jelly” is produced by young bees in special glands. Initially, bee milk looks like a thick jelly-like transparent-whitish mass, later becomes dull yellowish. It tastes hot-sour, with a specific smell.

    Royal jelly is an extremely valuable product and a balanced nutrient mixture, which contains everything that is necessary for the existence and growth of a living organism (carbohydrates and vitamins, proteins, amino acids and fats, enzymes, fatty acids, hormones and water).

    Due to this unique composition, useful properties and stock of biological energy in the body of a future bee, a metabolism is rapidly occurring. In 16 days, the uterus is completely formed from the larva, and its weight increases by 3,000 times in just a week.

    For comparison, an adult working bee develops in 21 days, and its weight in the same period increases only 1,500 times.

    Feeding on magical bee milk, the uterus lives 5-6 years. Working bees, eating honey and pollen, live only 6 weeks.

    With all its advantages, royal jelly has one significant minus - it is very difficult to store in a normal environment after removal from the mother liquor. At room temperature, its beneficial properties are destroyed, literally, in 3-4 hours. At temperatures up to -20 ° C it is possible to preserve useful properties in the product for up to two years and 3-4 months - at zero temperature in the refrigerator.

    If the market offers to buy "fresh" royal jelly - this should at least beware.

    The chemical composition of royal jelly

    The composition of royal jelly is represented by four hundred biologically active components, the ratio between which is surprisingly harmonious. The most valuable amino acids for humans - lysine, proline, asparagine, glutamine - are found here in the highest concentration. No other organic product of animal origin, whether milk, meat or eggs, boasts so many irreplaceable proteins that are close to us in cellular structure.

    In percentage terms, the composition of royal jelly is as follows:

    30-40% - dry matter, represented by 20-50% proteins, 10-40% carbohydrates, 5-15% fats, 1.5-3% vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and other biologically active substances.

    As you can see, the nutritional and healing value of royal jelly can vary greatly. The richness of the composition depends on the well-being of a particular bee family, and in general - on the characteristics of the climate, weather conditions and harvesting technology. The regional factor affects the vitamin and mineral composition of the product.

    We will analyze the main components of royal jelly in more detail:

    Amino acids - asparagine, cysteine, arginine, lysine, leucine, valine, proline, glutamine, gamma globulin, gelatin, isoleucine, oxyproline and others, a total of 22 items,

    Micro and macro elements - zinc, manganese, cobalt, iron, aluminum, chromium, bismuth, mercury, gold, nickel, calcium, arsenic, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, copper and many others, there are about 100 items,

    Carbohydrates - glucose, fructose, ribose, sucrose, maltose,

    Enzymes - invertase, amylase, catalase, protease, glucooxidase, phosphatase, cholinesterase, ascorbin oxidase.

    In addition, phytoncides (natural antibiotics), hormones, immunoglobulins and other active components that affect human health are present in royal jelly. It is believed that this amazing product is about 5% composed of unexplored components. Scientists have yet to find out all the secrets that royal jelly contains.

    To evaluate the biological power of this substance, think about it: thanks to it, in just three days, ordinary bees turn from a microscopic larva into an adult insect, increasing their weight by a thousand and a half times. And the future queen's larva manages to plump three thousand times in a week!

    In what form is royal jelly milk sold?

    If you do not have a familiar beekeeper, reasonable questions arise: where to get royal jelly, and how not to make a mistake with the choice? The market has a wide selection of medical and cosmetic forms, but which product is preferable, and, most importantly, better? Let's get it right.

    Royal jelly in granules (adsorbed dry)

    The adsorption method allows you to remove all moisture from the royal jelly and leave only the dry substance, which is a benefit concentrate. The density of the dry product is 1.1 g per cubic centimeter. In a sealed container, such granules are stored for two years and do not lose their healing properties. Almost all dosage forms produced in Russia (starting with the well-known Apilak drug) are precisely dry, adsorbed royal jelly.

    Granules are easily soluble in liquids, so they can be taken in two ways: add to drinks or dissolve under the tongue. The second option is preferable, since this is how the product is absorbed best. Depending on the type of disease, doctors usually recommend taking 5-10 granules 1-3 times a day for 2-4 weeks.

    Frozen Royal Jelly

    Immediately after collection from the mother liquors, the milk is sealed in an airtight container and cooled, however, at a standard temperature of a domestic refrigerator, this product is stored for a couple of weeks at most without quality loss. Avoid spoilage and extend the shelf life of one and a half to two years allows the technology of deep dry freezing. In special cells, royal jelly is cooled to minus 17 degrees Celsius.

    Typically, manufacturers pack such a product in a small convenient container that allows you to purchase the right amount, put milk at home in the refrigerator, wait until it reaches a higher temperature, and you can take a little. The standard course of treatment is half a teaspoon three times a day sublingually in pure form or mixed with honey for a month or two.

    Royal jelly in capsules

    Asian manufacturers, whose products can be found in many online stores of food supplements and health products, offer mainly capsules with lyophilized royal jelly. Lyophilization is a modern technology that provides excellent quality and a long shelf life: soft drying of milk, during which it is frozen, and then placed in a vacuum chamber, where dehydration occurs. Since ancient times, royal jelly has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, therefore it is produced by these countries on an industrial scale and is actively exported to the world market.

    A standard plastic jar of Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai manufacture contains 100 capsules, each of which contains 10-20 mg of royal jelly. According to the recommendations of oriental naturopathic doctors, such a product should be taken in courses of 2-3 months 3 times a year, 1 capsule per day half an hour before breakfast. Manufacturers themselves position these capsules as a remedy for senile weakness and impotence.

    Collection and storage conditions of royal jelly

    Procurement of sufficient volumes of royal jelly is possible only at that time when the larvae of the queens appeared in the hives and the working bees created queen cells for them. On about the fourth or fifth day after the construction of the “royal apartments”, the highest concentration of milk is observed in them - up to 400 mg. The larva of the queen at such a young age does not have time to eat all the refreshments with which her subjects carefully treat her. And as they grow older, the mother liquor is sealed, and the growing larva eats up stocks.

    The task of the beekeeper is to interrupt this scenario and remove royal jelly in time. To do this, bees need to be artificially encouraged to breed and create new queen cells. Such measures have a bad effect on honey production - the level drops by 30 percent or more. Therefore, it is worth immediately deciding what is more important: to get healing milk, or to get more honey.

    Harvesting bee royal jelly is carried out in several stages:

    Larvae are transplanted onto a special “vaccination” frame,

    Preparing a family teacher to feed them. To do this, the family is deprived of the existing uterus and a vaccination frame is placed in the hive,

    When the mother liquors are full, they are removed from the family,

    Milk is removed, it is cleaned of larvae and wax,

    The product is packaged and frozen for storage.

    The covers of the mother liquors are cut with a sharp knife or wire. The larvae are removed with tweezers or a special small spoon. And milk is usually collected with a simple sterile syringe. But in foreign stores for beekeepers you can also find sophisticated appliances worth up to five hundred dollars. Such devices have an environment with reduced pressure inside, quickly collect milk and provide high-quality storage. But even if modern equipment is used for the fence, the apiary must have good refrigeration units, and all actions related to the procurement of royal jelly must be carried out professionally and promptly.

    The use of royal jelly for various diseases

    Indications for the use of royal jelly are very extensive:

    Blood diseases - iron deficiency anemia, coagulation disorders and lipid-salt balance,

    Diseases of the cardiovascular system - ischemia, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypotension, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis,

    Inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system - rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, acute respiratory infections, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma,

    Oral lesions - stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease,

    Eye diseases - glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, blurred vision,

    Gastrointestinal diseases - gastritis, pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, enterocolitis, flatulence, diarrhea, heartburn, hemorrhoids, constipation, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, cholelithiasis,

    Pathologies of the kidneys and urinary tract - renal failure, chronic pyelonephritis, sand and kidney stones,

    Nervous diseases - insomnia, psychosis, depression, alcoholism, schizophrenia, epilepsy, neurosis, migraine,

    Diseases of the musculoskeletal system - injuries, fractures, bruises, sprains, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, gout, sciatica,

    Autoimmune diseases - diabetes, lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, eczema, multiple sclerosis,

    Diseases of the skin and hair - dermatitis, neurodermatitis, acne, dandruff, baldness, wounds and burns,

    Problems of the female intimate sphere - an unstable cycle, painful menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility, miscarriage, toxicosis, menopause, lack of lactation, inflammatory diseases, endometriosis, polyps and other neoplasms,

    Male problems - prostatitis, prostate adenoma, premature ejaculation, infertility, impotence,

    Endocrine diseases (including obesity),

    Slow development in children

    Oncological diseases (see also: treatment of cancer with folk remedies).

    Royal jelly for skin, face and hair

    This wonderful product can help not only in the treatment of diseases and the improvement of the body, but also in maintaining youth and beauty. The rich vitamin-mineral and amino acid composition of royal jelly will allow you to significantly improve the condition of your skin and hair, solve the problem of dryness, wrinkles, acne, baldness and dandruff.

    Royal Jelly Skin Care

    If you have fresh or frozen royal jelly, feel free to add it to any mask made from natural products: half a teaspoon will be enough to enrich the composition of your favorite home-made cosmetic product:

    The classic mask for the care of any type of skin of the face, hands and neckline is prepared as follows: mix a tablespoon of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of royal jelly.It is necessary to withstand it for 15-20 minutes, and use it 2-3 times a week.

    A truly royal tonic can be prepared from royal jelly: you need to dissolve 1 ml of the product in 100 ml of clean water at room temperature. Apply the tonic most conveniently with a sterile swab. This procedure will replace the morning wash for any woman with aging, sensitive skin.

    Self-made cream will allow you to eliminate skin imperfections in a few weeks and significantly reduce wrinkles. Beat a blender with 50 ml of high-quality olive oil, add 15 g of melted beeswax and 50 g of cocoa butter, then 10 ml of royal jelly, and at the very end, without ceasing to beat, one tablespoon of distilled water, so that the cream has a comfortable consistency. You need to apply it on clean skin of the face and decollete area every morning, and remove excesses with a clean napkin.

    Masks with royal jelly for the face

    Anti-aging mask. Prepare a decoction from one tablespoon of a string, one teaspoon of celandine and a glass of boiling water. Keep it for 15 minutes in a steam bath, and then another two days in a dark, cool place. Then strain and refrigerate. To make a mask against wrinkles, mix half a teaspoon of royal jelly with two tablespoons of warm honey and one tablespoon of herbal decoction. Apply this composition on the face for 30 minutes, rinse first with warm and then cold water. Repeat the procedure three times a week for two months.

    Nourishing mask. For this recipe, royal jelly in granules will work - just dissolve half a teaspoon of the powder in half a glass of warm water. Take honey heated in a water bath (one tablespoon), the same amount of apricot kernel oil and royal jelly solution. Mix everything and apply on the skin of the face and decollete for 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Repeat a couple of times a week to provide skin with nutrition, especially true in winter.

    Moisturizing mask. A mask of fresh strawberries, banana, natural yogurt and royal jelly is very good for young, problematic skin. Take a teaspoon of each product and half the milk. Apply the mixture on a clean face and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Repeat the procedure three times a week for a month to get rid of oily sheen, peeling and acne.

    Royal Jelly Hair Masks

    Mask for hair loss. Mix a teaspoon of royal jelly with two tablespoons of burdock oil and one egg yolk. Apply to the roots of wet hair, rub lightly, cover your head with a plastic bag, wrap a towel on top and soak for an hour, then rinse with running water. Use the shampoo before and not after the procedures, and repeat them for two months a couple of times a week.

    Mask for dandruff. Mix three tablespoons of castor oil, two tablespoons of brandy, one yolk and 1 tablespoon of royal jelly. Apply the mask to dry hair, carefully distribute, wrap your head in polyethylene and a towel for an hour, then rinse. You need to wash your hair no later than 8 hours after the procedure. It is advisable to start a mask in the morning on a day off, and in the evening wash your hair, or vice versa. The course of treatment for dandruff is 1 month.

    Harmoning royal jelly and contraindications

    Contraindications to the use of royal jelly are not numerous:

    Allergy or individual intolerance to bee products,

    Infectious diseases in the acute phase with fever,

    Dysfunction of the adrenal cortex (Addison's disease),

    Severe arterial hypertension

    The period immediately after a heart attack or stroke,

    Hypercoagulation of blood (increased coagulability).

    In case of exceeding the dosage, side effects may develop:

    Insomnia and increased nervous irritability,

    Feeling of dry mouth

    Constipation or diarrhea

    Local skin reactions - redness, rash.

    As soon as the dosage is reduced or the treatment is completely canceled, unpleasant symptoms disappear immediately. It is impossible to be poisoned with royal jelly or cause serious harm to the body - the excess amount of incoming substances is usually simply not absorbed. However, laboratory tests in mice showed that when a dose of 15 g per 1 kg of weight is received, the animals die. In any case, do not deviate from the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor. The maximum daily dose for an adult is 500 mg of royal jelly (fresh).


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