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The secret of Albert Einstein's genius


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Once in correspondence with Charlie Chaplin, Einstein admiredly remarked: "Your film" Gold Rush "is understood all over the world, and you will certainly become a great man." Chaplin answered him: “I admire you even more. Nobody understands your theory of relativity, but you still become a great person. ”


The UK said that Kutoyan died as a result of a gunshot wound to the temple. A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of bringing to suicide.

Hovhannisyan earlier withdrew to support Armen Melikbekyan. Then he said that he would do everything possible so that Melikbekyan could implement the programs he announced.

The head of the Civil Aviation Committee, Tatevik Revazyan, got used to the role of a waitress for a day. She quickly got accustomed and even advised what to order.

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see the USA series “Genius: Einstein” in Russian

And what, the dependence of genius on the size of the brain has already been proven? Then the horse is the most brilliant - she has a big head. What is gross materialism? This despite the fact that Einstein was a Machist positivist. And, by the way, he did not give permission to extract his brain.

There are two infinities, the universe and human stupidity. These are the words of Einstein, which are the most accurate characteristic of the last comment :)

The Jews gave away Einstein, as we have Vysotsky. Copernicus, a Polish Jew, is also promoted by them, although his heliocentric system is incorrect. If the Earth circled the Sun in a year, we would see a different picture of the starry sky in summer than in winter. Because the celestial sphere cannot rotate either around the sun at the same speed as the earth!

Okay. I have nothing against Einstein. What is my theory of approximation you don’t like? Well, the Earth does not revolve around the Sun! To see, say, Ursa Major all the time, the Heavenly sphere should follow the Earth around the Sun at the same speed. nonsense! A change of seasons occurs if the Earth’s axis tilts toward the Sun either at the South or at the North Pole. There’s an inconsistency, because the continuation of the axis should go near the Pole Star. Yes and vehicles heavier than air fly to the West and East in the same time. Not trains, tea!

Einstein brought to light the practically unnecessary theory of relativity. But, observing the Constellation Ursa Major in winter and summer, I came to the conclusion that the Earth could not rotate around the Sun in any way. If we were to fly to the other side of the star in winter, we would have to see a completely different a picture of the starry sky rather than in summer. Is the celestial sphere moving with the Earth? For what reason? The Earth’s axis tilts either the North or South Pole towards the Sun when the seasons change. But the axis should always be directed to the Polar Star. Unstable. And when the Earth rotates, how can vehicles heavier than air fly to the West and East in the same time? Do not train tea.

He made a deal with the devil, which is why he became a genius!)

All that you read below came up with a person who has never been involved in science economics. Life made! Where is Einstein before me! And nothing to do with any genius. I have my own explanation. But this is another conversation. I propose a mechanism: “to ensure the national convertible currency of Russia, the rate of which is determined by the value of state assets put up for auction, by all the state’s industrial, natural and raw materials assets” on the basis of the Russian REALITY filled with not only problems, but also intellectual, raw materials, production and industrial capital of the country ”which is quite impressive. According to RAS data, one Russian has 141 tons of oil, 32000 tons of gas, 1364 tons of coal, 338 tons of iron ore. For one Western European: 4 tons of oil, 2000 tons of gas, 131 tons of coal, 52 tons of iron ore. Unification into a single force: the country's natural, industrial, financial, intellectual capital - will save Russia. For more than 20 years, intellectual impotent people from science and moral monsters from power, throwing Russia with the harmful ideas of Western "analysts", have been writing articles that predict Russia’s speedy death. It's not evening yet, gentlemen! Not yet evening . I ask you to understand that Russia, as a drowning person, doesn’t need hundreds of swimming instructions thrown into the water, but a “foothold” firmly following which the country will be able, gradually increasing its economic potential, to change the situation in our country for the better. ” And, in my opinion, this “fulcrum” is our fantastically rich bowels! ADVANTAGES of the solutions I propose: - if the convertible national currency of Russia is the ruble, securities denominated in rubles will be presented in the world commodity “pantry” with specific goods: gold, diamonds, aluminum, timber, furs and other raw materials and production resources of the states, then: - artificially created difficulties associated with the sale and transportation of gas, oil, other resources and goods will disappear, there will be no need to produce in Russia what is produced in another country: better, less th energy consumption, minimal negative impact on the environment. the convertibility of production, the large capacity of the Russian domestic market will provide foreign companies with the possibility of a mutually beneficial investment of financial and industrial capital. Here it is, ECONOMIC, ENERGY and ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, not only in Russia, but in the whole WORLD! In fact, Russia is proposing to the entire world community, in anticipation of the onset of the financial crisis, to rely on the most secure “hard” commodity currency - the convertible Russian ruble. The consolidation of the national currency by Russia’s property itself will ensure not only the balance of economic and socio-political interests of the border states, but also the restoration of economic, cultural, interstate relations, both in the CIS and abroad. The proposals of the “new reformers” on the issue of a parallel currency - a free convertible ruble of hard currency, secured by the total cost of a commodity basket of highly liquid products of domestic producers of oil, gas, gold, diamonds ... as well as the replacement of a paper ruble by a ruble with an energy energy invoice estimated by the energy costs of manufacturing one or another product - the next combination of government officials is beneficial only to those who, having climbed onto the vital energy arteries of Russia, used zuet blood of the national economy, for the sake of personal gain. It is equally important for Russia that the Ruble, secured by the state’s natural raw materials and industrial production assets, through the Fund for Stabilization of the Financial System and the National Trust Banks that I propose, will create the legal basis for the conflict-free elimination of the imbalance that occurred during the redistribution of Russian state property. The main thing: - the wealth of the Russian pantries, which are the root cause of its troubles over the course of many centuries, will become not only a guarantee of Russia's security and its socio-economic revival, but also stability throughout the world. But on the way to putting my proposals into practice, there is a tough connection of government officials-corrupt officials with commodity oligarchs - the tragedy of modern Russia. And therefore, I am not able to reach the economic block of the Russian government, I appeal to all people of Goodwill with a warning: - “Gentlemen, there are very influential and aggressive forces, let the sighted see! who are just waiting for the moment when the financial world of planet Earth will sink into the abyss of socio-economic shocks and environmental disasters: - production ... hunger ... cold ... ruin ... crowds of desperate people will stop. And then, thousands and thousands of provocateurs, suicide bombers — those who explode cities and states from within, sow panic and fear, will be “involved”, with these forces. The tragedy of Rome destroyed and plundered by barbarians will seem like a childish, innocent prank compared to the Apocalypse that the world is pushing for - the blown up towers in New York that destroyed one of the world centers of Equilibrium and Equinox - the USSR. People of the World - educate politicians, financial tycoons who don’t know what they are doing! ” My personal contribution: - my proposed model for building the Community, interstate relations on the principle of "communicating vessels", when adopted, will determine the path of Global Consensus, Equinox and Sustainable Balance for many centuries to come. Support me or accept the challenge gentlemen, scientists, politicians, statesmen. Sincerely, Trofimov Mikhail Vladimirovich The work is more fully published: - in the newspaper “Presidential Control” No. 3,5,6 for 2000, in the “Economic and Philosophical Newspaper” No. 49 for 2006, the article “Individual Collectivism.” Is on the Internet, the site is available: Responses of scientists, politicians: “An idea of ​​great national importance aimed at solving the biggest economic problem.” Academician A.A. Nikonov, “... At the same time, existing privatization checks would become an effective investment tool, inflation would slow down, change would change the ratio of the ruble to the main x world currencies. "- Academician Krylatykh E, D.E.N. A.E. Sagaidak, - Agrarian Institute 339-161 of 03/16/1993." I like your idea - it could become one of the important components of the entire economic reform ... "- R. I. Khasbulatov "The idea of ​​providing the ruble with land and the value of material assets located on the earth and its bowels as a universal monetary equivalent can be implemented only with the mutual consent of most developed countries of the world ..." Doctor of Economics, Academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences A. A. Chernyaev. " “The author met with great difficulties in the way of conveying his thoughts to the public. The difficulty of its adoption by scientists and authorities is that the implementation of this idea requires a major “revolution” in the existing economic relations not only in Russia but throughout the world "- Ph.D. V.P. Pashkov. PS 1996 Saratov, Revolution Square, Saratovskiye Vesti No. 117 “18 days M. Trofimov went on hunger strike from an appeal to the Saratovites -“ Russia has a chance, without blood and tears, without shocks and redistribution, to become the most economically powerful country in the world! But, I have to go on a hunger strike-protest against the arbitrariness of state officials for four years riruyuschih my suggestions ... "I appeal to you, fellow citizens:" If you want my life - take it, but I ask: trust and help! ".

People forget everything. In the 70s, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) was well known. Its author was Altshuller, who acted as a science fiction writer with his wife. Remember these authors Altov and Zhuravlyov? There was a whole movement of Trizovtsy, TRIZ school, etc. So the model innovation in science and technology was well developed. But if she gave birth to at least one genius! Even the author himself gave birth to genius. As for Einstein, the SRT simply “hung in the air.” The speed constant of light C was used in the equations of electrodynamics Maxwe But when I ask in what inertial reference frame this speed of light is measured, Einstein’s critics cannot answer. Einstein simply refused to answer this question, but accepted constant C as a physical fact. That's all genius. Not he, others would have done these are, for example, Planck's quanta of light, while genius is recognized by people who are unable to reject the usual ideas of classical mechanics, and so genius is simply the audacity of an ignoramus who violates those rules that no one dares to violate.

Whatever you say, it’s strange that such a genius - but still did not manage to master the quantum mechanics of Niels Bohr :-))