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Kremlin diet


The question of how to look slim, worried women at all times. It is not for nothing that it is the female gender who knows more about diets today than any nutritionist. It is for this reason that diets are so popular today. Some time ago, people had no idea about all the abundance of food that is available to us today. It was for this reason that there were no questions about limiting oneself to food. Moreover, a couple of centuries ago, it was fashionable to be complete, as this testified to the level of human wealth. And while most of the country's inhabitants could not afford lavish meals, wealthy citizens ate everything that was on their table.

Today, almost anyone can afford to go to the store and buy exactly what he wants. In the choice we are in no way limited. However, being complete is not fashionable today. Moreover, full people are considered people who are not able to control themselves and their desires. And against the backdrop of a general enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, they do not look very good. Everyone has long known the terrible consequences of being overweight. In addition to visible manifestations, such as shortness of breath, constant fatigue, difficulty walking, such people are often exposed to diseases of the internal organs.

Yes, no doubt, a certain percentage of fat should be in the body of every person, but this does not mean that fat is in our favor. Its content should not be great. Otherwise, problems with the cardiovascular system, kidneys, stomach, skin and hair begin. All this suggests that if you are already overweight, or you finally decided to take on yourself and your health, you should not put it off until later, since then it can be too late. And first you need to adjust your diet.

Among the whole variety of diets, it is difficult to choose the one that would be approved by doctors. However, this is the Kremlin’s diet.

Following the Kremlin diet, you can lose 5-6 kg in 8 days, and in just a month and a half, you can lose as much as 8-15 kg.

So, the more excess weight you have, the more intensively it leaves. As you can see, this diet did not count on some unrealistic result, according to the results of which you will become slim as an aspen. However, this diet is a proven, approved by doctors. And this means that in the end you will be able to lose kilograms, which will not come back to you in the near future.

Naturally, it is also necessary to introduce sport into your life, and the reason for this is as follows. The fact is that with weight loss, the state of the skin of a person changes. As a result, it may sag a little. If such a scenario is not included in your plans, then in parallel with the diet you need to start bringing your body into tone so that it is not only slim, but also toned.

A bit of the history of the Kremlin diet

The Diet of American Astronauts, which is also known under the other name of the Kremlin Diet, is surrounded by a halo of unprecedented mystery, and today it has become very popular among all diet lovers who also want to take care of their health.

The Kremlin diet is called a secret for the simple reason that for quite some time the main recipe for this diet was not disclosed to anyone. That is why all kinds of rumors circulated about its results, which were considered miraculous.

Initially, this diet was used during the development of the diet of US astronauts - therefore, the "diet of American astronauts." As for the second name of the diet, which also became known as the “Kremlin diet”, this name appeared due to the fact that for a long time senior party workers and officials were losing weight on this diet. By the way, on this diet I managed to lose weight the measure of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. That is why, thanks to the presence of such eloquent examples, the Kremlin diet today is extremely popular in Russia.

The essence of diet

Kremlin diet It works on this principle:

The intake of carbohydrates is sharply limited in the body due to the fact that the intake of carbohydrates is just the same in the diet. After that, the body begins to expend its internal reserves, which are located in body fat.

Thanks to this, weight loss occurs. The more reserves the body has, the faster it spends them. It should be borne in mind that during the diet it is allowed to eat large quantities of meat, and at the same time it does not slow down the process of losing weight.

In the first week, up to 20 grams of carbohydrates should be present in the diet, and after that it can be increased to 40 grams.

There are exceptions - food, which is strictly not recommended. These are products such as potato dishes, flour and sweet products, bread, sugar and rice. The first two weeks are also prohibited the use of foods such as fruits, juices, vegetables. The main rule that you should adhere to, and which is the key to success in losing weight, is not to sweeten anything.. By the way, it is allowed to drink tomato juice.

You can eat foods such as fish, cheese, meat, vegetables that are low in carbohydrates, as well as other foods that are low in carbohydrates. In order to correctly navigate how much carbohydrate is contained in which product, there is Kremlin diet table. Each product has its own value. One point equals 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Table Kremlin diet

Wheat50Creamy crackers66 Rye34Rye cakes43 Borodinsky40Premium wheat flour68 Riga51Wheat flour first grade67 Armenian pita bread56Seeded rye flour64 Diabetic38Corn flour70 Cereal bread43Soya flour16 Butter buns51Potato starch79 Bagels58Corn starch85 Drying68Pasta69 Sweet straws69Egg noodles68 Buckwheat62Millet66 Buckwheat (done)65Barley66 Manna67Rice71 Oatmeal49Peas50 "Hercules"50Beans46 Pearl barley66

Beef, veal0Beef sausages1,5 Lamb, pork0Pork sausages2 Geese, ducks0Dairy sausages1,5 Rabbit0Sausages0 A hen0Doctoral sausage1,5 Breadcrumbs5Korean0 Meat with flour sauce6Fat0 Heart0Pork tongue, beef0 Beef liver0Pork legs0 Chicken liver1,5Eggs in any form (piece)0,5 Steak0

Fresh, frozen fish (river, sea)0Oysters7 Boiled fish0Squid4 Breadcrumbs12Lobsters1 Smoked fish0Shrimp0 Crabs2Black caviar0 Fish in tomato6Red caviar0 Mussels5Sea kale1 Pasteurized milk4,7Kefir, yogurt3,2 Baked milk4,7Sugar free yogurt3,5 Cream4Sweet yogurt8,5 Sour cream3Cheese of different grades0,5 - 2 Fat cottage cheese2,8Butter1,3 Low-fat cottage cheese1,8Margarine1 Diet curd1Table mayonnaise2,6 Sweet curd15Vegetable oil0 Glazed cheeses32

Watermelon9Leek6,5 Eggplant5Bulb onions9 Beans8Green onion3,5 Swede7Parsley (greens)8 Green peas12Parsley (root)10,5 Melon9Radish4 Cauliflower5Radish6,5 White cabbage5Turnip5 Kohlrabi cabbage8Leaf lettuce2 Red cabbage5Beet9 Green beans3Celery (root)6 Carrot7Celery (greens)2 Pumpkin4Asparagus3 Squash4Horseradish7,5 Daikon (chinese radish)1Ramson6 Tomatoes4Garlic5 Sweet green pepper5Potatoes16 Sweet red pepper5Spinach2 Fresh cucumber3Sorrel3 Whites1Dried boletus14 Dried white7,5Fresh boletus1 Fresh breasts1Dried boletus13 Fresh chanterelles1,5Ginger0,5 Fresh butterflies0,5Morels0,2 Fresh mushrooms0,5Russula1,5 Boletus1,5Champignon0,1 Chicken, meat broth0Goulash soup12 Tomato soup17Mushroom soup15 Vegetable soup16Green cabbage soup12 Pea soup20

Fish0Squash Cavier8,5 Green pea6,5Eggplant Caviar5 Beans2,5Beetroot caviar2 Corn14,5Seaweed Salad4 Olives5Peppers stuffed with vegetables11 Tomatoes4Tomato paste19 Cucumbers3 Refined Sugar99Milk chocolate54 Honey75Bitter chocolate50 Paste80Chocolate with nuts48 Halva55Chocolates51 Sponge cake50Candy sweets83 Almond cake45Marmalade76 Cream cake62Caramel with filling92 Butter Cookies75Condensed milk56 Custard gingerbread cookies77Apple jam66 Fruit Wafers80Strawberry jam71 Ordinary waffles65Raspberry jam71 Fruit ice cream25Jam68 Popsicle ice cream20Diabetic jam3 Creamy ice cream22Apple jam65 Lollipops70Jam is diabetic9 Apricot9Peach9,5 Quince8Nectarine13 Cherry plum6,5Rowan8,5 A pineapple11,5Chokeberry11 Orange8Plum9,5 Banana21Dates68 Cherry10Persimmon13 Garnet11Sweet cherry10,5 Grapefruit6,5The apples9,5 Pear9,5Raisins66 Figs11Dried apricots55 Kiwi10Prunes58 Dogwood9Dried pear49 Lemon3Dried apples45 Mandarin8Dried apricots53 Lingonberry8Cloudberry6 Grape15Sea buckthorn5 Blueberry7White currant8 Blackberry4,5Red currants7,5 Strawberry6,5Black currant7,5 Cranberry4Blueberries8 Gooseberry9Rosehip Fresh10 Raspberries8Dried Rosehip21,5 Greek12Cashew25 Cedar10Coconut20 Peanut15Sesame seeds20 Hazelnut15Pumpkin seeds12 Almond11Sunflower seeds18 Pistachios15

Mineral water0Plum juice with pulp11 Tea, coffee without sugar0Cherry Juice11,5 Apple juice7,5Apricot juice14 Orange juice12Carrot juice6 Grape Juice14Stewed apricot21 Tomato juice3,5Stewed Compote19 Grapefruit juice8Compote cherry24 Tangerine juice9Pear compote18 Pomegranate juice14Apple compote19 Plum juice16Xylitol compote6 Dry red wine1Vodka0 Dry white wine1Brandy, brandy0 Beer 250 g12Rum0 Liquor 60 g18Tequila0 Whiskey0

Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)0,5Horseradish (1 tbsp.spoon)0,4 Ground chili pepper (1 teaspoon)0,5Ketchup (1 tablespoon)4 Vinegar (1 tablespoon)2,3Soy sauce (1 tablespoon)1 Apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp.spoon)1BBQ Sauce (1 tbsp)1,8 White wine vinegar (1 tbsp.spoon)1,5Sweet and sour sauce Wine red vinegar (1 tablespoon)0(1/4 cup)15 Mustard (1 tbsp.spoon)0,5Tomato Sauce (1/4 cup)3,5 Cranberry Sauce (1 tablespoon)6,5Tartar sauce (1 tablespoon)0,5 Capers (1 tbsp.spoon)0,4Meat sauce (based on broth, 1/4 cup)3 Ginger Root (1 tbsp.spoon)0,8Spicy herbs (1 tablespoon)0,1

As for products such as sausage, sausages, sausages, they must be consumed with great care. The fact is that in modern production these products very often do not correspond to the declared content of meat and meat products in them. Increasingly, these products are being replaced by soy, which is unacceptable during the Kremlin diet. Starch is also added very often. Thus, since these supplements contain a huge amount of carbohydrates, their use must be discarded. Of course, if you really want to benefit from a diet.

Despite the fact that the diet does not limit the use of products such as meat and cheese, this does not mean that you can eat them in kilograms, and at the same time lose weight. To increase the effectiveness of the Kremlin diet, it is necessary not only to count points, but also to adhere to the daily regimen and sleep regimen. So, in the event that you will not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime, then the effectiveness of the diet will only increase.

When people turn to a nutritionist, they are usually given a rough diet. However, you can do it yourself. The main thing is to observe the principle of diet. In the first two weeks you need to score 20 points, and then less than 40 points. Since you can eat a lot of meat and fish on this diet, you need to make sure that they are well absorbed. And for this they are best consumed with vegetables.


fried eggs from 2 eggs with ham - 1 cu
cheese, 100 g - 1 srvc. units
coffee or tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

vegetable salad with champignons 150 g - 6 srvc. units
celery soup, 250 g - 8 srvc. units
steak - 0 srvc units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

High tea:
walnuts, 50 g - 6 srvc. units

boiled chicken, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
average tomato - 6 srvc. units

Total: 28 srvc units


cottage cheese, 150 g - 5 srvc. units
2 boiled eggs stuffed with mushrooms - 1 conv. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

vegetable salad with oil, 100 g - 4 srvc. units
cabbage soup with meat and sour cream, 250 g - 6 conv. units
barbecue, 100 g - 0 srvc. units
tea, coffee without sugar - 0 srvc. units

High tea:
cheese, 200 g - 2 srvc. units

boiled cauliflower, 100 g - 5 srvc. units
fried chicken breast - 0 srvc. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

Total: 23 srvc units


3 boiled sausages - 0 srvc. units
fried eggplant, 100 g -5 srvc. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

cabbage salad with oil, 100 g - 5 conventional. units
soup of processed cheese with vegetables, 250 g - 6 srvc. units
chop of lean pork, 100 g - 0 srvc. units
coffee without sugar - 0 srvc. units

High tea:
10 black olives - 2 srvc. units

average tomato - 6 srvc. units
boiled fish, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
a glass of kefir - 6 srvc. units

Total: 36 srvc units


cauliflower salad, 100 g - 5 conventional. units
4 boiled sausages - 3 srvc. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

vegetable salad with champignons, 150g - 6 srvc. units
chicken broth, 250 g (a piece of chicken, greens, onions) - 5 srvc. units
lamb kebab, 100 g - 0 srvc. units
coffee without sugar - 0 srvc. units

High tea:
cheese, 200 g - 2 srvc. units

lettuce, 200 g - 4 srvc. units
fried fish, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

Total: 25 srvc units


omelet from 4 eggs with grated cheese - 3 conv. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

grated carrot salad, 100 g - 7 srvc. units
celery soup, 250 g - 8 srvc. units
escalope - 0 srvc. units

High tea:
peanuts 30 g - 5 srvc. units

dry red wine, 200 g - 2 srvc. units
cheese, 100 g - 1 srvc. units
boiled fish, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
lettuce, 200 g - 4 srvc. units

Total: 30 srvc units


cheese, 100 g - 1 srvc. units
fried eggs from 2 eggs with ham - 1 srvc. units
green tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

cabbage and beetroot salad with sunflower oil 100 g - 6 srvc. units
ear, 250 g - 5 srvc. units
fried chicken, 250 g - 5 srvc. units

High tea:
pumpkin seeds, 50 g - 6 srvc. units

lettuce, 100 g - 2 srvc. units
boiled fish, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
a glass of unsweetened kefir - 10 srvc. units

Total: 31 srvc units


4 boiled sausages - 3 srvc. units
squash caviar, 100 g - 8 srvc. units

salad with cucumbers, 100 g - 3 srvc. units
meat solyanka, 250 g - 5 srvc. units
grilled chicken, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
tea without sugar - 0 srvc. units

High tea:
walnuts, 30 g - 4 srvc. units

average tomato - 6 srvc. units
boiled meat, 200 g - 0 srvc. units
a glass of unsweetened kefir - 10 srvc. units

Total: 31 srvc units

Indications and contraindications

Like any other diet, the Kremlin diet has its own indications and contraindications. As we have already found out diet indications are overweight, as well as the diseases caused by it, the spectrum of which is unusually wide. Accordingly, the patient is recommended to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

As for contraindications, they are chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys and blood vessels. Diet is also contraindicated. pregnant womenwho decided to comply with it without a doctor’s testimony.

Today, one in three has urolithiasis to one degree or another. So, with this disease, the use of fats in the amount prescribed by the Kremlin diet is prohibited. The same goes for the effect of proteins on sick kidneys.

Therefore, if your health is dear to you (and this diet is designed for a long time), you must initially undergo an examination, then to go on a diet with a clear conscience. However, if this diet suits you in all respects, You can supplement the reduced amount of consumed proteins by filling them with vegetables, which are allowed to be used according to the table of the Kremlin diet.

Features compliance with the Kremlin diet

As during any diet, during the Kremlin diet it is necessary to take into account some of its specific features.

So, close attention, as mentioned earlier, should be given sugar intake. It is especially difficult to limit sugar intake to those who are sweet tooth in life. Nutritionists have long called sugar white death, since its use does not conceal anything useful to humans. Thus, the Kremlin diet is not compatible with the use of sugar.

If you pay attention to the carbohydrate table, you can see that in sugar is 99 cu per hundred grams of product. And the daily carbohydrate diet should be no more than 40 cu Thus, if you consume only 40 grams of sugar, then you will spend your entire daily diet. Moreover, if you eat a whole chicken, then it will not bring harm to the diet.

That is why, if you can not imagine your life without sweets, this diet will be very difficult for you, which means you should look for a more suitable diet. But, if the fruits are able to compensate you for the consumption of sweets in a small amount, then it is worth a try, as the diet is very effective.

The Kremlin diet also pays special attention to drinking water. Since it is water that maintains the correct water-salt balance, it also reduces the load on the human body. In addition, water removes toxins from the body. Every day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

Another feature that often accompanies the Kremlin diet is constipation. This unpleasant phenomenon can easily be nullified if you use bran during the diet. Only one tablespoon of bran is able to return digestion to its normal state.

The main mistakes in observing the Kremlin diet

People who are accustomed to eating little and not often make the same mistake during the Kremlin diet. Meanwhile, during this diet, you need to eat fully and in large portions. You need to eat fully twice a day, and you also need to have a snack twice a day. It is regular consumption of food that contributes to normal digestion, as well as the saturation of the body with energy. In no case should you skip breakfast, otherwise the entire diet will be spoiled. Since fruits should be excluded from the diet as much as possible, those that you will eat should be rich in fiber.

During the Kremlin diet you can not exclude fats from the diet. For example, if you introduce olive oil into the diet, it will only benefit your weight loss. In that case, if you were invited to a restaurant or cafe, you should not concede a diet. The Kremlin diet is a way of life, not a temporary solution.

By the way, the huge plus of the Kremlin diet is the lack of the need to count calories. The main thing is to create a balanced menu.

When dieting, many women begin exhaust yourself with sports, since they believe that the greater the load, the better they will be able to lose weight. However, this does not apply to the Kremlin diet. This diet is not designed for intense sports. All that you need in order to lose weight is either to play sports in the mode that you supported before, or to enter a little physical activity. Sports in a mild form can improve metabolism, as well as help to cope with digestive problems. You may not even have to eat bran.

A very important point during the conduct of the Kremlin diet is the way out of it. This should be done gradually, since extra pounds can easily come back. However, many people accept the Kremlin diet as a new way of life, because you can easily get used to it. Due to the balanced diet, as well as the fact that it is quite long, addiction is very easy. Therefore, after the end of the diet, many continue to stick to it all their lives. And this is the best solution, because it will help to consolidate the achieved results.

Gradually, your weight will be fully fixed on the desired indicator, and will no longer increase, delighting you with a good figure and excellent health.

History, other name variations

Due to its popularity and interesting name, many fiction and rumors have been revolving around the Kremlin diet since its inception. For example, Wikipedia tells readers that it is an analogue of the famous Ducane diet. The difference from the base program is a more expanded list of allowed products. You can find information that says that “kremlevka” is a variation of the equally popular Atkins diet, which implies a reduction in carbohydrates consumed amid an increase in protein and fat in the diet. Third sources talk about the secret origin and development of a diet for the Soviet elite, which is why it certainly deserves its name.

For the first time, people started talking about the diet when the journalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda Yevgeny Chernykh began to publish his own diet, which he used as an experiment. Eugene explained to readers that a deterioration in health prompted a diet. An approximate ration was shared with him by his distant relative, who claimed that this was a famous diet of American astronauts.

To begin with, the journalist conducted experiments in nutrition only on himself. When he was convinced that this diet was absolutely safe for the body, Eugene began to urge people to use this technique. Every Saturday, readers read fascinating stories where he shared his own results.

It was not long before a large number of people became like-minded people. Supporters of the diet actively shared their personal achievements, wrote about new dishes, physical exercises, and also told their own opinion about the method of Eugene.

In a short time, an individual experiment became a slimming marathon, the participants of which were able to achieve a positive result. According to some rumors, the diet was originally called Komsomol, thanks to the newspaper that first released it. Gradually, people began to call it the Kremlin.

Evgeny Chernykh is the author of the book, the full version for printing of which was ready in 2006. In it, he tried to explain quite broadly the mechanism of action of dietary nutrition. The program is based on the calculation of carbohydrates, which are scored. All the secrets for beginners are described openly: how to start the path to losing weight, how many points are allowed to use at different phases of the diet, what is allowed to eat and how to get the most effective result. The author honestly shared the contraindications that the program has. There is also information about possible harm.

Of course, one article does not provide complete information on the entire weight loss program. But, let's try to figure out how it works and which stages it contains.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

The basic principle is to limit carbohydrates while increasing your intake of foods that are high in protein and fat. Such a shift in nutrition towards protein products leads to the cessation of the deposition of new fat reserves. In parallel, energy is created from old layers of fat.

The main tool for losing weight is a score table. It contains the name of different products, opposite which the number of conventional units denoting carbohydrates is indicated. A little later we will give you a full table of products.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in any program, the Kremlin diet also has its pros and cons.

An indisputable advantage is the fact that a person does not have to experience a tormenting feeling of hunger, severely limiting himself in nutrition.

  • Efficiency,
  • A wide range of permitted products,
  • The usual daily routine
  • Lack of hunger
  • You don’t need to constantly count calories consumed,
  • Improving the condition of the skin.

Of the most unfavorable moments, the following can be distinguished:

  • The growing lack of vitamins, nutrients,
  • Digestive disorders
  • Increased load on the excretory system,
  • Metabolic disorders

To avoid negative consequences, experts recommend choosing vitamin complexes. They are best used from the very beginning of the diet. And to avoid problems from the digestive system, eat 20-30g. bran daily.


Not every person is able to withstand the stress that develops during the diet period. It is strictly forbidden to use the Kremlin weight loss program in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy,
  • Breastfeeding period,
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes and other metabolic disorders,
  • Depression,
  • Oncology,
  • High obesity.

Even with the complete absence of these diseases, take time to visit a doctor before starting a diet.

Stage 1 - induction

The phase lasts from 7 to 14 days. The daily norm of conventional units (cu) should not exceed 20. But, it is allowed to eat until fully saturated. Meat and fish are equal to 0 cu, and the initial menu consists of these products.

At the first stage, you will have to completely abandon sweets, pastries, lactic acid products, alcohol and artificial sauces. The process of losing weight is fast enough. After passing the first stage, you can lose about 10 kg.

Stage 2 - Weight Loss

The second phase lasts from two to six weeks. The program is selected exclusively individually and depends on the number of kilograms that you need to get rid of.

Weekly daily norm gradually increases by 10, reaching 40. The diet contains vegetables, fruits, nuts and lactic acid products with the exception of cheeses.

If the process of losing weight is delayed, you will have to reduce the daily rate to $ 20 In no case do not force your own body to feel hungry. It will slow down the metabolism, as well as the process of losing weight. Breaks between meals should not exceed four hours.

The third stage can be started when two or three kilograms will be separated from the desired goal.

Stage 3 - adjust your carbohydrate intake

The stage lasts about 1-3 weeks. Experts recommend stretching the period to three months. The daily rate increases gradually, but does not exceed 60 points. If the weight does not decrease at this stage, you will have to reduce the number of units used. Slowly, you can include potatoes, cereals, legumes, and fruits that were not previously allowed in the diet.

If the circumstances are positive, proceed to the final stage.

How much can you lose per month and per week

The amount of lost kilograms depends on the initial weight of the losing weight and the characteristics of his body. The author of the program says about the possibility of losing about 30 kg of excess weight. A person will lose weight gradually, so as not to become the owner of sagging skin and diseased kidneys. Therefore, experts advise not to lose weight more than 10 kg per month. They claim that dieting more than once a year is dangerous to health.

Full score table

As already mentioned, subject to the Kremlin diet, you will have to take time to calculate points. Nutritionists have developed as an auxiliary tool for losing weight a table of products, where for every 100 g of food the number of points is indicated (cu).

Products, 100 gr. Points Products, 100 gr. Points
Bread, flour, pasta, pastriesCereals and Legumes
Soya flour16Beans46
Diabetic38Split peas50
Cereal bread43Buckwheat62
Riga51Pearl barley66
Butter buns51Millet66
Armenian pita bread56Manna67
Rye seeded flour64
Creamy Rusks66Soups (500 g)
Wheat flour 1 grade67
Premium wheat flour68Goulash12
Egg noodles68Green cabbage soup12
Corn flour70Vegetable16
Potato starch79Tomato17
Corn starch85Pea20
Meat, poultry Seafood
Beef, beef0Fresh or frozen sea and river fish0
Pork, lamb0Smoked fish0
A hen0Boiled fish0
Geese, ducks0Shrimp0
Rabbit0Black caviar0
Beef liver0Red caviar0
Chicken liver1,5Sea kale1

For a week

The first seven days will be the hardest for losing weight, because you have to reduce the usual diet to 20 cu

Day of the weekBreakfastDinnerHigh teaDinner
MondayA slice of cheese, a pair of sausages, a chicken egg and green teaLow-fat chicken broth, vegetable salad with mushrooms, green teaPaul packs of low fat cottage cheeseSteam-cooked salmon, a glass of low-fat kefir
TuesdaySteam omelet, green tea, a slice of cheeseVegetable soup, mushrooms, stewed with sour cream, green teaA glass of low-fat kefirSteam Fish, Seaweed Salad
WednesdayFat-free cottage cheese, green teaKharcho, vegetable salad, green teaLow Fat YogurtStewed cabbage, low-fat kefir
ThursdaySteamed omelet, sausages, cheese, green teaChicken noodles, poultry chop, green teaA piece of cheeseCauliflower, poultry liver with sour cream
FridayLow-fat cottage cheese, egg and a glass of kefirChicken Soup, Coleslaw, Green TeaHalf avocadoShrimps with cheese, cucumber and tomato salad
SaturdayFried eggs with tomatoes, green teaChicken chop, green teaTomato juiceOven baked zucchini, a slice of cheese
SundayZucchini caviar, bread rolls, egg, green teaVegetable stew, chicken soup, green teaLow Fat KefirBaked Chicken Fillet, Cucumber Salad

For 10 days

If there were no consequences for the body in the first week of the diet, you can go to a ten-day course.

DietBreakfastDinnerHigh teaDinner
FirstOmelet with mushrooms, green teaFresh cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled chicken filletSome olivesSeafood, green tea
SecondA pair of pieces of boiled eggs, a slice of cheese, green teaFish chop, cauliflower, cucumbers, green teaNutsOven baked eggplant, low fat yogurt or kefir

For 2 week

The ration of the two-week program is not much different from the previous schedule. It is necessary to completely exclude prohibited products. In two weeks it will be possible to lose about 10 kg of excess weight.

Day Breakfast Dinner High tea Dinner
First Fried eggs, a slice of cheese, green teaFish, several olives, seaweed saladTomato juiceSteamed chicken fillet, cucumbers and fat-free kefir
Second Fat-free cottage cheese, herbal teaChicken stock, vegetable salad, ground beef cutletNutsBaked chicken fillet, boiled cauliflower, green tea
Third A glass of yogurt, a slice of cheese, a pair of chicken eggsVegetable and ear saladOlivesFish, salad, tea
Fourth Boiled chicken fillet, salad, teaBaked mushrooms under sour cream, cucumbersTomato juiceBoiled fish, salad, tea
Fifth Curd casserole, yogurtOmelet, a piece of cheese, chicken chopNuts, tomato juiceBoiled fish, a glass of yogurt
Sixth Omelet, a slice of cheeseBoiled fish, tomatoes and cucumbers, green teaAny vegetableBoiled fish, a glass of kefir
Seventh Cottage cheese casserole, a glass of kefir, a slice of cheeseMushroom soup, vegetable salad, green tea50 g nutsSteamed chicken breast, lettuce, greens, a glass of kefir
Eighth Zucchini caviar, 3 soft-boiled eggs, a glass of kefirEar, baked chicken breast with garlic, green teaTomato juiceBoiled chicken breast, cucumber, a glass of kefir
Ninth Curd, soft-boiled egg, herbal teaMushroom soup with chicken, vegetable salad, teaGlass of kefirSteamed Chicken, Sauerkraut Salad with Onion
Tenth 2 soft-boiled eggs, a glass of low-fat kefir, 50 g of cottage cheeseLight chicken soup, baked chicken breast, greens, green teaGlass of kefirSteamed beef cutlet, cucumber salad
Eleventh Cottage cheese with herbs, a glass of kefirVegetable soup, steamed chicken breast, 2 cucumbersCheese sliceBaked fish, lettuce and greens, herbal tea
Twelfth Steamed omelet of 3 eggs, a slice of cheese, green teaSteamed beef, vegetable saladGlass of kefirBoiled fish, lettuce
Thirteenth 3 soft-boiled eggs, a slice of cheese, green teaSteamed beef cutlet, sauerkraut salad with onions and cranberries, herbal teaTomato juiceBoiled fish, greens salad, green tea
Fourteenth Squash caviar (50 g), boiled beef (80 g), green teaEar, stewed vegetables with sour cream, herbal tea50 g nutsBoiled beef, tomato and cucumber salad, a glass of kefir

Mushroom Chicken Soup

At the initial stage, you can not eat vegetables with the exception of mushrooms and unsweetened pepper. Among the ingredients we need: champignons, chicken, pepper and herbs. Dice and fry food. Then boil them together and add the greens. Such a dish will be equal to 0.52 cu And chicken stock without additives at all - 0 cu

Stuffed zucchini

Make small cuts along the zucchini, removing the flesh from them. Insert slices of cheese and tomato into the resulting holes. Stuffed zucchini with salt and pepper to taste. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, then send the dish to bake for twenty minutes. One serving of such food is equal to 7.6 cu

Nutritionist Opinion

The Kremlin diet is considered one of the most famous and used in Russia over the past 15 years, although in recent years it has also somewhat fallen into the background against the backdrop of more modern counterparts. Is it still relevant?

The emergence of this diet is covered in many myths. The most likely version - the basics of this diet came from the United States, but there are no exact sources of information on this subject. From a nutritional point of view, this approach is most reminiscent of the Ornish diet and modern keto diets.

The Kremlin diet belongs to the group of protein diets and does not require calorie calculations, which can be considered a relative plus. Nevertheless, it involves the calculation of special conventional units (cu), determined by special tables. In the tables, products with many carbohydrates in their composition occupy more points, and less carbohydrate-less products. The first 2 weeks are called the entry stage, when there is a sharp restriction of the intake of carbohydrates from food, due to which the metabolic pathways are rearranged in the body and the necessary carbohydrates begin to form from fat, including previously accumulated fat. When eating on the Kremlin diet, you can eat all kinds of protein foods, including fatty foods - meat, fish, cheese, cottage cheese, as well as nuts, and you can drink alcohol. The price of such freedom is an almost complete rejection of carbohydrates: you can’t eat bread, pasta, pastries and everything sweet, vegetables and fruits can only be eaten crispy and non-starchy. As a result, the body begins to process its own fat into carbohydrates, due to which weight loss can occur.

The disadvantages of this approach are:

  • - the need for calculations and maintaining a food diary - let them count not calories, but abstract points. However, this is almost an indispensable attribute of almost any serious method of weight loss, so this can be considered a minus conditionally
  • - the need for a substantial dietary review: it will be necessary to completely abandon all flour and starchy foods, including all types of bakery products, all sweets, heat-treated vegetables, as well as many other products, including carbohydrates
  • - a high risk of ketoacidosis, which can lead to negative consequences - starting with bad breath and ending with serious metabolic disorders
  • - the likelihood of constipation

  • - the ability to eat fatty and protein foods
  • - maintaining the possibility of drinking alcohol (within reasonable limits)
  • - no need to count calories (although you need to count points)

The main question is the stability of the result, since carbohydrate food can be abandoned for several weeks or months of weight loss, but can it be abandoned for life? And when you return to the diet of bread and rolls, a relapse in weight is almost inevitable. Therefore, from the point of view of stability of the results, it would be more efficient to learn to properly balance the diet, taking into account carbohydrate foods.

Operating principle

When you consume an insufficient amount of carbohydrates in a person, the level of glucose in the blood decreases, which causes the body to process fat reserves into glucose. The diet does not impose restrictions on the use of proteins, but it is specifically stipulated that their unlimited consumption (much more than before the diet) negatively affects health. In particular, a lot of nitrogen accumulates in the body.

This diet provides a strict calculation of the amount of carbohydrates eaten. High-carb dishes, such as flour and confectionery products, cereals (that is, containing starch or sugar) are completely excluded from the diet.

There is a misconception that the essence of the Kremlin diet is that you can eat an unlimited amount of meat, you only need to strictly limit the intake of carbohydrates.

If you follow a diet, it is recommended that you exercise to maintain muscle tone. In addition, the consumption of vegetables is mandatory.

Fall in popularity

Amid the success of the Kremlin diet, a number of publishers have published books containing not only a misinterpretation of the system, but also supplemented by authors' recipes that had nothing to do with dietetics. So, the list of allowed products included flour, sugar, potatoes, chocolate. A number of critical articles have arisen, which, in fact, are not related to the Kremlin diet. In this regard, the effectiveness, and hence the popularity of the diet has come to naught.

The history of the Kremlin diet

Contrary to the name that causes us to associate with the Kremlin, the diet did not appear in Russia and was not invented for the Kremlin "celestials." It was created in the United States and was originally called the "Diet of American Astronauts."

Perhaps, not one of the weight loss systems was surrounded by so many myths as the Kremlin diet for weight loss. In those days when it was just gaining popularity, many people were sure that its foundation was made up of some special products and rare ingredients that were not available to mere mortals. Over the years, rumors and speculation have dissipated and it turned out that in the States itself it is not popular, moreover, almost no one knows about it. Yes, indeed, some astronauts undergo certain dietary programs before the flight, but it is not communicated to the public by what principle this program works. Most likely, the diet arose by mixing several systems for weight loss, gave positive results and gradually began to gain momentum.

“Kremlin” owes its modern name to some Russian government officials who borrowed recipes from the “American astronauts” diet to lose weight.

The principles of the Kremlin diet

"Kremlin" refers to the category of low-carb and in many ways similar to the diet of cardiologist Robert Atkins. The basis of the diet is proteins and fats, the amount of fast carbohydrates consumed is minimal. Such a food system fundamentally contradicts the basic tenets of dietetics, according to which restrictions are imposed on meat, fats, oil.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin’s diet is not without scientific grounds: the body, without getting the carbohydrates necessary for it to function properly, is forced to expend fat reserves and process them into glucose.During the diet, its blood level drops sharply, which is an incentive for the body to work to fill the deficiency of the most important monosaccharide by burning fat cells. This starts the weight loss process. A prerequisite for a good result is a reasonable sports load, since in the process of losing weight, the skin sags and loses elasticity.

What is cu?

So, carbohydrate foods are excluded from the diet. But proteins are used in unlimited quantities, so the "Kremlin" can rightfully be called not only low-carb, but also protein. Adherents of this weight loss system are attracted by the fact that you do not need to engage in such a tedious task as counting calories, painting meals for almost hours, and violating the usual daily routine.

According to the diet, all products are assigned arbitrary units (points. Price, cu), which can be found in the corresponding table on the official website (per 100 grams). There is also a table in which you can find out the content of conventional units in ready-made dishes, because losing weight will be interesting to know how many points, say, in one cutlet or a plate of borsch. When compiling a menu for every day, points should be counted so as not to exceed the daily norm.

Table of Kremlin diet products

Vegetables, fruits, greensScore table ye
Eggplant Caviar5
Green peas8
Daikon (chinese radish)1
Cachabeca caviar7,5
White cabbage5
Boiled cabbage4,5
Brussels sprouts3
Kohlrabi cabbage8
Red cabbage5
Boiled cabbage3,5
Boiled potatoes16
Mashed potatoes15
Fried potatoes24
Deep-fried potato30
Green onion3,5
Greenhouse Cucumber2
Fresh cucumber3
Pickled cucumber2
Parsnip (root)9
Canned Tomatoes with Peel3,5
Canned Tomatoes without Peel2,5
Sweet green pepper5
Sweet red pepper5
Parsley root10
Leaf salad2
Celery root6,5
Celery greens2
Jerusalem artichoke13
Dill greens6
Green beans3
Bread, flourScore table ye
Sliced ​​long loaf (premium wheat flour)51
Lavash Armenian56
Wheat bread50
Premium wheat flour71
Wheat flour first grade69
Wheat flour second grade65
Wallpaper flour62
Wheat germ flour33
Seeded rye flour64
Buckwheat flour71
Corn flour70
Rice flour80
Fat-free soya flour18
Fat-free soya flour22
Milk rolls50
Butter rolls56
Buns are capital54
Egg noodles68
Rye cakes44
Long cookies70
Oatmeal cookies73
Butter Cookies69
Custard gingerbread cookies75
Tea horns57
Vanilla drying71
Sweet straws69
Creamy crackers67
Crackers kirieshki62
Potato starch79
Corn starch85
Dried fruitsScore table ye
Dried pear63
Dried figs58
Dried apricots51
Dried peach58
Dried apricots53
Dried apples
JamScore table ye
Apple jam65
Applesauce (cons.)19
SausagesScore table ye
For breakfast2,5
Tea Room1,5
Cooked smoked, half-smoked, uncooked smoked0,5
Hunting sausages0,3
Beef sausages1,5
Pork sausages2
Beef sausages1
Milk Sausages0,5
Russian sausages1,5
Sausages are capital0,5
DairyScore table ye
Unsweetened yogurt 1.5% fat5,9
Unsweetened yogurt 3.2% fat
Unsweetened yogurt 6% fat
Sweet yogurt8,5
Fruit yogurt14
Miracle Fruit Yogurt16
Cocoa with condensed milk. pier and sah. (cons.)52
Coffee with thickened. pier and sah. (cons.)53
Kefir nonfat4
Kefir 1% fat4
Kefir 2.5% fat4
Koumiss from cow's milk6,3
Mare's milk koumiss5
Table mayonnaise3
Unsalted butter 33 cows0,8
Butter Vologda0,8
Salted butter Peasant1,3
Butter Sandwich1,7
Non-Fat Pasteurized Milk4,9
Pasteurized milk 1.5%4,8
Pasteurized milk 2.5%4,8
Pasteurized milk 3.2%4,7
Baked nonfat milk5
Baked milk 1% fat4,8
Baked milk 4% fat4,7
Dry milk 15% fat45
Dry milk 25% fat39
Condensed milk with sugar (canned.)55
Sterilized condensed milk (canned.)10
Sour milk curd3,8
Yogurt 1% fat4,1
Sour milk 2.5% fat4,1
Cream 8-10% fat4,5
Cream 20% fat4
Cream 25% fat3,9
Cream 35% fat3,2
Cream thickened. with sugar (canned.)47
Dry cream 42% fat30
Sour cream 10% fat3,9
Sour cream 20% fat3,4
Sour cream 25% fat3,2
Sour cream 30% fat3,1
Low-fat home-made cheese1,5
Homemade cheese 4% fat1,5
Sweet glazed curd cheese 8%12
Sweet glazed curd cheese cakes with vanilla 16%9,5
Sweet glazed curd cheese curds 23%19
Glazed curds with vanilla33
Tan (Ayran)2
Low-fat cottage cheese3,3
Curd soft diet low-fat3,3
Cottage cheese 2% fat3
Cottage cheese 5% fat3
Curd 18% fat2,8
Soft cottage cheese diet 4% fat3
Sweet curd with vanilla 16%9,5
Sweet curd with raisins 23%27
Tofu soft2
Tofu hard3
Cereals (in dry form)Score table ye
Buckwheat kernel57
Buckwheat done60
Pea seed50
Split peas48
Corn grain60
Oats (grain)55
Pearl barley67
Wheat (grain)57
Polished millet67
Polished rice74
Basmati Rice77
Wild rice70
Long grain rice78,5
Brown Mistral Rice72
Ontario wild black rice68
Steamed rice78
Rice Texas82
Rye (grain)55
Soya (grain)17
Barley (grain)56
Canned foodScore table ye
Green pea6,5
Dessert corn20
Sweet corn22
Squash caviar8,5
Beetroot caviar2
Seaweed Salad4
Natural fish in oil0
Fish in tomato sauce6
Peppers stuffed with vegetables11
Cod liver1,2
Tomato Paste19
Tomato Puree12
Green beans2,5
Red beans13
Sprats in oil0
Meat (offal)Score table ye
Lamb, beef, horse meat, rabbit, venison, pork, veal0
Whale meat0
Wild meat0
Pinniped meat0
Fat beef, pork0
Pork legs0
SeafoodScore table ye
Black caviar0
Red caviar0
Natural crabs0
Crab sticks15
Crab meat12
Spiny lobster0,5
Sea kale1
CheesesScore table ye
Sausage (smoked)4
Comstrom (melting.)2,5
Russian (melting.)2,5
Bird (boiled, fried without breading, finished)Score table ye
Chicken, Geese, Game, Turkey0
Any kind of egg0,5
Other dishesScore table ye
Lazy Dumplings14
Fried mushrooms in sour cream3
Cottage cheese casserole14
Rice casserole20
Mushroom caviar6,5
Noodles with cottage cheese20
Boiled pasta20
Baked Pasta with Egg15
Rice pudding32
Curd Cheesecakes18
Vegetable dishesScore table ye
Fried eggplant5
The vinaigrette8
Vegetable cabbage rolls7
Boiled peas20
Potato pancakes19
Potato zrazy20
Cabbage Casserole13,5
Squash Cavier7,5
Beetroot caviar12
Boiled zucchini4
Zucchini stewed in sour cream6
Fried cabbage5
Boiled cabbage5
Stewed cabbage5
Boiled potato16
Potato stew with mushrooms13
Baked potatoes in sour cream sauce14
Mashed potatoes15
Fried potatoes24
Deep-fried potato30
Cabbage cutlets15
Potato patties22
Carrot cutlets19
Beetroot cutlets24
Boiled carrots6,5
Pumpkin Fritters19
Carrot pudding14
Carrot Puree8
Radish with butter6,5
Beets with Cheese and Garlic7
Beet stew10
Beetroot Stew with Apples10,5
Carrot Souffle11
Boiled pumpkin4
Vegetable stew10
Cabbage schnitzel11,5
PorridgeScore table ye
Hercules liquid10
Loose buckwheat30
Manna viscous16
Oat liquid11
Pearl barley16
Millet viscous16
Millet friable26
Viscous rice17
Fried rice25
Friable barley23
Pumpkin porridge15,5
Manna cutlets20
Meat dishesScore table ye
Beef Azu10
Lamb, beef, pork, chicken - boiled0
Lamb, beef, pork, chicken - fried0
Lamb, beef, pork, chicken - stewed3,5
Beef Stroganoff6
Steam Chips9
Chops with rice18
Chopped Beef Steak0
Beef Steak with Egg0,5
Pancakes with meat16
Stuffed cabbage with meat and rice8
Hedgehogs with rice15
Home-style roast10
Chopped Zrazy13
Stuffed Zucchini with Meat and Rice10
Chopped meatballs13
Boiled brains0
Egg fried brains4
Oven meat10
Liver fritters10
Boiled dumplings13
Fried dumplings14
Peppers stuffed with meat and rice
Stroganoff liver8
Pies with meat and onions35
Kidneys in Russian11
Braised kidneys5
Meat and Onion Pies36
Rump steak8,5
Fish - boiled, fried, smoked, salted, dried0
Fried egg6
Meatballs with rice14
Chop schnitzel9
Boiled tongue0
First mealScore table ye
Fresh cabbage and potato borsch5,5
Ukrainian borsch6,5
chicken broth0
Meat broth0
Kvass meat okroshka6
Kefir meat okroshka4
Homemade pickle6
Cold beetroot6
Meat hodgepodge1,5
Mushroom hodgepodge1,5
Pea soup20
Fresh fruit soup12
Potato soup8
Potato soup with barley6,5
Noodle soup6
Milk soup with cabbage7
Milk soup with pasta8
Milk soup with rice7,5
Milk soup with pumpkin and semolina5,5
Pearl barley soup with mushrooms6,5
Carrot Soup4,5
Millet Soup with Meat6,5
Millet soup with prunes8
Rice soup6
Celery soup3
Tomato soup17
Mushroom soup15
Green cabbage soup12
Bean soup7
Kharcho soup with meat5,5
Sorrel soup2
Cabbage soup2
Sauerkraut cabbage soup2

What foods can I eat?

The Kremlin diet is quite loyal, since you can eat almost everything. For example, you can allow yourself to eat a bar of chocolate for breakfast, but in this case you will have to refuse a portion of the side dish for lunch or a piece of meat for dinner. And such “generosity” cannot end with anything good for the body.

    potatoes, any meat, poultry, offal, fish (sea, river), seafood, eggs, hard cheese, mushrooms, low-carb vegetables (radish, cucumbers, radishes, celery, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower), seasonings, herbs, vegetable oils (cold pressed, unrefined), animal fats (butter, fish oil). From drinks tea, coffee, herbal infusions are allowed - without added sugar. Alcohol is allowed, but in limited quantities, since it has the ability to whet an appetite.

Sausages, sausages, sausages and smoked meats, with the exception of products produced at home, should be treated with caution. Not all meet the standards and contain additives in the form of soy and starch.

Prohibited foods in the Kremlin diet

    potatoes, bread, sweets, flour products, sugar and sweeteners, dairy products with added sugar (cheese, yogurt), cereals, pasta, rice, including wild, sweet fruits and berries, milkshakes, beer.

Dinner should end 4 hours before bedtime, scoring is done after the last meal. Be sure to drink clean drinking water (without gas) - 1.5-2 liters per day.Water normalizes salt balance, reduces the burden on organs. To avoid constipation, it is recommended to add 1 tablespoon of oat bran to the dishes.

Stages of the Kremlin diet

The first stage lasts about two weeks. During this time, you need to reduce carbohydrates in your diet to 20 cu per day. In addition, you must force yourself to completely abandon such products: fruits, potatoes and corn, also flour products and all kinds of sweets. But the positive aspect is that you can eat meat and fish, cheese and butter, as well as eggs, as much as you like, with anything in any form, in any form of preparation. The result for these two weeks may be different - it depends mainly on the characteristics of your body. Sometimes some managed to lose 10 kilograms, while others only two.

If after two weeks you were satisfied with the achieved result, you can safely proceed to the second, but if the weight loss is negligible and you want to achieve a greater effect, continue the first stage, most importantly, listen to your well-being.

During the second stage, you gradually diversify your diet with vegetables and berries, then seeds and nuts. The addition in the diet should not exceed 5 cu in Week. In addition, constantly monitor the weight and become more often on the scales.

Eating should be regular. The interval between meals should not exceed 6 hours. Eat slowly and only to the point of satisfying the feeling of hunger, in no case overeat. If you notice that at the second stage you gained weight, go back to the first, at which the daily norm of food consumption did not exceed 20 cu

If you feel that you are at the end of the road and you only have to lose a couple more kilograms, the main thing is not to rush. The purpose of such a diet is not only to achieve the desired weight, but also to consolidate the result and maintain it further.

That is why the third stage should last about three months. During this time, you must finally lose weight. In the diet you can add another 10 cu in Week. The main thing - do not rush, the slower the process of losing the last two kilograms, the better. In addition, you should already determine for yourself how many carbohydrates per day you can afford, so as not to harm the figure. Most often, this amount is 55-60 cu in a day.

At the fourth stage, you must maintain the achieved result and not abandon everything, returning to your usual diet. If you want to eat a piece of cake, then it should be extremely rare and then, on special holidays.

At the fourth stage, you must maintain the achieved result and not abandon everything, returning to your usual diet. If you want to eat a piece of cake, then it should be extremely rare and then, on special holidays.

The sequence of the Kremlin diet

It lasts 2 weeks.

  • Permissible amount of carbohydrates - up to $ 20
  • The basis of the diet is meat, fish, butter, cheese. You can not eat vegetables, fruits (except avocados) and juices (with the exception of domestic tomato production).
  • Weight loss is significant - up to 10 kg.

  • Carbohydrate intake increases to 40-50 cu
  • Gradually introduced vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds.
  • The transition to the next stage is carried out when 2 kilograms are left to reach the desired weight.
  • At a stop of weight - return to $ 20

Previously banned foods are gradually being introduced into the diet. Subsequently, it is imperative to control the weight, since if you start to pounce on sweet and starchy foods, kilograms will return very quickly.

General rules

The Kremlin diet, which at the beginning of this century put under its banner a multimillion-dollar “army” of people who before that had been trying to lose weight without using any different weight correction techniques, is one of the modifications of high-protein and low-carb diet based on the physiological phenomenon known as ketosis. This condition in the human body arises as a result of a constant carbohydrate deficiency, and hence energy hunger, which rebuilds metabolism to use their own fat reserves as an energy source.Simply put, eating predominantly foods with a high protein content (the main components of muscle mass) to the detriment of dishes with a rich concentration of carbohydrates (the main ingredients of body fat) forces the human body to convert previously accumulated extra pounds into energy, which is accompanied by weight loss.

According to numerous evidences, keeping a week of “Kremlin” helps to reduce weight by 4-6 kilograms, and compliance with this nutritional regime for a month can lighten the body by 10-12 kilograms.

History of occurrence

Due to its ever-growing popularity and rather pretentious name, the Kremlin diet from the very beginning of its appearance in a number of methods for losing weight began to accumulate a lot of idle fiction regarding its origin as an independent dietary diet.

For example, Wikipedia ranks "Kremlin" to Russian analogues of the world famous Ducan diets with an exorbitantly expanded list of acceptable food dishes, designed for the national mentality (sausage, mayonnaise, meatballs, alcohol, etc.). Other sources position it as a variation of no less famous Atkins diets, which is based on the same principle of a significant reduction in the intake of carbohydrates against the background of an increase in the proportion of proteins and unlimited fat intake. Third information resources give priority to the creation of this diet in the hands of the ghostly and really "Classified" nutritionists who in the past developed it specifically for the party elite of the USSR, in honor of which, ostensibly, it received its famous name.

In fact, the fact of its occurrence, this diet, which later went to the people as "Kremlin", obliged to the observer of the popular publication in the post-Soviet space "TVNZ» Evgeny Chernykh, which since November 2004 on the pages of this newspaper for the first time began to describe its own experiment on losing weight using a similar technique. According to the journalist himself, he was prompted by such a shaky health condition due to being overweight and a paradoxical dietary regime in his own opinion, which came to him from a distant relative who claimed that this was the notorious diet of american astronautsthanks to which the leadership of the current Kremlin is effectively losing weight. By the way, at about the same time, the version of your weight loss is on diet of american astronauts voiced by the then mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, and some other information, occasionally leaking into the press, confirmed the existence of a previously unknown but very effective method of weight correction, common only in government circles.

Having on hand several sheets containing a table of products in cu (conventional units) and instructions for compliance with the regime low carb nutrition, and also seeing in front of him a significantly thinner and even younger relative, Evgeny Chernykh had the idea to try this diet on himself, while simultaneously telling the progress of such an experiment from the pages of the newspaper "TVNZ". After consultation with an academic heart surgeon and an avid follower of low-carb diets Leo Boqueria and a frank conversation with the spokesperson Luzhkova, confirming the well-being of the mayor, edition "Komsomolka" approved the conduct of such a journalistic study, which actually laid the foundation for the spread of this diet among ordinary citizens of Russia.

Having previously convinced from his own experience that such weight loss is really effective and relatively safe, the journalist initiated a long-term experiment to transform his body. Gradually going through all the stages of this at that time still anonymous protein diet, Evgeny Chernykh made detailed reports on his own weight loss results, which were published every Saturday in Komsomolskaya Pravda. Soon, a huge number of subscribers of this newspaper, also wishing to lose weight, connected to this dietary marathon, sharing personal successes or failures, recipes for low-carb dishes, additional physical exercises for a slim figure and other moments and observations related to the process of losing weight. Very quickly, the individual experiment of Evgeny Chernykh grew into a general passion for such nutrition, both for women and for men, many of whom really managed to achieve tangible results in the fight against excessive body weight. According to some reports, it was by analogy with the print publication that first published such a method of losing weight that the people began to call it at first "Komsomol diet", and a little later “Kremlin diet”.

In 2006, the book saw the light of Eugene Chernykh “Kremlin diet”, in which he revealed step by step the very essence of this weight correction technique based on the calculation of carbohydrate intake, estimated in arbitrary units or points, and made recommendations for its observance. In his book, the author very clearly described everything about the Kremlin diet for weight loss and explained to readers where to start their path to renewing the body, how many points per day can be consumed at different stages of the diet, what can be eaten during their observance and how to lose weight most effectively. Also in the printed work of Evgeny Chernykh contains a detailed table of points (c.u.) corresponding to the carbohydrate content of a particular food product or dish, and an approximate menu of the Kremlin diet for each day, based on which you can draw up your own nutrition plan. In addition, on the pages of his own composition, the author provides comprehensive answers to many frequently asked questions, for example: what to eat in a post, why weight does not go, to what extent you can lose weight, and honestly talks about contraindications and the possible harm of this method of losing weight.

Naturally, in the framework of a single article, it is not possible to fully repeat the entire work of Evgeny Chernykh, however, it is quite realistic to convey the general principles of losing weight on the Kremlin, to describe in detail all the stages of the diet and to make a table of an approximate menu for a week after reading this text to the end.

The mechanism of action of the Kremlin diet

As mentioned earlier, the basic principle of this diet is very strict limitation of food intake, which includes carbohydrates and their replacement with foods rich in proteins (mainly) and fats (to a lesser extent). Such a shift in the diet towards protein foods quickly enough leads to a change in metabolic processes in the human body and forces it to first stop creating new reserves of fat, and secondly, start converting old fat deposits accumulated during the period of excessive consumption of sugar-containing foods into energy .

The main tool for a person who is losing weight with the help of the Kremlin diet will be a previously created and long-known food table, in which each of them has a certain number (score / point), also often called a conditional unit (cu), corresponding to the number in this carbohydrate product (not calories). It should be remembered that data on the content of carbohydrates are given in the table per 100 grams of a particular food, and one y. e. (point / point) is equal to 1 gram of carbohydrates (for example, “Potato - 16” means that 100 grams of this vegetable contains 16 grams of carbohydrates).

The basic principles of "Kremlin"

For high performance losing weight on the Kremlin diet, you should strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • Before starting a diet, you should definitely make sure that you do not have any contraindications to its observance, for which you need to undergo a full examination of your own state of health and pass all the relevant tests.
  • It is imperative to clearly indicate the ultimate goal of losing weight and prepare to limit the usual nutritious diet.
  • Such a dietary technique does not recognize laziness and requires a scrupulous daily calculation of c.u. (points) equal to the amount of carbohydrates in grams, and their strict limitations in accordance with the observed phase of the diet.
  • From the menu of any stage of the “Kremlin”, it is imperative to remove sugar, as well as all products / dishes containing it.
  • Throughout this diet you need to give preference to high-protein food of natural origin or high-quality factory products, the composition of which is beyond doubt.
  • Taking authorized food, its quantity should be controlled, since overeating will stretch the stomach and slow down the metabolism.
  • At the same time, it is also forbidden to starve on the Kremlin diet (it is better to eat some allowed foods at night than to provoke your body to go hungry stress).
  • Throughout the whole process of losing weight, you must adhere to an abundant drinking regime, which includes filtered water in a minimum daily volume of 1.5 liters as a basis, as well as various decoctions (dogrose, ginger).
  • All meat dishes should ideally be supplemented with a side dish of non-starchy vegetables and herbs or unsweetened fruits.
  • During the diet, it will not be superfluous to take multivitaminsable to maintain the body's functionality at a high level.
  • Before observing the full dietary cycle, one should evaluate one's own strength and readiness for a long process of losing weight by drawing up a trial menu of the Kremlin diet for 10 days or at least for a week.

Stage One (Entry)

The duration of the first stage of the “Kremlin”, as a rule, is 14 days, during which the body of a person who has begun to lose weight must adapt to the changed nutritional regime and switch his own metabolism to extract energy from previously accumulated fat reserves. At the first stage, the intake of carbohydrate points is limited to 20 at. e. per day, and the menu for 2 weeks is formed mainly from products with a high content of proteins and fats.

From a nutritious diet, it is necessary to completely remove all sugar-containing and high-carbohydrate products. Use fresh greens and non-starchy vegetables as a side dish for meat / fish dishes. Breakfast mainly with eggs and cheeses (including cottage cheese), and snack mainly with nuts and dairy products. For the first week, forget about coffee and for 14 days do not allow yourself to drink alcohol (such liquids activate appetite).

The diet of the first stage can be normal and include 3 daily meals (as many as possible). The size of the consumed dishes should saturate the body, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, not allow it to overeat. You need to drink a lot (about 2 liters) and slowly. In case of occurrence constipation increase the amount of vegetable fiber rich in fiber (flax seed, cabbage). Try to diversify the menu of the Kremlin diet as much as possible. Alternate different types of meat and fish, experiment with recipes for side dishes. This will help much easier to transfer the most difficult psychologically initial stage of the diet. Start taking multivitamin drugs, after consulting their composition with your doctor.

Depending on the initial body weight and metabolic restructuring rate, during the first stage of the Kremlin, you can lose from 2 to 10 kilograms.

Stage Two (Definition)

The main goal of the second stage of the Kremlin system of weight loss is to determine the individual value of the daily intake of carbohydrates by trial and error, which will not impede further weight loss. Usually, such a process lasts for a month and a half, but in some cases it can take a longer period of time. From the first day of the second stage, the carbohydrate diet should be gradually and very carefully expanded with previously banned foods. Each subsequent week, it is allowed to add no more than 3-5 grams of carbohydrates to your own menu until you reach the recommended norm of 40 y. e.

At this stage, you can supplement your menu with various berries, seeds, fruits and freshly squeezed juices, as well as increase the portion quantity of vegetables, nuts and dairy products. Any sugars and starchy foods are still banned. Occasionally, you can treat yourself to a glass of strong drinks with zero or close to its carbohydrate content. Weight indicators should be monitored daily, and in case of detection of their increase - immediately reduce the intake of carbohydrate points until you return to the Kremlin diet menu by 20 y. e.

At this stage, it is necessary to begin to gradually increase normal physical activity, which will accelerate the process of losing weight and will increase the intake of carbohydrate foods. At the same time, it is recommended to take repeated tests and be examined by your doctor. The results obtained will tell the extent of the influence of the diet on the state of health and will help determine the possibility of its further passage. You can proceed to the next stage when 3-5 kilograms remain to lose weight before the goal of losing weight.

Stage Three (Fastening)

At the third stage of “kremlyovka”, which is individual in duration, you need to establish for yourself the upper limit of carbohydrate food intake, which allows the body to maintain body weight indicators at the same level. To do this, you can slightly increase the rate of addition of carbohydrates, adding 10 a week already. e. until the termination of the process of weight loss. After this, you should temporarily reduce your consumption of y. e., returning to observing the menu of the previous step. Continuing to increase the carbohydrate component of the diet weekly by about 3-5 y. e., you must again achieve a situation of slowing down weight loss and wait for it to stop completely. The daily carbohydrate norm found in this way will correspond to the individual border, without exceeding which it will be possible to maintain one's own body weight in a stable state. In the future, when such a norm of carbohydrates is exceeded, the weight will increase, and when it decreases, it will decrease.

The nutritional regime of the third stage is basically the same as the previous one. The menu, as before, is based on meat and fish dishes, and the carbohydrate component is mainly represented by vegetables and fruits. In addition, the diet is allowed to supplement legumes, as well as a small amount of rye bread and some cereals. Increasing y. E. Try to add one specific carbohydrate product to your menu every few days. Such a gradual expansion of the diet will allow you to identify exactly those products that individually negatively affect a particular organism, retaining fluid in it, increasing appetite, slowing down weight loss, etc.

To increase the upper limit of carbohydrate intake, physical activity should be expanded. A high degree of physical activity will contribute to the burning of carbohydrates, which will automatically increase their dietary intake. For people who are constantly and intensely involved in sports, the carbohydrate limit can be about 80-100 cu. per day. The transition to the fourth stage is carried out upon reaching the personally set goal of weight loss.

Stage Four (Hold)

Having achieved the desired result of losing weight, you can proceed to the last stage of the "Kremlin", which essentially lasts the rest of your life. At this stage, it is necessary to focus all your attention on maintaining your own weight in the framework of the previously set goal and not let it fluctuate by more than 1-2 kilograms. Low-carb diet with established daily allowance e. obliged to pretend to be a way of life.

The life-long set of this stage should consist of products that are as natural and abundant with useful substances as possible, among which proteins and fats remain the main ones. From carbohydrate foods, give preference to fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits / berries, and seeds. Also, dried fruits, sprouted grains, dairy and whole grain products will have a positive effect on the body.

Avoid the use of individually harmful foods that were identified in the previous step, and do not allow yourself to go back on past past addictions. Do not forget about the need to perform daily physical exercises, especially since low-carb nutrition in itself increases energy and desire for activity.

Vegetables and greens

eggplant1,20,14,524 zucchini0,60,34,624 cabbage1,80,14,727 cilantro2,10,51,923 green onion1,30,04,619 leek2,00,08,233 bulb onions1,40,010,441 carrot1,30,16,932 cucumbers0,80,12,815 squash0,60,14,319 salad pepper1,30,05,327 parsley3,70,47,647 radish1,20,13,419 salad1,20,31,312 beet1,50,18,840 celery0,90,12,112 asparagus1,90,13,120 tomatoes0,60,24,220 pumpkin1,30,37,728 dill2,50,56,338 zucchini1,50,23,016 garlic6,50,529,9143 spinach2,90,32,022


apricots0,90,110,841 avocado2,020,07,4208 oranges0,90,28,136 kiwi1,00,610,348 lemons0,90,13,016 tangerines0,80,27,533 apples0,40,49,847


lingonberry0,70,59,643 blackberry2,00,06,431 Strawberry0,80,47,541 raspberries0,80,58,346 blueberries1,10,47,644


white porcini mushrooms3,71,71,134 fresh champignons4,31,01,027 fresh breasts1,80,50,816 fresh chanterelles1,61,12,220 oyster mushrooms fresh2,50,56,234 fresh russula1,70,31,417 fresh mushrooms1,90,82,717

Nuts and dried fruits

walnuts15,265,27,0654 Pine nuts11,661,019,3673 almond18,657,716,2645 hazel nuts13,162,69,3653 flax seeds18,342,228,9534 pumpkin seeds24,545,84,7556

Raw materials and seasonings

clove6,020,127,0323 coriander1,50,05,025 mayonnaise2,467,03,9627 ground black pepper10,43,338,7251 salt0,00,00,0- mushroom sauce1,24,86,282 pesto5,045,06,0454 soy sauce3,50,011,058 caraway19,814,611,9333 sage3,70,48,049


pasteurized milk2,83,24,758 baked milk3,06,04,784 kefir3,42,04,751 cream2,820,03,7205 fermented baked milk2,84,04,267 yogurt2,92,54,153 acidophilus2,83,23,857 yogurt4,32,06,260

Cheeses and cottage cheese

Adyghe cheese18,514,00,0240 Biysk cheese24,229,90,0371 feta cheese (from cow's milk)17,920,10,0260 Dutch cheese26,026,80,0352 homemade cheese12,75,04,0113 Kostroma cheese25,226,30,0345 Poshekhonsky cheese26,026,50,0350 Russian cheese24,129,50,3363 sulguni cheese20,024,00,0290 cheddar cheese23,032,00,0392 Yaroslavl cheese26,226,60,0350 cottage cheese17,25,01,8121

Meat products

pork16,021,60,0259 fat2,489,00,0797 beef18,919,40,0187 veal19,71,20,090 mutton15,616,30,0209 rabbit21,08,00,0156 venison19,58,50,0154 lamb16,214,10,0192 bacon23,045,00,0500 ham22,620,90,0279 cutlets16,620,011,8282 entrecote27,331,21,7396 steak27,829,61,7384


cooked sausage13,722,80,0260 smoked sausage28,227,50,0360 smoked sausage16,244,60,0466 cured / dried sausage24,138,31,0455 smoked sausage9,963,20,3608 sausages10,131,61,9332 sausages12,325,30,0277


a hen16,014,00,0190 turkey19,20,70,084 duck16,561,20,0346 goose16,133,30,0364 quail18,217,30,4230 pheasant18,020,00,5254 guinea fowl20,62,50,0110 omelette9,615,41,9184 fried egg11,915,30,7192 chicken eggs12,710,90,7157 goose eggs13,913,31,4185 turkey eggs13,111,70,7165 quail eggs11,913,10,6168 duck eggs13,314,50,1185

Fish and seafood

Atlantic anchovy20,16,10,0135 red mullet (sultan)19,43,80,0117 goby17,52,00,088 pink salmon20,56,50,0142 dorado18,03,00,096 Red caviar32,015,00,0263 black caviar28,09,70,0203 squid21,22,82,0122 flounder16,51,80,083 crucian carp17,71,80,087 carp16,05,30,0112 crab meat6,01,010,073 shrimp22,01,00,097 bream17,14,10,0105 lobster18,80,90,590 salmon19,86,30,0142 mussels9,11,50,050 pollock15,90,90,072 capelin13,411,50,0157 sea ​​bass15,31,50,079 river perch18,50,90,082 blue whiting16,10,9-72 sardine20,69,6-169 herring16,310,7-161 salmon21,66,0-140 zander19,20,7-84 cod17,70,7-78 tuna23,01,0-101 acne14,530,5-332 trout19,22,1-97 hake16,62,20,086 pike18,40,8-82

Oils and Fats

vegetable oil0,099,00,0899 butter0,582,50,8748 animal fat0,099,70,0897 fish oil0,0100,00,0902

Alcoholic beverages

brandy0,00,00,5225 dry white wine0,10,00,666 dry red wine0,20,00,368 whiskey0,00,00,4235 vodka0,00,00,1235 gin0,00,00,0220 cognac0,00,00,1239

Soft Drinks

mineral water0,00,00,0- coffee0,20,00,32 green tea0,00,00,0- black tea20,05,16,9152

Juices and compotes

apricot juice0,90,19,038 Orange juice0,90,28,136 lemon juice0,90,13,016 Apple juice0,40,49,842 * data are per 100 g of product

Fully or partially restricted products

When going through all the stages of the “Kremlin” until the achievement of the goal of losing weight, you should abandon:

  • sugar and all kinds of products containing it,
  • food from fast foods and cafes / restaurants with a dubious reputation,
  • any pastries and sweets,
  • all flour products
  • packaged and bottled drinks,
  • factory sauces, ketchups, etc.,
  • canned food with an unclear composition,
  • very sweet fruits
  • any other high carbohydrate foods.


potato chips5,530,053,0520 fruit chips3,20,078,1350 caramel popcorn5,38,776,1401 cheese popcorn5,830,850,1506

Cereals and cereals

buckwheat porridge4,52,325,0132 semolina3,03,215,398 oatmeal3,24,114,2102 bulgur12,31,357,6342 millet porridge4,71,126,1135 rice6,70,778,9344 barley porridge11,52,065,8310

Flour and Pasta

wheat flour9,21,274,9342 pancake flour10,11,869,7336 pasta10,41,169,7337 noodles12,03,760,1322 ravioli15,58,029,7245 spaghetti10,41,171,5344 paste10,01,171,5344 vareniki7,62,318,7155 fritters6,37,351,4294 dumplings11,912,429,0275

Bakery products

baguette7,52,951,4262 loaf7,52,950,9264 bagels16,01,070,0336 buns7,26,251,0317 pita8,10,757,1274 donuts5,83,941,9215 donut5,613,038,8296 bagel7,910,857,2357 bread7,52,146,4227


jam0,30,263,0263 ganache4,934,552,5542 jam0,30,156,0238 marshmallows0,80,078,5304 candy4,319,867,5453 confiture0,90,240,3183 paste0,50,080,8310 cookies7,511,874,9417 cake3,822,647,0397 jam0,40,258,6233 gingerbread cookies5,86,571,6364 juicer10,18,840,5274 dough7,91,450,6234 halva11,629,754,0523

Menu of the Kremlin diet for weight loss

First of all, to formulate a “Kremlin” menu, accurate gram scales will be needed, with which you will need to measure the portion quantity of carbohydrate products. Using the table above, you can, in principle, compose the daily menu in accordance with your food preferences, by and large paying attention only to balls (cu) assigned to a particular product. It should be remembered that each stage of weight loss requires its own restriction of the intake of carbohydrates (20 cu / 40 cu / 60 cu) and try not to exceed their recommended rate.

As an example, below is the menu table of the initial stage of the diet for 20 cu for a week.

Monday ($ 20.3)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • an omelet of 3 eggs, sprinkled with several feathers of green onions.
  • 250 g of sorrel soup
  • steam chicken
  • greenhouse cucumber (100g).
High tea
  • 35 g of walnuts.
  • pork steak
  • 100 g of cabbage salad.

Tuesday ($ 20)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • fried eggs from 2 eggs,
  • 50 g of grated carrots.
  • fried river fish
  • 150 g pumpkin puree.
High tea
  • 150 g of low-fat (2-5%) cottage cheese.
  • 200 g of stewed rabbit,
  • 100 g baked eggplant.

Wednesday (19.5 c.u.)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • 2 milk sausages,
  • 100 g of feta cheese.
  • veal chop
  • 150 g of radish.
High tea
  • 200 g of low-fat (1.5-6%) yogurt.
  • 150 g of beef tongue,
  • 100 g of boiled green beans.

Thursday (19.3 c.u.)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • 70 g of Dutch cheese.
  • grilled sea fish,
  • 200 g of cucumber and tomato salad.
High tea
  • 150 g fermented baked milk.
  • 200 g of stewed chicken liver,
  • 100 g of leaf lettuce.

Friday ($ 20)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • fried eggs from 2 eggs,
  • 100 g of doctor's sausage.
  • fried lamb
  • 200 g of stewed zucchini.
High tea
  • 50 g of almonds.
  • boiled shrimp,
  • 100 g Brussels sprouts.

Saturday ($ 20)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • 100 g of sausage cheese,
  • 50 g spinach.
  • pork entrecote,
  • 100 g of green peas.
High tea
  • 100 g of low-fat (2.5%) kefir.
  • 2 roasted duck legs,
  • 100 g of boiled asparagus.

Sunday ($ 19.7)

MealProducts or dishesNumber of cu
  • 150 g of cottage cheese with a fat content of 18%.
  • roasted turkey fillet,
  • 150 g of salad pepper.
High tea
  • Poshekhonsky cheese
  • a couple of sprigs of parsley.
  • 200 g of crab meat,
  • 200 g of seaweed.

Home-made boiled pork

  • low-fat pork - 1 kg
  • lard - 100 g
  • garlic - 10 tooth.,
  • bay leaf - 3-5 pcs.,
  • salt / pepper - to taste.

Peel the garlic and cut half of its amount into small slices. Make deep cuts along the entire surface of the meat with the tip of a knife and put garlic cloves into them. Pass the second half of the garlic through the garlic, mix with pepper and grate this mixture of pork on top. Put the meat in a food dish with a lid and for 12-15 hours place it in a fridge to marinate.

After this time, remove the pork from the refrigerator, transfer it to foil and cover with chopped slices of bacon on top. Wrap the edges of the foil and place the meat in the oven (180 ° C) for 20-30 minutes.

This dish contains 0.8 oz. e. per 100 grams.

Fish Steak

  • fish fillet - 400 g,
  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • vegetable oil - 1 tsp.,
  • salt / pepper - to taste.

Grind the fish fillet with a meat grinder. In the minced meat, add all the spices, a raw egg and beat it with a whisk until a homogeneous, lush mass is formed. Form wet cutlets with wet hands, put them on the oiled lattice of a double boiler, close it with a lid and cook for about 20 minutes.

This dish contains 0.1 oz. e. per 100 grams.

Kremlin "Mimosa"

  • sardines in oil - 1 can,
  • cheddar cheese - 200 g,
  • egg - 2 pcs.,
  • mayonnaise - 2 tbsp. l
  • salt / pepper - to taste.

Boil the eggs hard and mash the whites and yolks separately with a fork. Do the same with sardines extracted from the can. Grate the whole cheese on a medium grater. Lay out the sardines, grated cheese, protein and egg yolk on a plate in layers, greasing each subsequent layer of products with mayonnaise and spices.

This dish contains 0.3 oz. e. per 100 grams.

Spinach Salad

  • cooked sausage - 150 g,
  • Russian cheese - 150 g,
  • egg - 3 pcs.,
  • lettuce and spinach - 12 g each,
  • mayonnaise - 3 tbsp. l
  • salt / pepper - to taste.

Cut the sausage and cheese into approximately the same small pieces. Boil the eggs and chop them the same way. Grind the greens. Pour everything into one bowl, season with mayonnaise, add spices and mix thoroughly.

This dish contains 0.4 oz. e. per 100 grams.

In addition to the many recipes of “kremlyovka” that exist on the Internet, when drawing up the menu of this diet, you can use the table below, in which the amount of cu is already indicated (carbohydrates) per 100 grams of one or another finished dish.

Upon failure

Due to a rather satisfying diet, breakdowns from the Kremlin are rare, but inveterate "sweet tooth" sometimes still succumbs to old habits and eat some sugar-containing product. This use of the most prohibited ingredient in the diet leads to a sharp insulin jump in blood serum and violates an already established state ketosis in the body, which can negate all previous efforts to lose weight.

In order to avoid such a disappointing development of events, it is necessary as soon as possible after a breakdown to return to compliance with the first stage of the diet and eat according to its rules until the secondary launch ketosis. As a rule, the process of losing weight resumes after 5-10 days, after which it will be necessary again to gradually increase the amount of carbohydrate foods eaten (about 5 grams per week).

Pros and cons

  • High weight loss performance against the background of a simple count of food points (cu).
  • The prevalence of dietary foods.
  • A sufficiently diverse nutritional diet, allowing you to not feel hungry.
  • The possibility of self-compilation of a daily menu of your favorite products.
  • Normalization of metabolic processes in the last stages of the diet.
  • The ability to build muscle in the event of the attachment of physical activity.
  • Preparing the body for further proper nutrition.
  • The need for daily monitoring of carbohydrates consumed in food.
  • Development risk ketoacidosis in case of prolonged passage of the first stages of the diet.
  • Constant high stress on the kidneys and the entire urinary system.
  • The likelihood of an unpleasant odor from the oral cavity and digestive disorders (constipation/diarrhea), noted mainly at the beginning of the diet.
  • Heavy consumption cholesterolcapable of provoking atherosclerotic changes.
  • Possible shortage of some minerals and / or vitamins.

When eating in cafes / restaurants

In the case of frequent need for meals in public catering establishments, you should adhere to several rules for the selection of dishes that will help not to violate the principles of the diet, namely:

  • Try to memorize tables of products and ready meals in as much detail as possible.
  • From the restaurant menu, choose only completely familiar dishes.
  • Pay attention to the graph of the output of the dish in grams.
  • Use meat and fish without sauces and marinades (sugar or starch is often added to such dressings).
  • When ordering vegetable salads, give preference to green vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil.
  • Drink only freshly squeezed juices prepared in your presence.
  • Do not drink large amounts of alcohol, as it increases appetite, reduces attention and often causes a sense of permissiveness.

When stopping weight

To overcome the fairly frequent occurrence of “stagnation” in the process of losing weight during the second and third stages of the diet, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Eliminate recently added carbohydrate foods from your diet, it is possible that they individually inhibit the mechanism of weight loss.
  • Try to increase the amount of non-alcoholic fluid consumed.
  • Change your diet and start eating small meals, but more often.
  • For a while, give up any dairy products and fruits.
  • Pay attention to the composition of the consumed factory sausage products or replace it with another.
  • Increase the intensity of physical activity.
  • Examine your thyroid gland, since sometimes the problem of stopping weight loss is associated with its malfunction.
  • Return for a week to the first stage of the diet.

Diet price

Due to a fairly wide selection of products that you can use at your own discretion when drawing up the Kremlin diet menu, the cost of observing it for one day varies greatly and can vary between 200-500 rubles.

Education: He graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University. N.I. Pirogova, Faculty of Pharmacy, higher pharmaceutical education - specialty "Pharmacist".

Experience: Work in the pharmacy chains "Koneks" and "Bios-Media" in the specialty "Pharmacist". Work in the specialty "Pharmacist" in the pharmacy chain "Avicenna" in Vinnitsa.


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