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Both in illness and in health


"I swear to love you in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and poverty, in illness and in health, until death do us part."
How easy it is to take such an oath when both are intoxicated with the passion and happiness of owning each other. But life sometimes stretches too long for one love. True loyalty implies submission to each other, devotion, dedication. And the world dictates other rules: freedom, not burdened with bonds and obligations. Those who through all life's adversities were able to endure loyalty to one person are worthy of respect.
When the wife died with a neighbor, with whom he lived for almost 50 years, one little boy, seeing a lonely crying man, went up and sat on that knee. When mother then asked her son: "What did you tell him?" , the boy replied: "Nothing. I just helped him cry."

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You, of course, excuse me, but what kind of love can be discussed, if you still have the thought to leave your husband in this position. In order to decide whether to give birth or not, you should probably undergo an examination, consult with geneticists, etc. How can we give you exact advice here? And only then to talk with my husband on this topic. Maybe he will agree to take the child from the Baby House. You can find a way out of any situation, and if for you the husband’s disease is a stumbling block for family life, then you definitely do not love your husband!

Diabetes mellitus - the disease is not the worst, although, of course, there is nothing pleasant about it.

Talk to your husband. His ailment is not a reason to hate the whole world and abstract from others. And even more so, no reason to destroy a family.

If you love each other, then go through this.

Leaving him now is the last thing! You understand the reason for his such behavior, of course it is hard to accept, especially for a man. Now he needs understanding and care. Only your patience, support and love will help him endure the disease and find colors in life, because life is not over! And you act selfishly thinking only of yourself! Look around, he is your husband and as never before needs you now! What would you feel yourself in this situation ?? What would you feel if the closest person turned away from you because you are terminally ill? What would you call him after that? It’s the same as killing. albeit morally, but in fact the same. And the real question is, do you really love him.

Mdaaa. In my opinion, the name of the story is the surest answer to your question. It is very easy to love when everything is fine and dust particles are blown away from you. And when real problems begin, then look for your spouse! But your husband is not quite right. He learned about the disease and, judging by his behavior, decided to take the position of the sufferer and martyr! Here we need conversations and real support, not flight.

When you got married, you probably promised to be with your loved one in joy and sorrow. And now he, like no one else, needs your support and help. All of this is treatable, that's for sure, treat him with your love, accept him and understand him. Who else would care so much about him? And don’t worry about the baby either, I think that with the right things, you’ll be born healthy and normal.

Diabetes is not fatal. I have 10 people who are familiar with this disease. Most are very nice, funny people. Your husband is depressed because he is shocked that this happened to him.

It is transmitted through a generation to your grandchildren, as I understand it. But this is not a fact. My grandmother has been tormented with diabetes all her life, but her children and grandchildren are absolutely healthy.

Do not worry, everything will be fine with you. Try to support your husband.

It depends on what type of diabetes. If insulin-dependent it is very difficult.

Do you know which group he has?

Guest, The risk of transmission is possible, why do you advise giving birth? And what's next? He is a sick man, will he see a continuation of a kind of sick? And what do you doom mother / wife to? For life-long suffering? Treatment? Diet?

First you need to know what stage of diabetes he has, and then, with the advice of a doctor, and make a decision on the birth of offspring. And now you can write anything from the bulldozer.

Your sad story really speaks of your egoism. So think about what you wrote. Regarding the situation. You really have a hard time here. But when a woman loves, she will never betray her lover. No matter how hard it was.

Daddy’s daughter, I’m writing my comments not in order to please someone, but in order to express my opinion. And it doesn’t matter whether someone likes it or not. And the fact that my comments are harsh and often rude, there are several reasons and they are very banal, one of them: do not want rudeness, do not write nonsense.

daddy’s daughter, yeah, I see that not only do you express an opinion, but you write comments to yourself. Daddy's daughter, I like original people.

father’s daughter, and then

Sad, consult with other doctors. My friend is in your position. True, they want to give birth, but it does not work. Out of curiosity, I once read articles on pregnancy from a man with diabetes. The articles said that diabetes is not inherited! But of course, I am not a doctor. Here you need the opinion of good specialists. I think the husband and his father fell ill because they had the same lifestyle. Often people suffer from similar diseases when they live under the same roof, eat, breathe. one and the same.

Love consists in being together in grief and joy, everything was fine with you, and I understand that due to illness everything began to deteriorate, you love this person, and he loves you.

how you can be visited by thoughts to leave your husband, you support him in such a situation, it’s difficult for him, and you should be there, it’s a huge happiness when your loving man wants a child from you.

I think you should not be afraid, children are a huge happiness, which will always shine exactly two of you and your husband.

do not be afraid, you need to survive, overcome it.

in life everything is much worse.

I think the author is on the platoon, so bad thoughts climb. Many of you know that it’s easier to flu yourself than to nurse a sick husband. And then a serious illness, fear, psychos. The husband is afraid that the wife will leave him sick, wants to bind the child. The author is afraid for the health of the baby. All this happens in scandals.

In general, to be honest, I don’t understand how healthy are the best, and how sick we do not need anyone. Well, what kind of love is this?

Marina =), Marinchik completely agree with you

I didn’t read the comments, but it struck me to LEAVE FROM Husband, how to leave then. the person is sick and you don’t need all of that, what nonsense. as your support, LOVE, understanding. and if you were sick, God forbid, of course, he would have fallen from you. would you be pleased ?? well, some kind of nonsense.

daddy’s daughter, Yes, it seems that I advised from the beginning on doctors and what they say about pregnancy. weird.

And I read that this can occur in a small child, and there are different stages of this diabetes.

I would be healthy to live up to 50.

You got scared, and admit that you hang noodles here in the form of "he breaks down on me, he’s jealous, he demands a child, and I’m all worried about it" Admit to yourself at least that you were scared of difficulties.

Asian, I think that everyone does not need this method, but for those who are already really desperate - completely. And if you just "bother" - eat less and be nervous))

Yes, I'm generally a little nervous. And she was not caught in gluttony. ))) I just donated blood for sugar on a home appliance for diabetics. The level was a bit high. But maybe we made some mistake while checking. I don’t want to go to the clinic. Stand in line for hours.

Asian, I'm not a doctor, but I can speculate - maybe they handed over after eating? about the clinic ohhh as I understand it, I myself spent 3 hours there today, did nothing useful. And I didn’t joke about nerves and nutrition)) It always seems to us that we are not nervous, but all our diseases are psychosomatic in nature, so any negativity in our lives, denial of anything / anyone, fears, fears, resentments and a lot such gaiety can manifest itself in any dysfunction of the body (each sore from its own emotion), but nutrition does not have to be gluttony, it’s enough not only what the body needs - and you can already identify the imbalance.

Rent at home three times, then according to statistics, think about it, try not to eat something, eat something, observe the state of health, while the sugar is just too high, and has not ridden to unacceptable limits.

Sad, That's right, my husband has a strong word - if you want children - we are going to be treated and consult with doctors. Well done.

Right, sad. Your father-in-law has lived 56 years, and this is already a lot. After all, he managed to raise his son to his feet. Once again, diabetes is not inherited. But the information needs to be double-checked. Although I really want to believe in it!

Guest, I do not agree, if the proper nutrition then the pancreas works fine, and if not, then it does not produce certain enzymes and possibly diabetes begins with a violation of the carbohydrate metabolism in the body, which inevitably leads to a metabolic disorder. The pancreas stops producing enough insulin (a hormone that regulates the amount of sugar in the blood), and excess glucose is released into the blood and urine. In the cells of the body there is an acute lack of energy, which previously came from the processing of excess sugar. Glucose is the best energy supplier to the body, but it can only get into the cells with the help of insulin.

In medicine, there are 2 types of diabetes mellitus: insulin-dependent (type 1 diabetes) and non-insulin-dependent (type 2 diabetes).

Type 1 diabetes mellitus usually begins in people under the age of forty, most often in children and adolescents, less often in adults. Cells (beta cells) responsible for insulin production die in the body. Subsequently, insulin either ceases to be produced at all, or is synthesized in insufficient quantities. The onset of diabetes mellitus of the first type may be the following factors: a viral attack, an autoimmune process, and others. Diabetes of the first type differs from diabetes of the second type by dependence on insulin, that is, the need to constantly administer insulin by injection.

Nab, Polomedik, she herself has problems with the pancreas and, consequently, talks with doctors, etc.))) And the problems are exactly the same with the employee with the youngest son, who is 17 years old, he had no diabetics in his family (neither from the pope’s side not the mother’s side)

Once at a time is not necessary. Each has its own case, which is checked on itself.

Prayer Matrone of Moscow

ABOUTBlessed mother Matrono, the soul in heaven before the Throne of God is coming, but the body is resting on earth, and given above grace, various miracles exuding. Consider now your gracious eye on us, sinful, in sorrow, sorrows, and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comforting, desperate, heal our ailments, and let God through our sin allow us to save us from many troubles and situations, we implored our Lord Jesus Christ will forgive us all our sins, lawlessness and sin, from our youth even to the present day and hour that we have sinned, and through your prayers that have received grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity the Unified God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever.

Prayer to St. Zechariah and Elizabeth

Another prayer that helps with infertility is written for the icon "Conception of John the Baptist." According to the Gospel, John the Baptist was conceived through prayers to the Most High. All his life, John's parents - the priest Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth - lived righteously, but were childless. And only in advanced years they begged the Lord for a blessing to give them a child.

Oh, the holy servant of God, prophesied by Zechariah and the righteous Elizabeth! By working with good deeds, we labored on the earth naturally in heaven, the crown of truth, the Lord also prepared to eat for all who love Him. Also, looking at your holy image, we rejoice at the glorious end of your residence and honor your holy memory. You, approaching the Throne of God, accept our prayers and bring God to All-Merciful God, forgive us all sins and help us to be against the evil devil, so that we will get rid of sorrows, diseases, troubles and misfortunes, and all evil, we will live piously and righteously in the present and let us be honored by your intercession, even if you are unworthy of Esma, see the good on the land of the living, glorify the Unity in His saints, the glory of God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to David of Gareja

Saint David of Gareja is considered to be a female patron and healer. He cured hundreds of girls and young women from ailments during his lifetime. This saint lived in the 4th century in Georgia. Deciding to become a hermit, he settled in the cave of Gareja. For a righteous way of life, the Lord sent him the gift of healing, and his fame spread far beyond the borders of the state. A prayer for women's health can be addressed to him.

Oh, all the world, the blasphemous of Abba David, holy of God! You, by the power of the good of the Lawgiver, have appeared to us, the wiles of the crafty one tied up and overwhelmed, like a mentor in repentance and an assistant in prayer. For the sake of this, many gifts of grace and miracles have been given to you, the resolution of our sins and the transgressions of our sins, the healing of illnesses and the devil's libel. Also, with your fatherly mercy in the kingly mind, with many difficult prayers and your prayers, most importantly with your unceasing intercession for us, may the Lord God make us sinful, by His invincible power for every visible and invisible enemy, so that you may remember , by desire, we desired to worship the Eternal God in the One Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Panteleimon

In case of female diseases, you can also contact the healer Panteleimon, the famous saint, to whom the faithful pray for any illnesses. During his lifetime, this great martyr was a doctor who healed all patients who turned to him for free, his faith in Christ was unshakable even under the influence of numerous tortures.

Oh, the great saint of Christ, passionate and physician many-merciful Panteleimon! Have mercy on me, the sinful servant of God (name), hear my moaning and cry, please the heavens, the Supreme Physician of our souls and the bodies of our God Christ our God, grant me healing from a cruel oppressive illness. Accept the unworthy prayer of sinners more than all men. Visit me with a gracious visit. Do not be indignant at my sinful ulcers, anoint them with the oil of your mercy and heal me, but sound soul and body, the rest of my days, by the grace of God, I can spend in repentance and pleasing to God, and I will be able to accept the good end of my stomach. Her servant of God! Pray for Christ God, may God grant me by your intercession health of the body and the salvation of my soul. Amen.

Prayers to the Virgin in case of female diseases

Prayers for women's diseases, which are addressed to the Virgin, have a special healing power. There is an icon called the “Healer”, which depicts the Virgin at the bedside of the patient. This icon has a special miraculous effect, for it there is a special prayer. In the temple, you can order a water blessed prayer in front of this icon or submit a registered note about your health.

Accept, O All-Blessed and Almighty Lady of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin, this prayer, with tears to you now brought from us, unworthy of Your servants, to Your celibate image singing with tenderness, as You Yourself from our present and receiving our prayer. By no means do you ask for the fulfillment of your deeds, your sorrows lighten up, the weak health of the daries, the weak and unfortunate heal, heal from demons, you save those who are offended by insults, you cleanse the lepers and you little mercy of the Lord and Lady of the Virgin and Mother of God all kinds of passions of the doctors are different, the whole essence is possible by Your intercession to Your Son, Christ our God. O All-Mother, Blessed Virgin Mary! Do not stop praying for us, unworthy Thy servants who glorify Thy and honor Thy, and worship with affection for Your Most Holy Image, and those who have hope that will be irrevocable and faith that is unshakable to You, the Most Holy Virgin and the Immaculate, now and ever and ever. Amen.

There is also a specific prayer to the Mother of God from female diseases, which is very powerful in its effect. It should be read for three days before the holy image with three candles lit, focusing and rejecting all sad and evil thoughts. It is best to confess and receive communion the day before.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary. Deliver me from female diseases and from vile thoughts. Amen.

I beg you, Blessed Virgin Mary, heal me from the diseases of girlhood and from the sinful infection. Cure breast diseases, ailments of the womb and fetus. Spare me from the sting and pain, and from the sharp numbness. Help me sinfully not fall and reject all the dashing misfortune. Thy will be done. Amen.

From the heritage of Optina Elders


Sickness and weakness are a difficult test. The habitual way of life is broken, many former joys and comforts become impossible, pain and suffering comes. Rev. Ambrose wrote about the severity of the disease:

Many causes of disease. Rev. Macarius instructed:

“A bodily illness serves the healing of the soul, we cannot boast that it does not have. Glory and thanks be to the Lord, who heals us with tart guidance! ”

In his letters, the elder taught to attribute the disease to the will of God, who wants man to be saved:

«Running through your letter packs, I noticed in your thy cowardice about your illnesses. You write that the Lord visits the disease not from love, but punishes you for your sins, and if you knew that it was from love, you better endure it. How is it that out of love God visits you? If the very punishment from the love of God occurs? Read the book of Hebrews in chapter 12: His God loves to punish him, he beats every son, he accepts him».

Rev. Anatoly (Zertsalov) wrote about the disease as a cleansing for the soul:

“That it’s sick is not a problem, for sinful people this is purification, just as rust cleanses iron from fire, so illness heals the soul ...”

The Monk Ambrose reminded that the Lord admonishes us through illnesses that are sent for spiritual good:

“Diseases and unpleasant incidents are sent to us for the benefit of our spiritual, and, above all, to our humility and to lead our lives more circumspect and prudent ...”

Rev. Joseph instructed:

“We must thank God for the disease, because it cleanses sins.”

How can a patient be blissfully healthy?

Comparing a healthy and sick person, the Monk Anthony noticed that in a sick state you can be more blessed than a healthy one:

“If you look at a healthy person, and look at a person suffering for a long time, and consider the state of mind of one and the other: then which of them is called blessed or cursed - healthy or suffering? For example, in your illness, how many times did you repent of your sins before the Lord God and before the spiritual father, and communed with the Holy Mysteries? Meanwhile, a healthy person has no time to think about sins, and if it happens to talk once a year, then not so much out of zeal, but out of decency, to say: "And I spoke today." But the confession is such - more dumb, that is, nothing seems to be on the soul.

In your illness, how much from the depths of your soul you have emitted before God the heavy sighs that the Lord sees and hears. But for healthy people it’s not at all if, when they sigh, it’s more about when they don’t see anyone for a long time, when they don’t have any news about what for a long time.

In your illness you often irrigated your face with tears, and healthy people, instead of tears, how much soap they spend on their faces every day, so that it is clean, but not a word about the soul.

In your illness, you often pray with your eyes to the image of Christ the Savior and to His Most Pure Mother, and healthy ladies or virgins instead of looking one hundred times a day look at themselves in the mirror, and there is no time to pray properly or to cross yourself as it should.

Therefore, you are now in your sickest state more blessed than all healthy people around you, and to this, eternal bliss in heaven has been prepared for you from the Lord God, for which you rejoice in your misery and have fun, and thank God with all your heart that He has prepared for the afflicted the great multitude of mercy and comfort that you will receive in due time for the prayers of the Virgin. ”

Unction, Confession, and Communion

Rev. Anthony wrote:

“The apostle does not say,“ Does any of you die? ”But does anyone hurtlet him call for the elder, and the Lord raise him up. We, by destructive disbelief, first resort to external help. When there is no longer any hope, we proceed to communion and unification, forgetting what the Savior said to the blind people who asked for his healing: according to your faith, wake you up ”.

“I advise you to join the Holy Mysteries in all holy posts, and besides this, if some kind of illness happens, then not to the doctor, but to the priest of God, and ask him to confess and associate, and then to send to the doctor, because it is very salutary to nourish your soul with the Imperishable and Holy Bread. If a person had happened that day to die, in which he partook of the Holy Mysteries, then the holy angels take his soul into his hands, for the sake of communion, and all the air trials will pass without a hitch. ”

Venerable Anthony attached great importance to unification, he recalled that after he himself had brought together twenty seriously ill people, they were all healed:

“... through specializing by me an unworthy person of up to twenty, all of them were freed from grave and incurable diseases. Including the elder father Leonid in illnesses I was chained up to five times, as well as many others. ”

Rev. Macarius also instructed to receive communion in the disease, moreover, he noticed that patients were allowed to receive communion without special fasting:

“Thank God that you were honored to be a partaker of the Most Holy Mysteries of Christ, and don’t be saddened that you didn’t. Yes, you, suffering in your body, bear the greater feat of worship. ”

The Monk Hilarion advised the afflicted to recall all sins committed from the age of seven and to confess them, and then take communion:

“So the cause of our mental and physical illnesses is our sins. Similarly, there is one medical treatment: a suffering person must carefully examine himself, recall all the sins committed by him from the age of seven, and especially recognize the sin in which the cause of the disease lies. Then he must sincerely confess all these sins to the priest, reconcile himself with his neighbors, abandon all malice against them and put forth a firm intention and begin not to turn back to old sins, and, finally, proceed with grief to accept the Holy Mysteries of Christ. "

Rev. Nikon emphasized the importance of catholicity in case of illness or weakness:

“If there is no illness or any kind of weakness at all, then unification is not necessary, because when unction, they pray for healing, pray for bodily and mental health. Physical health is not always and not always given to everyone, for the Lord knows what is more beneficial for us. And the spiritual is always served. ”

In illness do not forget about prayer

Rev. Anatoly (Zertsalov) advised in illness not to forget Jesus' prayer:

". Are you sick again? So you don’t remember my medicine. I told you: constantly pray to Jesus, and you will be well. After all, I did not give you this advice from the wind, but I experienced it well in practice. True, it’s good to cheer a young man. But it’s even better for a healthy person to serve God’s body and spirit. ”

Rev. Joseph also reminded of this:

"" The prayer of Jesus is also asked from the sick, "the holy fathers write."

The elder also instructed to pray for each other:

“One should not grieve for the health of anyone; the Lord knows better than us who benefit from it: health or illness, our duty is to pray. The Lord said, "Pray for one another, that you may be healed."

Doctors and medicines created by the Lord

When asked about the doctors, the Monk Ambrose answered as follows:

“You ask me a sinner - in ordinary diseases whether to always expect miraculous healing, prayerfully resorting to the help of God, and is it not a sin to use simple means. There is no sin in this, because everything is from the Lord God and remedies, and the healers themselves. And it is not a sin that a person resorts to medical benefits, but if the patient believes all the hope for recovery in one doctor and medical means, forgetting that everything depends on the Almighty and Almighty God, Who is One, who wants them to lives or dies. "

And Rev. Nikon wrote briefly:

“The Lord created the doctors and medicines. You cannot reject treatment. ”

Disease-specific Tips

Often the elders were approached with complaints of illness, and the reverends advised something about a particular illness.

Elder Ambrose wrote about cancers that this disease most often comes from an anxious state of mind:

“In the last letter, you explicitly said that you were afraid of breast cancer. And every disease is serious, since cancer is more severe, but there is nothing to do, this should be obeyed. God knows better than us who the disease is suitable for purifying passions and sins. It is not in vain that St. Ephraim writes: pain, the disease is painful, but the mimicry of vain diseases of the disease. You yourself know that this disease mostly comes from the anxious state of the soul ... ”

When asked in a letter about a female illness, the Monk Ambrose answered that perhaps the reason for it was not honoring the fast in family relations or violating marital fidelity, he advised to sincerely correct his life and repent:

“Your wife’s illness may have been your fault: either you didn’t honor the holidays in a marital relationship, or you didn’t observe marital fidelity, for which you are punished by your wife’s illnesses, since it’s nice for your husband to always have a healthy wife. If you try to sincerely correct your life and sincerely accept the truth of the Orthodox confession, then the Lord is able to restore health to your spouse, if only it will be useful to both of you, the all-good Lord always arranges only useful, soulful and saving. ”

Rev. Hilarion, referring to the illnesses of children, instructed how much the Sacrament of Baptism means, taught to beware of turning to healers:

“A man is renewed in the sacrament of Holy Baptism washing his sins (Acts 22, 16). But as a testament of his faith, he should not only be baptized into Christ, but after that, and obey his commandments. The apostasy from God, the source of life, begins through the unreasonable actions of the parents: often immediately after the renewal of the baby by Holy Baptism, the denial of Satan and the expulsion of any unclean spirit nesting in his heart, he is sometimes carried directly to the grandmothers, who seem to be able to treat diseases. And for the child, the beginning, although unconscious of him, of falling away from God.

When a child is ill, parents do not seek help from God, resort to rational means approved by the Church, but to various superstitious customs ... And is it any wonder that having gained access to the infant through such whispering, washing and so on similar pagan rites, or rather - through the apostasy from the parents' God, the devil gains the power to painfully act on the baby, the child is often tormented in various diseases, for example, in the so-called “infant” and in other twigs incomprehensible to doctors. ”

Patience and Humility in the Disease

All Optina elders remind of patience and humility in the disease. Rev. Ambrose noted:

“Chronic illnesses, both physical and mental, are inconveniently treated, but everything is possible with God, only patience with humility is needed.”

Rev. Joseph also wrote of patience:

“May the Lord grant you patience in sickness. Do not lose heart, but pray and ask God for patience. You confess that by your sins you are worth this disease. It’s good, so bear with it, and do not be discouraged, but bring to the Lord repentance of your sins and hope in the mercy of the Lord. With bodily sufferings the Lord will purify the spiritual filth and submit forgiveness. Be patient, and pray, and thank God for everything. ”

“Endure illnesses and insomnia with patience. It is evident that the Lord pleases so, and one must be patient. When you are awake, say a prayer. ”

The Lord does not seek from man feats beyond strength

The Elders of Optina did not require painful bodily exploits. The Monk Ambrose wrote to a sick spiritual child:

“Yes, you sit more, where do you stand? In illness, this is not required. ”

Rev. Joseph advised:

“For pain, do not go to the temple of God. - What to do? After all, everyone sees and knows that you do not go for illness, and no one is charging you for it. And the Lord does not seek from man feats beyond strength. Therefore, do not be embarrassed. "

Sick and serve one bribe receive from God

The elders insisted on caring for the sick. To the patient’s complaint that she was not comfortable receiving services from those who looked after her, the Monk Makarii replied:

“You write: it bothers you that they follow you, and exacerbates your illness. This is the temptation of enmity. They walk with love and compassion for you, for which, of course, they will not be deprived of God’s reward: “Sick and serve, they accept the only bribe from God!”

But if the disease continues until now ...

Some patients remain unhealed, even resorting to the skill of doctors and the Sacrament of repentance. Rev. Anthony wrote on this subject:

“But, if the illness continues until now, it is not because God does not hear the prayers of the prayers to Him, but because of this He leaves some without healing, in order to better and more bless the suffering person, in order to free the sinful person from eternal through temporary suffering torment for sins, but also to grant him salvation and make him the heir to the kingdom of heaven. ”

Health should be valued

Rev. Joseph called health “a gift of God”:

“You write that for difficult circumstances you should not chase after health and life. In general, one should value health and life, for this is a gift of God. And if extreme need is required where, of course, there should sacrifice both health and life. But you don’t have such a need yet. ”

We conclude the chapter on diseases with the words of St. Anatoly (Zertsalov):

"It is possible to snatch, but only when God sends."

Our venerable fathers, the elders of Optina, pray to God for us sinners!


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