Nutritional Errors Leading to Obesity


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1. Fast food

What is the problem: the saturation process can be represented as follows. The brain gives a signal that the body is hungry. We begin to quickly throw food into the stomach. When it is full, the return signal should go into the brain - about satiety. But we eat so fast that this signal simply does not have time to reach. And we eat 2 to 4 times more than what we really need.

When we eat slowly, chewing thoroughly, our food begins to be digested even during the meal. The level of glucose in the blood rises, the brain receives a saturation signal.

What to do:

- eat in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. A meal should take at least 20 minutes - that’s how much time it takes to pass a signal of satiety from the stomach to the brain,

- before a meal, it’s good to drink a glass of plain water - the volume of the stomach will fill up, and it will be more difficult to overeat,

- Chew each piece of food slowly. It is advisable to make at least 20 chewing movements for each serving of food. Then you will enjoy the food, eat less and at the same time rest from work during the meal.

2. Snacks at work, TV, book, etc.

What is the problem: when we eat at work at the computer, watching TV, etc., our brain is loaded with processing incoming information. It is more difficult for him to notice a saturation signal.

Immersed in some activity, we do not monitor the volume and quality of food. The meal ends when the TV program ends or the meal ends. As a result, we not only overeat, we don’t notice the taste of food, we don’t enjoy it. The body does not produce hormones of joy - endorphins.

What to do: do not eat in passing!

3. Stress stress

What is the problem: in a stressful situation, all the forces of the body are mobilized. From ancient times, it was said that at the time of stress, the body needed a huge release of energy - in order to defend itself or, conversely, to attack. A lot of glucose should immediately enter the bloodstream - therefore, at the time of stress, we want something sweet.

But centuries have passed. Chasing a mammoth or running away from him now we do not need. And after another stress (for example, the boss shouted), we sit down at the desktop. And the mechanism for responding to stress remained the same! We need glucose, we eat sweets and. we’re not running anywhere!

Blood sugar is quickly processed into fat. And we are hungry again!

What to do:

a) bite the bullet and not eat,

b) splash out the energy released as a result of stress. There is no mammoth, go around the park, swim in the pool, otdubat pear!

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Error number 1. Fast food absorption

Trying to free up time for other things, we devote little time to eating. The rapid absorption of foods, without thorough chewing, does not allow time for the brain to take a saturation signal from the stomach. Such regular errors in nutrition lead to disastrous results - they ate twice as much as needed, new kilograms were quickly added.

  • Eating lasts at least 20 minutes in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • We eat slowly, chewing food well, and enjoy it.
  • While eating, you need to relax and then you will never face the appearance of extra pounds.
  • With thorough chewing, the brain will respond in a timely manner to the signal of the stomach about satiety. Usually after 15-20 minutes.

Mistake # 2. Inability to focus on food

If we eat and do something else, a failure occurs in the information field. We absorb food without feeling its taste and without receiving any pleasure from the food. We have no time to monitor the volume of swallowed food, no time to pay attention to thorough chewing, as a result we eat much more than necessary. We stop eating when we finish our job.

  • We put aside all our affairs and concentrate all our attention on eating.
  • We eat and think about the food we eat. In this case, we will eat the amount that we need to saturate - and no more.

Mistake # 3. Eating under stress

Protection mechanisms instantly work in stressful situations, and a person has an urgent need for food. The hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands in a stressful situation, changes the biochemistry of the body. As a result, the need for glucose rises sharply. After eating, we calm down for a while, but glucose quickly turns into fat, and again we want to eat. In a stressful situation, we move very little, practically without spending energy received from food. This leads to obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, stroke and heart attack.

  • In stressful situations, we try to control our desires.
  • With an acute desire to eat, we drink water. Could not resist and ate - you need to spend the energy received.
  • Exercise helps relieve stress.

Food in our lives should not be a cult. Treat your health with respect. And then you do not have to choose a diet to lose weight quickly.

Sugar and sweets.

Why is regular granulated sugar not good? This product is made from sugar beets, which during processing loses all its beneficial properties. Sweet calories of beet root vegetables - there is granulated sugar. Taken in large quantities, it can cause acne and cellulite, provoke an upset bowel and abdominal pain.

Regular sugar has a good substitute: cane sugar, dried fruit, or honey.

What about sweets, harmful cakes, sweets, pies and chocolate bars can be replaced with useful tasty things containing pectin: pastilles, marshmallows and marmalade. Milk chocolate is extremely high-calorie - instead, include a few slices of dark chocolate in your diet.

Common in our time, sweet soda has a very strong effect on the body. It does not quench thirst - excess sugar in the content only causes it and accelerates the destruction of metabolism. So, a glass of notorious Coca-Cola contains about five teaspoons of sugar. If you regularly drink sweet soda, then gradually begin to replace it with fruit compote or freshly squeezed juice.

Bakery products

Everyone has long known that excessive eating of white bread contributes to the appearance of excess weight. The fact is that the grains used in bread are always processed into flour. Your body turns starch from flour into sugar and inhibits the metabolic rate. As a result, calories are deposited in the body fat.

Replace freshly baked white bread with high-quality whole wheat brown bread or bran bread. Make crackers from other bread and consume them in moderation.

Fats, oils

It is strictly forbidden to completely limit yourself in the use of vegetable and animal fats. It is fats that give us the most important vitamins E and A, which make our skin, teeth, bones and hair healthy.

  1. It is highly recommended to replace sunflower oil with olive.
  2. Take into account unrefined oils: in their composition they have fiber, which allows you to strengthen the membrane of living cells.
  3. It is forbidden to use canola oil, margarine, spreads and non-natural oils in the diet. When heated, these oils form harmful trans fats.
  4. Be sure to choose only high-quality butter, now there are a lot of fakes - spreads on the market, in one of my flocks I wrote how to choose the right butter

These fats rapidly destroy metabolism, contributing to cardiovascular and mental illness, depression and insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. The peculiarity of trans fats is as follows: consuming trans fats in the diet, a person wants to eat more and more - and this is the reason for the appearance of extra pounds and lush sides.

A huge fat content of 60-70% is also possessed by the product beloved by the Russians - mayonnaise. If you regularly eat mayonnaise, then you probably know that stopping it is not so simple. Start gradually replacing mayonnaise with sour cream with a small amount of salt, natural yogurt or the mixture that resembles mayonnaise as much as possible - mustard diluted with kefir.

Do not fry food! Any dish fried in oil loses its useful properties, and acquires only unnecessary calories. Do you like fried potatoes? Bake it in its uniform. In this case, the potato benefits are retained.

Semi-finished products

This category includes not only dumplings and meatballs, but also sausages, sausages, instant cereals and soups in bags. The manufacturer adds harmful additives and flavor enhancers to such banned products. This disrupts the metabolism and proper functioning of the body. Accustomed to additives of this kind, the body ceases to excrete them from itself. Substances remain under the skin and form a cellulite fatty layer.

Replace convenience foods with regular chicken or fish. Limit yourself in eating pork and fatty meat.


Alcoholic products do not allow the body to properly digest food. The skin begins to age quickly, vitamins cease to be absorbed normally. Beer is especially harmful - female hormones in its composition increase the hips and stomach.

Give up alcohol and try to replace it with natural juice or other drinks.

The fat layer is replenished due to toxins, which accumulate due to excess fluid. Salt retains fluid in the body and contributes to the appearance of not only swelling and swelling, but also replenishment of the level of fat. About 5 grams is considered the norm of salt per day.

Fast food

Frequent eating fast food is very harmful: hormonal balance is disturbed and excess fats accumulate. The fact is that fast food contains a large number of flavors that negatively affect the body as a whole.

Also, in the preparation of fast food, oil is used, which is used in large quantities. When heated, it releases harmful carcinogens. As we already found out, it is not recommended to include fried in the diet.


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