How to spend the New Year holidays without heartburn and a hangover


New Year is a favorite holiday in many families. He is celebrated with pleasure, generously setting the table. Including, alcohol appears on it. But how can one not go too far with him so as not to suffer from headache, dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness and bad mood in the morning of January 1? Today in the magazine "YET" I'll tell you:

Intoxication mechanism

Before moving on to specific tips, it’s important to mention how alcohol affects the body. It enters the bloodstream even before it is in the stomach, as it begins to be absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth. That is why it is not customary to savor strong drinks - they are knocked over and drunk in one gulp to slow the onset of intoxication. Euphoria, emancipation and fun are signs of the initial ingress of alcohol into the blood. The liver is the next organ on its way, where the drink is broken down by enzymes into harmless molecules in order to save the body from poisoning.

Everything that the liver can’t cope with is completed by the kidneys, eliminating the breakdown products of alcohol in a natural way. By the way, a morning fume means that too much alcohol was drunk and the lungs and skin came to the aid of the liver and kidneys. The number of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of alcohol depends on gender, race, genetics and health status. That's why some drink in liters and stand confidently on their feet, while others turn off by drinking a glass of champagne.

How to drink, so as not to get drunk?

Your task is to minimize the toxic effects of alcohol on the body. To do this, you need to activate liver enzymes in advance, and then maximize their labor by choosing high-quality alcohol and the right snack. Remember: you should not drink on an empty stomach. Therefore, before a feast, it is important to eat something fatty to slow down the ingress of alcohol into the blood. It can be a boiled egg, a sandwich with sausage, lard or butter. Suitable for this purpose and seafood, oxidizing and neutralizing drunk due to the high content of iodine.

A sorbent, for example, enterosgel, will help protect the liver from overload. 2 hours before you sit down at the table, eat 2 tablespoons of the gel or replace it with 5 tablets of activated charcoal. Alternatively, you can wake up liver enzymes 2-4 hours before the main feast by drinking a glass of vodka or a glass of wine. Also, 40 drops of Eleutherococcus, coffee with lemon or a cup of herbal tea with mint, drunk half an hour before the chimes will not be quickly drunk. Enzyme preparations such as Mezim Forte, Pancreatin and Festal are called to support the functions of the pancreas, kidneys and liver. They contain vitamins, animal and plant enzymes, reducing alcohol poisoning by reducing the burden on internal organs.

Enzyme preparations reduce pancreatic activity, reducing the risk of exacerbation of pancreatitis, reduce the decay of proteins in the intestine, which prevents the processing of alcohol in the liver, and also eliminate stagnation of undigested food in the intestine, in which alcohol accumulates, causing severe hangover and poisoning. But before taking any medications, carefully read the contraindications and a list of possible side effects. By the way, natural enzymes that facilitate digestion are found in fermented milk products, pineapples, herbs and all vegetables.

How to behave at the table?

First of all, pay attention to the selection of quality drinks. In no case do not mix different types of alcohol. Under the chiming clock, as a rule, they drink champagne, and then go on to something else. This is all trouble. Meet midnight with a glass of juice or immediately with a glass of alcohol. If you like wine, do not switch to stronger drinks. And remember that a degree can only be raised, but not lowered.

Do not forget to have a snack after each toast. It is better to seize vodka with jelly or herring under a fur coat, cognac and tequila - citrus fruits. Refuse from exotic snacks so as not to overload the body, as well as from fatty foods, which, together with alcohol, strongly hit the stomach. Give preference to light snacks and vegetable salads. Remember that spicy foods containing garlic, onions, horseradish, mustard, pepper and vinegar only slow down the oxidation of alcohol, trapping toxins in the body.

Between toasts, you must definitely take a break. Doctors recommend drinking 30-50 ml of strong alcohol half an hour after the last dose. The slower you drink, the better. A glass of wine can be stretched for an hour, then the body will work with the beneficial substances that make up its composition and will be less stressed. Knowing your norm, distribute it for the whole New Year's Eve, and do not drink in the first hour.

Forget about the combination of carbonated drinks with alcohol. Gases accelerate its absorption into the blood, which is why champagne is considered so insidious. It is better to drink alcohol with juice with vitamin C - pomegranate, orange, cranberry. Ascorbic acid removes toxins from the body and increases its resistance to ethanol. Drinking alcohol with plenty of water is even better.

Do not sit motionless at the table. Get up, dance, walk. Glucose and alcohol are completely converted into water and carbon dioxide, and the body is poisoned by an intermediate, unsplit product, acetaldehyde. Physical activity includes muscle activity, stimulates blood circulation and increases energy consumption, due to which toxins leave the body faster.

Do not be silent! Communication at the table contributes to mental activity, also slowing down the process of intoxication. If you smoke, refrain from cigarettes during the banquet. Nicotine in combination with ethanol only worsens the whole situation. If you feel that you still went over and you feel sick, it is better to induce vomiting and take enterosgel. So you help the body cleanse faster.

What to do on the morning of January 1?

If in spite of all the efforts made in the evening the next morning you still have a hangover, drink plenty of water. Better mineral non-carbonated, and even better bicarbonate (it is also soda), because acid in the body is already enough. To help the heart, head and muscles, you need to restore ion balance. Kefir, fruit and vegetable smoothies and compotes will help to fill in the lack of potassium and calcium removed from the kidneys with water. It is better to refrain from juices and the notorious brine, since they cause edema and a pressure surge, although they remove the symptoms of poisoning.

Ginger tea with honey and lemon will also help in the fight against a hangover. It normalizes blood glucose levels, improving well-being. By the way, the idea of ​​a hangover in the morning is not the best! The body will begin to fight with a new dose of alcohol, ceasing to display the old one, and it will temporarily become easier, but not for long. Chicken broth will be a good help, but it can be recommended only to those who did not overeat on New Year's Eve. Once again, overloading the liver with protein processing is not very reasonable. By the way, nutritionists recommend holding out all day on cereals boiled in water, for example, the same oatmeal. So the stomach does not suffer, and the condition improves. No eating salads!


Some diet should be observed in relation to alcohol. Take a break from it for several days, giving the body a chance to recover. To do this, clean it by taking Enterosgel 1.5 tablespoons 3 times a day. An effective remedy for a hangover is aspirin: 1-2 tablets will be enough to recover. The drug dilutes the blood, eliminating the effects of intoxication. By the way, it is part of such popular hangover remedies as Alka-Seltzer and Alka-Prim. Both drugs eliminate heartburn, headache and fight acetaldehyde, improving liver and CNS functions.

Medichronal, which binds toxins and other muck that has entered the intestine, also has a complex effect. What should not be taken is paracetamol (acetaminophen), because it has a side effect on the liver, which already suffers after the holiday. By the way, it is not recommended to take medications simultaneously with sorbents, since the latter will remove them from the body before they even have time to act. And the last: if you do not have the strength to go out for a walk in order to recover faster after a hangover, go to bed. Full sleep and relaxation will do their job. Have a nice holidays!


A dressed-up tree shimmers with colorful lights of a garland, and a table is bursting with treats and festive drinks. New Year holidays are always going to visit friends, receiving guests at home. Sometimes the body can not just cope with such a gastronomic attack. In order for the New Year holidays to take place without unpleasant sensations, you can take care of your health in advance and stock up on a small first-aid kit.

The stomach can be helped with Mezim forte. Thanks to the active substance “pancreatin”, the drug promotes a more complete assimilation of food, which can prevent heaviness in the stomach. The drug is sold in the amount of 20 and 80 tablets and costs about 300 rubles. It can be conveniently ordered * using the service.

It’s rare when a New Year’s feast is dispensed with festive drinks. If there is no desire to suffer from the consequences in the form of a headache and other troubles, then you can take care of yourself in advance.

For example, save in the home medicine cabinet Alkaza (BAA **). It is an additional source of vitamins A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid. This is possible due to the rich composition, which includes ascorbic acid, niacin, vitamins, calcium pantothenate, fructose and not only. It is sold without a prescription and at a cost will cost about 200 rubles. You can order it using the service.

As an alternative means, you can use Alka-Seltzer, manufactured by Bayre (Germany). Thanks to the active ingredients sodium and acetylsalicylic acid, the drug has an analgesic effect.

In the days of increased stress, the liver can also be “supported”. Many use Carsil Forte for this. Indications for use, according to the instructions, are toxic liver damage and the prevention of intoxication. For cost, navigate around 250 rubles.

Activated carbon can become a budget “assistant" on holidays. If you drink it in advance, then the absorbent can reduce the absorption of toxic substances by the stomach, contributing to their removal from the body.

Let the New Year holidays be fun, the dishes delicious, and good health, regardless of the heavy loads strong!

* “Order” on the site and (or) in this article means the formation by the user of the specified site of an application for the necessary medicines to the address of NPK Katren JSC from the pharmacy organization for the supply of the selected product in accordance with the agreement between the last agreement delivery, then the selected product on the application arrives at the pharmacy organization, and the buyer pays the amount of the application on the spot at the pharmacy.

** Supplements. Not a drug



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