Lightning strike works wonders


"Lightning strike" (Eng. Struck by Lightning) - a tragicomedy directed by Brian Danelli with Chris Kolfer in the title role, who also acts as a screenwriter and producer of the picture. The film was shot in the summer of 2011, from July 12 to August 4, in the interval between the end of the concert tour Glee Live! In Concert! and the start of filming the third season of the television series "Chorus", where Colfer is involved. On February 17, 2012, a movie trailer was released. The premiere took place on April 21, 2012 at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Events are described as memories of schoolboy Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer), which dies from a lightning strike at the very beginning of the film. The editor of a school newspaper that no one reads, the object of ridicule for all students, sarcastic and overly clever for his age, Phillips is trying to do everything possible to escape from his hated hometown and enter a prestigious university. In order to achieve his goals, he is ready to go even to blackmail. The plot tells about his dreams, aspirations, unshakable faith in himself, hope for a better tomorrow, after which Carson lost his present.


Chris Colfer Carson Phillips Carson Phillips
Christina Hendricks April April
Ashley rickards Wicky Jordan Wicky Jordan
Sarah highland Claire Matthews Claire Matthews
Alison jenny Cheryl phillips Cheryl phillips
Dermot Mulroney Neil Phillips Neil Phillips
Ellie grant Remy Baker Remy Baker
Robbie Amell Justin Walker Justin Walker
Matt Prokop Dwayne Michaels Dwayne Michaels
Polly Bergen grandmother
Adam KolkinCarson Phillips Young Carson Phillips
Angela Kinsey consultant
Carter Jenkins Nicholas Forbes Nicholas Forbes
Rebel wilson Mahlery Mahlery
Graham Rogers Scott Thomas Scott Thomas
Roberto AgireEmilio Emilio
Charlie finnColin Walker Trainer Colin Walker
Brad Henke head teacher
Lauren Lopez


The film received mixed ratings from critics.

On the Metacritic website, the picture scored 41 points out of 100, based on 12 reviews.

On the Rotten Tomatoes website, the film is rated 30% based on 33 reviews from critics, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 10.

The most common complaint of reviewers was the fact that Colfer's character seemed too arrogant and cynical, and he could not be handsome.

But many critics praised Colfer's debut as a screenwriter.

In fairy tales and in real life

In science fiction, lightning is the magic wand of divine power - it gives robots intelligence, people can flash information from the computer standing next to it, and the computer itself can suddenly speak with a human voice, or even create a hologram. It’s even worse - lightning striking a person does not lead to death and burns, but to the appearance of superpowers, and if a person is dead, then he can quite come to life.

In real life, electricity is used, if we omit domestic and scientific use, mainly for stun guns that cut down, and medical equipment - from pacemakers to the corona "discharge. »Performed by resuscitators, and that, in principle, sometimes, is able to return to life the patient glued fins. Once upon a time, electricity in the form of electroconvulsive therapy was used as an attempt to put the brains of psycho survivors in their place. Sometimes it worked. A lightning strike leads to two usual consequences, and one mystical one: firstly, the struck one has every chance of cutting oak, and secondly, this can be interpreted by others as God's punishment. But if the patient still managed to survive, and the charge fell right on his head, then the interesting consequences are possible, described above, in the description of electroconvulsive therapy. They also love to use electricity as a means of execution, and it is believed that a person dies before his blood boils, his skin melts, and his eyes get boiled, and as a result, he does not suffer. Well, perhaps it will be overtaken with fear.

Differences between a lightning strike and a household electric shock

The human body perfectly transmits electricity - within reasonable limits. In fact, a lightning strike is a very powerful shock, which is classified as an electric shock by medicine. The discharge voltage is about 300 kW, and in household appliances rarely exceeds 20-30 kW. In this case, the duration of contact with lightning is 3 milliseconds, and the defeat in domestic conditions can last 500 or more milliseconds.

The heavenly discharge heats the air around, provokes the appearance of burns and bizarre patterns on the skin - due to rupture of blood vessels. In case of electric shock, hands and wrists usually suffer. Lightning strikes the chest or head.

Symptoms of lesion

  • Burns. Not only in places of defeat. The discharge provokes a fire of clothes and a fire at the scene.
  • Injuries resulting from falling or damage by foreign objects.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Heart failure.
  • Violation of the musculoskeletal system.

Consequences of a lightning strike

The discharge permeates the body, leaving burns - input and output. There may be several of them. The blow is struck from below - from the ground. The most common cause of death is heart failure and first aid not provided in a timely manner. A person falls into a state of shock, which many victims compare with awakening from sleep. In addition, cases of the development of paralysis after a discharge is common.

Hearing and sight

Approximately 50% of victims of direct exposure receive serious problems with their hearing and vision. Cataracts develop within 2-3 days or several years, cases of retinal detachment, optic atrophy and bleeding have been recorded.

Tinnitus and temporary loss of hearing, dizziness, infectious diseases of the middle ear - the effects of the blow haunt victims throughout their lives. Immediately after the impact, tympanic membranes may rupture.


Extensive burns of I and II degrees and ruptures of blood vessels leave lifelong traces on the body. Inflammation and redness of the skin appear, which disappear after a few days.

Nervous system

Cerebral hemorrhage, internal hematomas, amnesia and general paralysis - CNS injuries are inevitable when lightning strikes. Also, after rehabilitation, neuropsychiatric diseases may develop.

The cardiovascular system

If it was possible to quickly restore the normal rhythm of the heart, the consequences will be insignificant. But if you do not resuscitate, a person dies from hypoxia and lack of oxygen.

Muscular system

The discharge affects the muscles, provoking toxic secretions, which greatly damage the kidneys. Due to strong contractions of muscle tissue, bones break during an impact, a spinal fracture is likely.

Amazing abilities discovered in people after defeat

Roy Cleveland Sullivan

The Park Ranger from Kentucky received 34 direct hits in 34 years. After the last defeat, Roy lived another 6 years and committed suicide at 71! An amazing case is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Fearing to get a discharge, like the wife of Sullivan during the defeat in the summer of 1977, those around avoided the sky-forested forester for the last years of his life.

Jorge Marquez

The Cuban survived after 5 hits. The first three lesions provoked severe burns to the extremities and back, complete burnout of hair and loss of fillings from the teeth. But it is surprising that all subsequent strikes did not inflict any serious damage. Jorge is alive, for his own safety he does not go out into the street in a thunderstorm.

Vladimir Ignatievich Dronov

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a retired captain who was 50 years old received a lightning strike on a hunt. Dronov passed out for about 30 minutes. The discharge did not cause serious consequences, oddities began later. For several months, the bald spot was covered with a thick hair, all teeth fell out, but after a short time new ones got out!

Bruno Di Filippo

A resident of Massachusetts received a discharge, peacefully watering the front lawn. Lightning passed over his shoulder and exited through his ankle. Doctors stated: the blow did absolutely no harm to the body. Only a minor scar remained on the body, which eventually disappeared without a trace.


A Bulgarian healer, known throughout the world, suffered from a hurricane and a lightning strike in her childhood, losing her eyesight, but gaining the gift of prediction.

Harold Dean

After being struck by lightning, Harold became immune to the cold: even in winter, a resident of Missouri takes to the street in a T-shirt.

Vasily Saiko

Penzyak received a discharge with ball lightning, which passed through the chest and came out from the back, without causing visible damage or damage to the internal organs. However, the examination revealed that the chronic gastric ulcer tormenting Vasily disappeared without a trace.

Wagner Casey

At a Wagner off-road race in Texas with friends, a thunderstorm overtook. Trying to hide under a tree, the man received the strongest discharge. Having fallen to the ground, the unfortunate man was struck by lightning a second time. Casey was immediately hospitalized, escaping with minor skin lesions and loss of sensation in his right leg. After a few weeks, the victim fully recovered.

Common Lightning Myths

Do not hide from lightning even in a building

When hit in a building, the discharge goes into the ground through lightning rods. The house is one of the safest places during a thunderstorm: most often people in open areas, near ponds or under trees receive blows. An equally safe place is a car with a solid roof.

Lightning brings down planes

At least once a year, a discharge hits a plane, but rarely leads to air crashes: the liner body is made of metal that conducts electricity perfectly.

Lightning doesn't strike in one place twice

A common misconception that is not scientifically sound. A discharge can strike twice in one object. For example, a structure with a height of 500 meters annually accounts for 50-80 hits. In addition, physicists have calculated that after the first discharge, lightning will strike in a radius of 10 to 100 meters with a probability of 67%.

Lightning only occurs during rain.

While thunder is heard, there is a danger of a lightning strike. At the same time, it can rain 10 kilometers or more.

If you touch the victim, you can get an electric shock.

A terrible mistake, because of which often they do not provide first aid to the victim. In fact, the human body is not able to hold an electric discharge.

Mobile phone is dangerous in a thunderstorm

Science does not cite any facts in support of this myth. Only a phone in a metal case that comes in contact with the skin can increase the chance of lightning striking.

Providing first aid and calling a doctor is the responsibility of everyone who witnesses a lightning strike on a person. It is not difficult, it is likely that you will save the life of the victim!


Carson Phillips has a hard life, but he knows exactly what he wants out of life: to go to university, become a journalist, get a prestigious position and ultimately succeed in everything. It’s just that he is still separated from his cherished dream for a whole year at school, and it is not so simple to survive it. It would seem that the whole world is against Carson, but for the sake of the goal he is ready to do a lot - even blackmail his own classmates.

Lightning Bolt is the debut of Chris Colfer, author of the bestselling series Country of Tales. We are going to get acquainted with a world far from children's fairy tales - high school and with five minutes to its graduate - Carson Phillips. He, like any teenager, is full of problems. But, unlike peers, he also has a goal: he wants to be a journalist and get out of the small town in which he lives. And for the sake of this goal, he will do anything.

Christopher Paul "Chris" Colfer is an American actor, singer, writer, screenwriter, and producer, best known for playing Kurt Hummel in the series Chorus.

Chris was awarded the Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guilds, Teen Choice Awards, and four awards, three of which he won the People's Choice Award, and was also nominated for an Emmy, but did not win. Nominated for the Satellite Award.

Students who are looking for their place in life,

Chris Colfer fans

Lovers of teenage prose.

"Lightning Bolt" is a story about the problems of modern society, in which reality is described amazingly real. Here is a total misunderstanding of parents and confrontation with peers. A little Carson Phillips is in each of us.

In 2012, the film was filmed. Chris Colfer was the producer and writer of the script. He also played the main role.


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