The main thing is proper rest


In the fight, all means are good. Especially if this fight is overweight, and the fight is a dream. You heard right, it is a dream that can help you lose weight. Moreover, this is a scientifically proven fact. The main thing is to know how to sleep.

How to sleep to lose weight?

During sleep, our body is in a state of absolute rest. The body is completely resting and gaining strength for the coming day. At night, our body produces a hormone such as leptin. It blocks a person’s need for food, so at night we don’t run to the refrigerator for snacks. And if you do run, it’s not because you really want to eat at night, but because you sleep incorrectly, your body produces the leptin inverse hormone ghrelin, which in turn arouses hunger. And it turns out a vicious circle: the less you sleep, the more you eat up. How to break this connection? When the body could not rest during the night, it begins to look for additional energy and finds it in food. Moreover, light snacks are not enough for him in the form of fruits and vegetables, the body requires high calories - sweets, pastries and other things. Scientists have proven that if you increase your normal sleep time by at least half an hour, you will reduce your risk of obesity by 30%. In order to minimize it, it is necessary to completely reconsider your lifestyle and devote enough time to sleep. Indeed, for a healthy sleep you need at least 8 hours. And even if you do not get enough sleep one day, this is already fraught with overeating.

The rules of healthy sleep for weight loss

1. The best time to go to bed is from 22.00 to 23.00. Because scientists have found that time at night from 23.00 to 5.00 is almost healing for the body. It is during this period that the body can rest, which is said to the maximum. Interestingly, if you sleep too long, but at another time, the body will not be able to fully relax and will require recharging.

2. The duration of sleep is determined individually. One person for a good rest and six hours is enough, another needs at least eight. You need to determine this moment yourself. And if you feel that you have enough six hours to relax, then wonderful, you do not need to force yourself to roll another two extra hours.

3. In order to lose weight in a dream, it is necessary to develop proper breathing. You need to breathe with your diaphragm. This method is used in many sports practices and can be learned to such an extent that it will not be realized by you consciously. Deep and even breathing will allow the body to be saturated with oxygen as much as possible, which will increase metabolism. This means that fats in the body will break down faster.

4. Do not eat at least three hours before bedtime, because if you eat up just before going to bed, you will not be able to completely rest, because your body will digest what you ate at midnight. Before going to bed, you can only drink water in moderation and snack on fruits with apples, oranges, kiwi. Do not eat grapes and bananas before bedtime, because they are very high in calories.

5. The best posture for sleeping is lying on your back. So not a single organ of your body is pinched and can work fully. If you overeat before going to bed, it’s better to sleep on your right side, it will be easier for your stomach to digest food, but do not expect that during such a dream you will lose weight.

So, we found out that a sound and healthy sleep can help you lose weight. Scientists have proven that people who sleep five hours a day weigh on average fifteen kilograms more than those who get enough sleep at night. Therefore, always pay attention to your sleep, as it, in combination with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, is the key to a beautiful and slim figure.

Sleep and Cold

Sleep lasting less than 7 hours increases the risk of colds (ARVI) by 3 times. This was established by American scientists. According to them, not only the duration of sleep, but also its quality plays a large role. This indicator is defined as the percentage of that time in percent that you seem to have spent in bed, but did not sleep. What does it mean? You went to bed at 23.00 and got up at 7.00, that is, you seemed to overslept for 8 hours - this is the normal duration of sleep. But if you didn’t sleep all this time, but, suppose, tossing and turning for half an hour without sleep, then the quality of such a dream should be considered moderate. As it does not seem paradoxical, with such an ineffective dream, the likelihood of getting ARVI is 5.5 times more. The thing is that such a dream has a bad effect on the immune system. Sleep disorders affect the body's production of protective factors during the introduction of viruses. Due to poor sleep, the defense weakens.

How much sleep do you need?

There are various recommendations, in some it is claimed that at least 8 hours, in others - no more than 7 hours. On these issues there is heated debate among specialists. The most specific, detailed and age-specific recommendations are provided by the American National Sleep Foundation (see infographic). This is an authoritative organization among specialists, and somnologists (so-called specialists in the treatment of sleep disorders) in different countries of the world listen to her opinion. Fund experts prepared official recommendations based on an analysis of 300 scientific publications.

How to wake up?

Often, the day depends on how you woke up in the morning and what you began to do immediately after that. Someone hopes that coffee will awaken to a new life, someone relies on a cold shower, someone on an active charge. And how to wake up in science so that the day is joyful, says psychoendocrinologist, president of the Russian Diabetes Association Mikhail Bogomolov:

- Unfortunately, in modern conditions, the biorhythms of our body do not coincide with the natural rhythms that dictate sunrise and sunset. About an hour before dawn, very serious biochemical shifts occur in the human body, which should provide us with energy at the beginning of the day. For this, hormones are released, a number of which increase blood pressure and cause the heart to contract faster - because of this, heart attacks and strokes are more common in the morning. But unlike our ancestors, we do not wake up, but spend these hours in a dream. If we stood up, went out into the street, then the negative effect of all these shifts weakened. The energy of glucose and hormones would go into a peaceful channel. Here are some tips to help you wake up and tune in the right way:

Learn to get up at dawn. How? Even if you can’t force yourself to go to bed early in the evening in order to get enough sleep, still get up with the sun. In just 1-2 days, falling asleep early is no longer a problem for you.

If you got up with the sun, then breakfast is better after a short walk.

Foot massagers or massage insoles help activate faster after sleep.

Healthy Sleep Gadgets

It is best to wake up at that time when the body is in the phase of the so-called REM sleep. If your alarm went off at this particular time, you will wake up easily and in a good mood, if not, everything will be different. Today there are special gadgets that will wake you up in the REM phase. You set the time interval when you need to wake up, and the smart device will determine the phase of your sleep and wake up when it is shallow.

In addition to the sleep phase, many fitness trackers can also determine body temperature and heart rate. According to the developers, it is these biometric indicators that most affect the overall sleep pattern of a person. All these indicators are important for quality sleep. Such devices can help normalize your internal biological clock.

How to sleep to lose weight?

Being overweight is directly related to overeating. An increased feeling of hunger occurs when the body lacks special hormones that suppress appetite.

These hormones appear only when we sleep. Therefore, it is useful to know about three important sleep rules for losing weight:

  1. What time do you need to go to bed to lose weight. After 22:00, the sleep hormone called melatonin begins to be produced in the body. Accordingly, in order for the dream to be sound and beneficial, you need to go to bed at about this time. In addition, there should be a daily routine. This means that you need to go to bed at the same time. On weekends, this rule must also be respected.
  2. How much to sleep to lose weight. To feel cheerful and fresh, someone needs 5 hours of sleep, and someone needs 12. We are all different, and nothing can be done about it. But if you want to lose weight, the duration of sleep should be from 6 to 8 hours.
  3. What posture to sleep to lose weight. Since we decided to sleep “according to science”, let's find out in which position this is the most correct way to do it. The optimal sleeping position is on your back. It allows you to keep the body in a neutral position, without loading the neck and spine. But it is contraindicated for people suffering from snoring or apnea. It will be better for them to sleep on their side in the so-called fetal position.

For weight loss, it is important that sleep is continuous for a certain time. It is with this that the choice of the right pose is associated. It should provide such a position of the body so that a person throughout the night feels comfortable and does not wake up due to unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it is unnecessary to focus on what position to sleep in. The main thing is that you are comfortable.

Healthy sleep depends on these three factors. A person who follows them can lose weight in a dream.

How does lack of sleep interfere with weight loss?

With a lack of sleep, malfunctions occur in the body. One of these failures is the increased production of the hormone responsible for hunger. When a person is awake at night, the body seems that he does not have enough energy for normal functioning. Therefore, during the day, and especially at night, we begin to eat much more than we need to maintain normal life.

As you can see, not only diet and physical activity affect the disposal of extra pounds. When correcting weight, it is equally important to observe the daily regimen.


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