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Still, is there any reason to eat pizza?


If earlier all the problems of behavior at the table were reduced to the question of whether the chicken is eaten by hand, then with the advent and widespread spread of fast food the situation was complicated. How to grab a slice of pizza? Is it obligatory to use cutlery? How to sprinkle and pour, and how to drink to get the maximum taste? Read these answers to these and other questions below.

About cutlery

Everything is simple with them. No forks and knives. They are not needed. All that is required is hands. Just take a piece, bite it off and put it back on a plate. Nothing extra. Only you and your pizza.

In Italian restaurants, pizza is prepared in portions. That is, each circle is designed for one person. And often it is served whole, that is, not cut into pieces. In this case, before you enjoy juicy pizza, you will have to cut it with a knife and fork into 4 parts. And, as we have already warned, put them aside and continue to eat with your hands.

2. Failure or fiasco

Imagine you followed our advice and used the previous method. But the dough turned out to be too thin, and the fillings were so many that the sharp tip of the piece simply failed under its weight. To prevent the filling from appearing on the floor or on clothes, hold the slice higher and send it directly to your mouth.

3. Master

A classic technique that will suit any situation. Take a piece by the crust with your thumb and middle finger. Using your forefinger, carefully break the crust on top so that the slice bends. Raise the corners slightly from the wide edge, forming a triangle. So the filling will remain in place, and you will protect yourself from dripping oil or sauce.

4. In half

Improved previous method. Just take the slice and fold it in half with the filling inside. It looks like a closed calzone pizza. Do not forget to pour the fragrant oil on top of the filling. Make sure that the oil does not leak out, but remains inside the groove.

5. Wallet

The traditional way to eat whole Neapolitan pizza. Take the whole circle, fold it in half, and then again in half. So, as we usually put pancakes on Shrovetide. That's all, the wallet is ready. The technique helps to eat the whole circle 4 times faster.

If you want to try out the “wallet” technique on a separate slice, then do this: bend the sharp edge to the center, and connect the edges to make a wallet. To do this with a slice, the dough should be thin and elastic, and the fillings a bit.

6. Tacos

This technique concerns how to eat a crust more tasty. Especially if the dough turned out to be a little dry. The secret is simple: eating a piece, leave a thin strip of filling next to the crust. Now bend everything in half like tortillas so that the filling is inside.

7. Self-roll

Just roll a piece into a roll like a wafer roll. The method is good because the whole filling is inside and you can safely eat a slice without fear of getting your hands dirty. It is not for nothing that pizza cones made according to the same principle have recently gained popularity.

What spices to add

Typically, in pizzerias on the tables are various spices and aromatic oil. We tell you how to use them:

This oil is infused with pepper or herbs and emphasizes the taste of pizza. Pour them a piece and wait until it is absorbed a little. Gobble up with pleasure. Make sure that oil does not spill onto the tablecloth. To do this, use the technique of "master" or "in half." In the remaining oil, you can moisten the crust.

Universal seasoning. Gives a herbal flavor. The main thing is not to overdo it. Take a pinch of seasoning, raise your hand higher and the rash in a circular motion, from the edges to the center. So the spice is distributed more evenly.

Do not like oregano? Try thyme, parsley, sage or basil. And also fresh leaves of arugula or spinach. Experiment.

Traditional supplement. Enriches the taste of pizza when it is of high quality. Not sure about the freshness of the cheese you brought? Do not risk. In almost all recipes, parmesan is already present.

Hot chili goes with almost any pizza except sweet. So feel free to add it to the plate. If your choice fell on Pepperoni or something similar, try not to get burned. These dishes are already quite sharp. Just in case, we remind you: if you have burned chili, drinking water is useless. In this case, yogurt or something sour (grapefruit, lemon, etc.) will help.

Not the most obvious seasoning when it comes to pizza. And in vain. Black pepper fuels appetite and has a positive effect on digestion. Seasoning is especially suitable for white pizza, which does not contain tomato sauce. Take pepper peas, and use a special mill to grind.

It will help improve the taste of too sweet or fresh fillings. If the dish is good in itself, the extra salt in it will already be superfluous. Garlic is usually also part of a base sauce or aromatic oil.

Which drink to choose

The traditional accompaniment for pizza in American establishments is Coca-Cola or other sweet soda. But the Italians choose wine as an accompanying drink. After all, Italy is famous for its wines. Not a single lunch or dinner is complete without a glass of good red. An alternative for those who do not drink alcohol is ordinary mineral water.

A few more options for pizza drinks:

  • Orange juice,
  • beer,
  • lemonade (its sour taste perfectly sets off tomatoes, basil and cheese),
  • tea.

One last thing

  • Whether to eat a piece with a crust or leave it on a plate is up to you. Etiquette allows both options. If the dough around the edges is dry or burnt, no one forces you to eat it.
  • In Italian pizzerias, it is not customary to ask to wrap half-eaten pizza with you. So immediately calculate your strength.
  • If cutlery was served to you at the restaurant along with the order, be careful. Suddenly this is a sign that you need to use them and eat pizza with a knife and fork.
  • An interesting observation: in one scientific study it is noted that pizza seems tastier if you eat it while standing. If you feel like sitting down, head out into the fresh air. As you know, in nature, any food becomes more attractive.

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Goodies: Secrets of the perfect pizza from the best pizza maker in the world!

Enzo Kochcha is the world famous pizza maker who turned pizza into a gourmet dish. Creator of the Naples Pizza Maker Association. It is Enzo's pizzeria (in which only pizza is prepared and nothing more) is recommended by the Michelin guide if you are visiting Naples.

Well, now the secrets ...

Secret 1.
Pizza doesn't have to be with tomatoes!
Good news for those who don't like tomatoes! This applies more to children - I know for sure that not everyone recognizes this vegetable. Enzo offers interesting new non-tomato options, such as pizza with zucchini pesto. Or pizza with oven-baked potatoes, homemade sausages, mozzarella and olive oil. And these are far from all the options ...

Secret 2.
Bruschetta can also be pizza!
Bruschetta with arugula pesto, cherry tomatoes and canned tuna
I, and I think many of you, are used to the fact that bruschetta is dried Italian bread with some goodies. What was my surprise when I found out that a pizza base can be used for a bruschetta! It's simple - the base for pizza is baked in the oven, and then cold ingredients are laid out on top. Bruschetta is cut like pizza, sliced.

Secret 3.
Pizza should be baked at the highest temperatures!
The temperature in special ovens for making pizza is 350-400 degrees. While the maximum temperature in most ovens is only 250 degrees. In a special oven, pizza is cooked for up to 5 minutes, and in the oven - about 15. The conclusion is simple: if you cook at home, then at the highest temperature. Then the dough is crispy and the crust is soft inside.

Secret 4.
Pizza yeast is not needed! Or almost not needed
Although this is strange, yeast appears in many others. But not in the pizza of one of the best pizza makers in the world.
And I found out why. Pizza dough is cooked for 14 hours. 14 (.) Very little yeast is added to it - less than a gram per 10 kg of dough.
I understand perfectly well that not every housewife, but not even all chefs can cook such a dough. And at home it will be very laborious. But I had to tell you about this fact!

What is pizza?

To understand how to eat pizza by etiquette, we ask an even simpler question: what is it? Pizza is a national dish of Italian cuisine in the form of a round cake made of simple yeast dough with a topping on top. At the same time, the filling, as we already mentioned, can be completely different, the only component in it that must be present is cheese (in the classic version, mozzarella is usually used).

Further in the story - closer to the answer. How did the dish appear?

Pizza is not only one of the most popular dishes in the world, but also very ancient. Its ancestor can be considered a tortilla with a filling, which was prepared in ancient Rome. However, only in the Middle Ages, when tomatoes were imported into Italy, pizza acquired the usual look for us. It also spread among local peasants, because this dish was very cheap, easy to prepare, and besides everything, very hearty and tasty.

In the XVII century, even special pizza chefs appeared who were exclusively engaged in the preparation of cakes for Italian peasants. So initially this dish belonged to a simple, rustic cuisine. And no one thought about how to eat pizza according to etiquette. Everyone just took a piece with their hands and enjoyed its wonderful taste. So if you want to eat pizza the way you originally thought, forget about etiquette, the rules of behavior at the table and set the fork with the knife aside. Maybe even marry a real Italian peasant. But these are all jokes. Naturally, the rules of how to eat pizza in a restaurant are different from the manner of medieval Italians.

Royal dish

What was to happen so that from a peasant's hut pizza migrated to restaurant tables? In the ranks of aristocratic dishes, pizza was promoted by the addiction to it of the royal family. It is in honor of Queen Margarita of Savoy that everyone knows the famous pizza Margherita. By the way, did you notice that the ingredients of this pizza match the colors of the Italian flag - green basil, white mozzarella and red tomatoes?

Of course, at the royal court they could not be likened to mere mortals and enjoyed pizza, easily taking it with your hands. Members of the royal family, and behind them all the aristocrats, who also discovered the extraordinary taste of peasant food, used a knife and fork in the same way as when eating any other dish. That is, they held the knife in his right hand and cut off small pieces of pizza, then they poked them on the fork in his left hand and sent them into his mouth. Prefer this way of eating pizza? An occasion to reflect on whether blue blood is flowing in your veins.

To summarize

So, we found out that there are two ways to eat pizza. According to etiquette, neither one nor the other is forbidden. So, the way you eat the dish as a food depends only on personal preferences.

However, there are still some tips on how to eat pizza - with your hands or appliances - anyway. The first or second option should be chosen depending on the situation in which you eat, from the place where this happens, from the company in which the meal will take place. So, at a picnic among friends you should not bother with a fork and a knife - this will look inappropriate, but if pizza was served in a high-class restaurant at a business lunch, it is better to resort to using devices. In any case, enjoy your meal!

1. Buy pizza with a small crust

Most pizza calories are found in its crust. However, it has few nutrients. Most pizzas are made from dough on white flour, which raises insulin levels, which causes thirst. It is better when the pizza does not have a crust, or it is completely covered with the filling.

3. Do not eat pizza out of the box

Transfer pizza out of the box into a small plate. According to the Georgia Institute of Technology’s research, those who eat out of a large plate consume 22% more calories than those who use a smaller plate. The fact is that pizza in a box seems smaller, so you want to eat more. If you put the pizza in a small plate, then it will seem large, and you will take fewer pieces. Optical illusion!

4. Say no to pizzas for one

You can often find small pizzas for one person. Each of them has approximately 700 calories and up to 36 grams of fat. You should not eat it. If there is no other choice, then share this pizza with someone or eat in two sets with a difference of several hours.

6. Avoid salty meat

Classic pizza options, such as pepperoni, bacon or sausage, are full of unhealthy fats and salt. It is better to choose pizza with ham or anchovies, in which there are a lot of healthy fats.

In general, pizza is very healthy. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, pizza contains 37% of daily calcium, 30% dietary fiber, 35% protein, and 50% lycopene (an antioxidant that cancers).

7. Do not order only pizza

Don't just go for pizza. Order a small slice of pizza, and with it vegetable dishes, for example: fried vegetables, salad with chicken or shrimp, or something else. If we are talking about a big company, then pizza can be ordered for many people, so that everyone gets a small piece, and the emphasis has shifted to other dishes.

8. Make your own sauce

If you cook at home, it is better to abandon the classic ketchup, as it has a lot of sugar and calories. You can make homemade sauce from ordinary tomatoes. Tomatoes need to be peeled and chopped in a blender. The mass must be put on low heat for 15-20 minutes, often stirring. There you need to add a little sea salt, 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic and 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.

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10. Avoid pizza covered in cheese.

The more cheese, the more calories. 100 grams of Cheddar cheese has 402 calories. Do not order pizza with double cheese, four cheeses or plenty of cheese. Tasty, but harms the figure. If possible, order pizza and a half from the norm of cheese.

13. Put more spices and tomatoes

Spices will help trick your body. According to research by Canadian scientists, men who consume spicy foods eat 200 calories less on average than those who prefer fresh food. Therefore, you can add a little black pepper or chili to pizza. A tomato sauce is rich in substances that protect against the development of cancer.

Eating pizza in a restaurant by the rules.

A trip to a restaurant or cafe always requires special knowledge of table etiquette. Pizza is eaten in restaurants using appliances (forks and knives), cutting its serving into small pieces. Here are 2 basic rules:

  • We spread one piece of pizza on a plate, cut into pieces and after that we start eating,
  • The sides of the pizza are not accepted. Initially, Italians came up with them in order to make it more convenient to take the dough when pizza is eaten by hand.

Why do pizza serve butter

Often, pizza serves traditional butter. Most often it is olive oil with Italian herbs, garlic or wine vinegar. Oil in Italy greased the sides and watered the pizza itself.It gives an additional aroma and softens the dough, leaving it crispy. Do not pour plenty of pizza on them, because it will interrupt the taste of pizza over which the cook (pizza pizza) worked so hard.

How to eat pizza in Italy

Italian restaurants are allowed to eat with their hands. Devices are often used only for slicing pizza into 4 parts (as they usually serve small pizzas for each guest) and for other dishes in the set. Although in different regions of Italy, and even more so in different institutions and families, there are rules of their own, therefore, even in the homeland of pizza you will find both options.


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